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Robotic Onion.
Are prunes good for constipation?
If so how many should I eat? I've been constipated for about a week now and I've tried taking stool softeners and drinking LOTS of water but the turd just isn't budging (lol)

And what do prunes taste like?

yes it opens up your prostate. they taste a little sour but not bad.

if all else fails sit on the loo with a good ghost story !

Prunes can be a bit sticky or messy. The taste isn't too bad, but it can be mushy as well.

You might try dried apricots. For myself and everybody I talk to they seem to do the trick. Sunmaid has a bigger container than what is shown on the website -- but as long as you eat them you should be fine.

Start out with around 10 and drink a lot of water. If after a couple of hours you do not feel any gas or movement...keep eating. You should get very "active" after about two to six hours.

If after you've eaten more than 14 to 16 ounces [that's a lot] seek medical attention as your provider may have medications to assist you. Your provider can also check for any bowel obstructions.

dorothy s
Prunes will help, however when I was desperate I used an enema. I bought mine from the local chemist, it's called "Fleet". This will give you immediate results. Phone around, because not every chemist keeps this brand and the others are not as effective.


Dried fruits are better than fresh fruits in terms of promoting bowel movements. Prunes are dried plums. How much to eat depends on factors such as your body size. Winks. Since stool softeners do not work it seems you need something as powerful as dynamite.

What do prunes taste like? Sweet and sticky stuff. Hopefully you have a nice stool day after prunes.

yeah, bran flakes are good too (:

I don't have constipation but prune worked for me. I think prune juice works better than just dried prune. I know it tastes bad and smell bad :) but try to drink a cup before breakfast. You will get good results.

Foremost authority
Yes, but you should drink plenty of water also.
I LOVE prunes, especially the orange flavored ones.

Prunes are delicious and absolutely perfect for constipation. And everyone is going to tell you to go ahead, they won't hurt you. They're fine. Here's the thing, if you buy fresh purnes at the fruit store/supermarket, you'll have to eat a load of them to be effective. There's a solution - easier and tastier and more effective. Buy a jar/can of 'STEWED' prunes. The label must say 'STEWED'. Put them in a small pot, warm them, eat 5-6 stewed prunes before each meal. You'll be doing that special # before you know it. For sure. Good Luck.

Durn The Hungerer
I drank like 2L of prune JUICE and it worked for me.

Yup because they are high in fiber, eat anything high in fiber like fruits, vegetables and whole grains and keep drinking lots of water :-)

I Don't Like You
So is Liqurice. :d
something else.

Sorry can;t comment on how many to eat as everyone is different but yes prunes can help with constipation. Look more at you dietary intake and less at taking medication for constipation as you want to keep your bowels/muscles working naturally. Don't eat too much fibre either as you could get slightly constipated plus wind at times. A balanced healthy diet with your 5 a day will keep you regular along with exercise. In the meantime you could also try fresh orange and liquorice. Also don't strain as you will give yourself piles!

Catherine W
Yes - eat plenty of fruit & vegetables. I ate a tin of prunes (454g) when I was pregnant & had this problem.

As far as the taste is concerned, you will have to try them & see for yourself!


i stay away from prunes because they tend to give me gas

a bowl of high fiber cereal in the morning and plenty of water keeps me pretty regular

I think ginger, pears and bananas are too.

Jcat ♥
Have you tried drinking lots of hot water or hot herbal tea....usually does help much. Stay away from coffee and tea as these contain tannins and tannins can be constipating. Instead drink rooibos tea, mint tea, chamomile tea or just hot water.

Prunes can also help. At breakfast: eat a half dozen at the most in one go [they can cause wind] or alternatively drink prune juice and you can take these alongside a high fibre cereal and that should help. You may not need them if the hot herbal tea/water does the job. Sometimes a hot bath can help also. Also try to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables and wholemeal/wholegrain bread and cereals.

Good luck..

Yes prunes have a natural laxative in them and are very high in fiber. You don't need a lot of them, any amount will help. The more you eat the more you will go! They taste bad though.

The turd just isnt budging? lol! Thats the most amazing line ive heard in ages! =D. Prunes do help and also, cereals packed with fibre always help me! Good luck!

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