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Apple Cider Vinegar benefits of drinking it?
I have always heard that drinking apple cider vinegar is good for you. Does anyone have any experiences they can share? I am interested in trying this. Also, how much do you take at one time, how many times a day, and is it mixed with anything or just taken straight?

If you take 1 tablespoon with a glass of water each morning it will help prevent water retention in your body.

Be sure to brush your teeth really well afterward because the acid can damage the enamel on your teeth.

William T
What you've heard are lies. Why would you collect anecdotes instead of scientific studies? There are no health benefits to drink any kind of vinegar, it's just a moderate acid. If you have a sensitive stomach then it will be severely irritating.

Tony I
Don't listen to the typical maimstream denialism - apple cider vinegar is simply wonderful, and has a large number of health benefits - especially organic non-distilled unfiltered apple cider vinegar such as Bragg's. See:


and read the entire 4 page article.

The major failing with mainstream medicine is that they fail to realize that nature works synergistically and that includes our natural bodies. They look at our bodies as a collection of parts and use unnatural drugs to manipulate these parts in ways that are usually unnatural and often have consequences on the rest of the body.

When they see something like apple cider vinegar, they fail to look at the synergistic actions it can have from all of its compounds working together and instead say that it does not contain enough of any "scientifically proven" compounds to be effective - and they stick with that denial no matter how many thousands of people report benefits. Synergistic action is not understood nor studied by mainstream medicine primarily because mainstream medicine studies individual compounds they can patent and profit from by making unique or synthetic isolates. The fact that such lab-created drugs are not found in nature and do not contain the supporting compounds found in nature no doubt goes a long way towards explaining the fact that over 95% of them have side effects and over 140,000 people die in hospitals and homes each year from the side effects of properly prescribed drugs, while no fewer than a handful at most die from natural supplements despite 85 million users.

EDIT - William T, how can you be such an ignorant denialist? I guess you missed this study:

Apple cider vinegar attenuates lipid profile in normal and diabetic rats.

Another PubMed study states "The antiglycemic effects of vinegar have been known for more than a century and have been demonstrated in animal as well as human studies."

and a PubMed listed article "Vinegar: Medicinal Uses and Antiglycemic Effect" opens with this statement: "Vinegar folklore is as colorful as it is practical." and goes on to list numerous studies which have demonstrated the effectiveness of vinegar to a greater or lesser degree for a number of uses.

Just because YOU don't believe something or know it does not mean it does not work and it certainly does not warrant your labeling information contray to your personal bias and lack of knowledge as "lies".

Unbiased observation is an integral part of the scientific process. Many people have observed benefits from apple cider vinegar.

Mary H
Cider vinegar taken in a glass of hot water together with honey, is a very healthy way to start the day, it is a pleasant drink too, 1dessert spoon viegar, 1 dessert spoon honey.

It's a healthy food,and it happens to be delicious. I often take shots of it. I love the stuff.

It is a good part of a healthy diet.

It wont cure anything, nor will it really prevent anything.

Other than using it in cooking it has little other benefits. What are you hoping it will do? It's just vinegar (5% solution of acetic acid)

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