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 how to loss weight?

 are there side effects in taking Charantea?
side effect of this medicine.....

 Can Pin Worms be treated over-the-counter? If so, how much is the medicine? Any natural remedies?
I cannot afford a doctor, so if there are no over-the-counter solutions I will just keep my worms.
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I cannot afford a doctor, Mrs. Until the goverment makes health ...

 Why can't orthodox medicine intigrate with complemetary medicine?
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 is there any way to improve the eyesight when i m using spectacles
is there any foolproof way to improve the eyesight.
I am using spectacles and the no is high -7.5, And my age is 26 and i dont want to go to any medical treatment.
So if you know any ...

 menstruation and coconut juice?
many says one should not drink coconut juice or eat jackfruit while having one's menstruation. do you have any scientific basis for these? ...

 Does Alpha-Stim CES Work?
The Alpha-Stim CES medical device is supposed to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia in a very short time using something called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES).
Does it really work?...

 What natural substances are known to increase serotonin and endorphin?

 does anybody know how to contact or set up an appointment with dean kraft the healer?

 If homeopathic 'medicines' are simply very diluted, coloured water,?
would their patients be happier with faithful old Beer instead, which is basically water safely diluted with 5% alcohol?
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So, almost all of you are, like me, in favour ...

 do you know any sleep remedies other than pills?
i cant go 2 sleep thats why im on the internet. do you know of any remedies?...

 I have never been to a chiropractor but would like to go. Any advise?
What should I ask them when I go in there if I want to experience any basic healing or body work there? Do they only take patients who have a problem or do they also take people for "maintenance&...

 Medicine of Quran eyes?
does any one happen to know where i can find the medicine named Medicine of Quran that can cure eyes

 Where can I buy Oregano oil in the UK?
I've heard its good for thrush....

 Is there a good herbal supplement combo that will help with depression/focus/memory?
I suffer from depression, lack of concentration/focus/memory. I basically want a better brain/mind/emotional health (also tired a LOT). When I get down, I get really down, like very hopeless. I ...

 What is the shelve life of wellbutrin SR?

 Homeopathy for Serous Otitis Media or Otitis Media w/ Effusion! Help PLEASE! I'm flying intl. and sailing sun-
I've had this for months, I guess only thing docs can do is surgery as antiobiotics aren't much help in this. Anyone know what homeopathy remedies I could use that are likely to help me? ...

 memory enhancer?
What can you guys recommend a medicine or a supplement or herbal or food that can enhance memory. I always tend to forget things, if you have any technique that I can follow or try, it would be very ...

 hi ,my mother suffering from skin promblem for the past 5 years.?
She frequently gets itching from all over the body and suffer.She consulted many skin doctor but of no use.My friend advised to move for homeopathy doctor,will anyone tell me a good homeopathy doctor ...

 my friend wants to try coricidin cough and cold to get high. theres 16 in a box how many would it take to kill
she wants to try it but i dont want her to take too many cuz i know the whole box would be overdose but is 7? she wants to try it to get high
Additional Details
i know its fucin bad ...

Can the post office tell if you're getting illegal drugs in the mail?
I want to order some marijuana seeds and some LSD through mail order, but will the post office x-ray it and catch me?

yes they will !! especially marijuana some people would get away with small amounts really packaged well with dryer sheets and or wd40 or coffee grounds but that wont work anymore or at least the probability of it working is slim to none

Chris Kucholtz
no...if it is coming from outside the country us customs can seize it...you just wouldnt get it then...but the post office wont check it..how are you ordering lsd..please let me know...chrisksemail@yahoo.com

If it's coming from abroad then probably, if it's coming from the UK to the UK then it won't go through any x-ray machines.


those guys do their job , they have lists of thousands of "not desired" mailing addresses, scanners dogs, custom officers, DEA personel, etc........don't take the risk! besides that stay away from that kind of stuff... it is not good for you , find a purpose for your life and do something besides getting wasted!!!

Impish Jerome
no, they don't do the x-ray thingy, they have dogs to smell for stuff like that.

They xray to check the contents of packages and they also have dogs who sniff out mail that is sent thru the Air that is why so many ppl have gotten caught

Trevor H
I would ditch the seeds, but LSD is colorless and odorless, just don't get it packaged in anything suspicious. See if you can receive in not a non conventional packaging, vial's or blotter paper could set of a red light at the postal office.

yes quit buying illegal drugs through the mail. Just go to your friendly local crack dealer and check on his/her latest sales and promotions. Usually if you find a good one they will give you the first few applications free or drastically reduced price. With the promise that you will buy again. Good luck dumbass

Jim N
Sure, with today's sophisticated x-ray and flouroscope technology, your package of illegal drugs is categorized and weighed and the information is sent to the DEA computer which then integrates it into their drug sting program on a geographical basis. If you are unfortunate to fall in a grid where they are going to conduct house to house raids, expect your front door to fly inward some night with those dreaded words, "DEA, Freeze!". You might try spinning rapidly in a circle until you get really dizzy. It's legal and free.
Good Luck.

Yes they screen mail. I know my father in law is a postal carrier. Cmon the government owns it maan.

worst idea ever

Contrary to a lot of paranoid, uninformed answers you've been receiving, the answer is "most likely no".

There are, of course, exceptions. If something looks obvious or smells obvious, they will probably open it up and check it out. There are a few interesting things to note about this...

First, its very hard to prove that YOU actually ordered something through the mail. For all the government knows, someone sent them to you as a prank. If a package get caught at customs, most of the time they just send a letter saying something about the package being seized and that's the end of it.

Second... many, many, many people send marijuana through the mail, and I'm not talking just seeds. From what I've heard, Fedex and UPS don't even care if it Obviously Smells Like Weed! They could care less, as long as they make their "tree fitty". Wouldn't try this with the US Postal Service, though...

Finally, its just marijuana seeds and LSD. Marijuana seeds look and smell like nothing at inside and envelope, and LSD is virtually indistinguishable from paper. It's pretty unlikely that they'd ever know anything was going on.

No, the USPS doesn't use x-ray machines, or anything like that. They do have drug sniffing dogs, but there's obviously not one in each post office. (And they can't smell seeds or LSD.)

That being said, you'd better know the risk you're running before you do anything. Consult your local laws!

Casual Traveler
You run a substantial risk of getting caught. The USPS, FedEx, UPS and others let drug sniffing dogs check packages and also do x-ray packages. It wouldn't be the smartest move on your part.

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