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dan m
After taking suboxone for 7 days, will i withdrawl from anything after the 7th day?
ive been addicted to roxicet for over a year now.. after 6 months i got completley clean for about 3 months but recently fell back into opiate addiction. ive been taking anywhere between 30- 60 mg a day for about 2 months but about a week ago i decided to start taking suboxone. for the past 7 days ive been taking anywhere between a quarter to a half a day and havce felt completley fine. its now my seventh day and i took my last half this morning. i just want to know if im gonna wake up tommorow or the next day in complete withdrawls or not or if this past week was a complete waste. any insight on this situation is greatly appreciated. thankyou

Well, but lets see, its 7pm Thursday night here - if I were you, I would only plan on maybe staying home and watching some movies this weekend. Last thing you would want is to have a lot of plans and have to cancel them. Also, I would go out and get some hard candies tonight - I have no clue how or why, but I keep hearing over and over from the girls I work with in rehab that they help with opiate withdrawl...seriously, I have no idea why that might be, but I would plan on taking it easy...you could be alright....but you wont know until you know.

The half life of it is 30 hours, so you'll know in a few days....but for goodness sakes, that doesn't mean you should go back to using to avoid being bogue, call your doctor tomorrow

oooh, an opiate.

Ron F
the drug you are speaking of is designed for opiate with drawl and is used for that but people are abusing this also what I would do is try to get one more and break them into eiths or quarters and take one a day til it is gone and you should be fine or you could go see your doc and explain your addiction to him and tell him you have heard about this drug and that you want to try this to help you kick your habit. I hope you have good luck with this I have been down that road and I don't wish it on my worst enemy

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