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Can anyone tell me about nettie pots or cayenne goldenseal snuff?
I think I have a serious sinus problem and need help fast.I have both golden seal and cayenne but Im not sure how to use it.Do I just snort lines of it or what? Will I throwup? I dont care if I do I just want to feel better! Thankyou.I know very little about the nettie pot just that it rinses your nose.I dont want to drown myself though. Advice?
Additional Details
I know you are supposed to snort it but I dont have the recipe.

If anyone told you to snort Cayenne, I'm sure they were laughing after they left because that's a really mean joke. It's not going to help you much more than swallowing it, and it will burn your sinuses.... you'll do a LOT more than just cry (possibly vomiting, and if the cayenne is strong enough, you could lose some of your sense of smell).
If you want to use Cayenne, buy them in high potency capsules and swallow the capsules as directed... they will help the blood flow and help clear up your sinuses that way. The Echinacea (which is best in a capsule or a liquid you swallow) is a good immune system booster and that can certainly help as well. The other answerer hit the head on with the Neti Pot... use luke-warm water and a 1% solution of salt (sea salt or natural salt is ideal, but table salt will suffice) and follow the directions that came with the Neti Pot. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions. Good luck!

blooming chamomile
I've been wondering about the nettie pots, too...

Honestly, I've never heard of snorting golden seal or cayenne. Golden seal acts as sort of an anti-biotic when taken by mouth. I've heard of taking cayenne for colds and things, too but never snorting them. I wouldn't try it. It sounds painful.

Another thing you might want to try is to get the saline nasal spray/drops. (I think the brand name is Ocean, but generic is the same thing.) Spray some up a nostril and then blow. It does seem to get a lot more snot out than blowing the nose alone. LOL.

Drink some hot tea and inhale the steam. Or boil a pot of water and make a tent over it out of a towel and put your head in...that doesn't sound right but hopefully you know what I mean. You could try adding some tea tree oil to it, but not much. Or--maybe adding your golden seal and cayenne to it.

But, really, I don't think you should snort it. Hope you feel better soon.

i have a nettie pot that i use. you have to fill it with lukewarm water and add a special salt. you place it in your nostrils while slightly bent over a sink. in a few seconds the water will drip from the other nostril and take with it some of the irritants.

Janet S
To sniff (snort) either cayenne or goldenseal, just put a dab of the powder on your finger, hold it under one nostril and close the other and sniff. Both herbs are also effective taken internally and I would do so, because you really can't get enough into your system by sniffing it, although it works quickly. Too much cayenne can really irritate the lining of the sinus so take it easy. For sinus infection, take a 500mg goldenseal root capsule 3x daily for 10 days.

There's a really great video about using neti pots. It showed up on Answers just a few days ago. Here it is again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzK9Gn4E_Eg. For known infection, add a few drops of colloidal silver to the pot, along with the salt.

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