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 anyone have any home remedy's for an ear infection?
thanks have a good day
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I will be seeing a docotor tomorrow night just need relief ...

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 Is there a deodorant that does NOT contain aluminum or other harmful ingredients? Does it really work?

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uh, Alexis...ask for a prescription? The whole point is to use something SAFER and more natural. Why would I be interested in using something that's apparently ...

 To alt med skeptics and others: Has there ever been a supplement or herb that has worked for you?
I'm not talking about proving anything and I'm not making any claims either. This is for just a relaxed discussion about supplements. If nothing has worked for you,please share and I will ...

 can i use homeopathy as an alternative to vaccinating for my (almost) 3 yr old?

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 What are some Home Remedies to help me Sleep?
Ive been having some wicked nightmares.. and they make me wake-up fast with lack of breath, tension, and a feeling of loss reality.

So I was wondering since this happens mostly when I am ...

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 What is the cause of severe and persistent halitosis (bad breath)?
My brother has breath that will stop you in your tracks.
Can anyone suggest a treatment (other than covering it up with breath freshener) that will help this?
Thanks for any insight.

 Does Weed (cannibis) make you tell secrets?
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what method worked for u...?...

 need a hangover cure and quick?
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 What do you think about homeopathy ?

 What are some natural diuretics my body still retains water and I take a water pill?
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 whats the best medication to OD on?

 What is your favorite fallacy used by the alties?

 How accurate is a THC home drug test?
I took a marijuana test yesterday and it was negative...I got a pink line, not a red one. I smoked weed 5 days ago and I am an occasional smoker.

I am worried...I need to take a drug test ...

 What's a good home remedy to soothe an irritated throat?
I threw up for a few hours this morning, and I barely ate anything yesterday, so this may be too much info, but its relevant...it was all like acid, so it really burned my throat. Don't know ...

 What's the best sleep aid drug?
What's the best sleep aid drug, or best sleep aid in general (but with a focus mainly on over the counter drugs)....

Can someone please tell me if Paxil can make you feel like your'e on speed?

are you wanting to take it just to get high off of it?
if so, don't. that is a very stupid choice on your part.

if you actually have a chemical imbalance, it doesn't and shouldn't make you high.

I've never done speed and I don't plan on it so i wouldn't know

I have never experienced that.

Fries with That?
Dude, prescription meds for mental health are made to be non-narcotic, non-addictive. In short, they are made so you WONT HAVE A GOOD TIME if you exceed the reccomended dosage! Kids will try to the end of time to get high off ritalin, dexadrine, klonopinz, etc... good luck buddy! There is no prescription med for mental health that can be used recreationally. There are meds that can make you feel like you're "on speed" but for those you have to go to the hospital, probably the psych ward, and BELEIVE ME, you won't have a good time there. Unless you live in utah, use drugs for fun and medication to feel healthy, because you're gonna have a bad trip if you mix the two.

Actually no. When u are on speed or cocaine ...the drug attaches itself to the seratonin receptors in your brain...this confuses your brain and starts to auto destroy its seratonin...when u get sober, ur brain no longer has the drug to attach to the receptors so they go crazy and so do our moods...almost bipolar...so then u take anti deppressants, like Paxil that contain small doses of seratonin for the receptors and also slowly stimulates seratonin production...
u cannot get high off paxil, but if u take it sporadically or if u steal it and use it....you are most likely to become suicidal or homicidal or end up in the looney bin...

Having a boy in November
It didn't me. I didn't notice a difference, except of course I wasn't depressed anymore. It was a lifesaver for me.

Paxil causes a series of side effect, one of them is increased anxiety.

Talk to your doctor.

I've never been on speed but I've been on Paxil for 5 1/2 years and after the first three days, the only thing I notice is that I've not had a panic attack since.

If its not right for you then it can make you feel really different (i know from experience) if it makes you feel different you should go see your doctor again and have him/her to prescribe you something because it made me suisidle

It made me hallucinate and I didn't know if I was sleeping or awake at night for over a week. They claimed it was cause I didn't take it regular enough so I was going through withdrawal.
I don't know about that one!

They say that anti depressants work different for different people and even make their symptoms worse a lot of times so you have to keep going back and telling the doc to give you something different until you find one that works for you.

why do you want to know....? jk um i dont think so cus its like a anti anxiety and anti depressant, so it wouldnt make you feel like ur on speed, but mb like xanax or something realxing.

Paxil is a heavy duty drug.
I am at a loss to understand why so many young people
are now on heavy duty anti-depressants. I simply
can't understand why American youth are so depressed?
But aside from that...Paxil
is an SSRI. This class of
drugs have been inplicated
in many teen suicides.
IF you have some Paxil and
are thinking you can get high
on it, don't.
I haven't done any research
on the drug so I can't really
say how it works in the brain.
But I know it changes your
brain patterns and how you
think. for the better, I hope.
The teens who are on it
now, should speak up and even do a blog for other teens, because (I think) that
SSRIs are being overly-prescribed and are
an easy out for a depressed
or acting-out kid.
I would love some feed back
on this.

Kenneth E
don't take republican drugs. They are all bad for your mind

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