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 allergies or cold???
sore throat/scratchy throat
stuffy nose/itchy nose
a little coughing
glassy eyes

do you think this is a cold or allergies..?...

 Can an allergic reaction occur a week after using antibiotics?
I am 18, and was perscribed antibitics about a week ago and finished my last pill on June 26. Around August 1 I started to notice these welts/hives appearing on my skin. At first I disregarded them ...

 can someone be allergic to lightning?
I've been wondering in someone could be allergic to lighting, because in one of my stories i wanted to main character to be allergic to lightning and have a sneezing fit during a lighting storm. ...

 Why are scientists just focusing on finding cures for peanut allergies and not soy and others?

 is promethazine and codeine the same thing?
people in my school talk about the thing called lean and its basically your favorite drink mixed with promethazine or codeine or whatver are they the same thing or two different things or are they ...

 Is it possible to build up an allergy over time?
Eating chocolate never bothered me but lately the back of my throat has burned after eating it and I've noticed that it's been getting worse. Am I building up an allergy to chocolate?...

 I got my allergy test back and need some help?
I got a food allergy test because I wanted to know which foods I might be allergic to and this is what came back:
Oats [highest]
Tomato [mild]

 Do I have allergies or a bacterial infection?
Every morning I wake up I have to blow my nose. 90% of the time there is green snot. The rest of the day I have to blow my nose several more times, but it's usually clear. I sneeze a lot ...

 Can i have a hamster in my house if i am allergic to fur.?
my son wants one could i have one ....

 What are somethings to help allergies?
My eyes are watery and red and my nose is runny and itchy. Now my nose is red and irritated. I need help....

 ALLERGY SEASON ? ? ??????
What is the spring allergy season? I started to get bad allergies about 2 weeks ago and I'm wondering when they will go away and what months the worst part of spring allergies is in?...

 am i allergic to coconut?
I recently ate an entire tube of coconut flavored lip gloss (lip smackers brand). It made my throat swell up and my tummy hurt. I suspect I am allergic to coconut because now when I smell it I feel ...

 can i do my own skin allergy test?
i want to know if i have a food allergy to milk.

i dont have any dangerous reactions to milk, only very bad stomach aches and i want to know if it is an allergy.

so if i just ...

 if you are proven to have food allergies?
or food intolerance is there a specialist at the hospital or a clinic who would help you with your diet to construct a diet to help you put on weight if you are losing weight from having a food ...

 Non allergic washing powder?
Clothes washing powder, getting a rash of late thought maybe washing powder, actually got a rash on neck after wearing new shirt like a collar burn but pretty significant rash all swollen etc, have ...

 Do I have a cheese and shellfish allergy?
I notice that sometimes when I eat a mature cheese I get a lump type feeling in my throat that makes me feel like swallowing will clear it but never does. This can last for 24hours maximum, I also ...

 Are Gerbils safe for people with Asthuma and Allergies?
Are Gerbils safe for people with Asthuma and Allergies?...

 can bee pollen royal jelly be mixed with a hot drink, or will that spoil the enzymes etc.?
It tastes terrible!...

 Is Benadryl dangerous if taken in large amounts?
It seems to be sedating so i am wondering if it is dangerous or if this is simply natural and safe remedy for allergies. Should this be set out for children?...

 I cant stop coughing.....?
Im just getting over being sick and I cant stop coughing. I dont have any cough medicine or anything at the moment.
Is there something around the house I can use to help stop my cough?...

why does my skin itch after I take a shower?
Every time, after I take a shower or a bath, my neck and back become extremely itchy and small red spots appear on my back, they are like rashes somewhat. It happens at my fiance's house and at mine.
Is it allergies?? It's never happened to me before until a few months ago and to this day.
What can I do to help with this?
Additional Details
By the way, I am 20 years old.

Our skin sensitivities change with age. Your skin may be drying out and you need to moisturize after showering. You may be showering too frequently. I also start itching just before I get sick like with a cold or something.

Courtney F
It is a reaction between the chemicals in the water and your soap. For instance, I would use Coast soap in the city with treated water, but when I used Coast soap in a smaller town 5 hours away with hard water, I got terribly itchy skin. Sometimes it's the water and/or the soap. I would not use Dove as it really isn't a natural soap, natural soap are usually found at Farmers Markets and health food stores. And I wouldn't use baby oil as that is an oil that is derived from crude oil (yup it is) and crude oil is considered a carcinogenic by some health authorities. Although, when I first started getting those spots, the Dove did help, but I know that the natural bars are even better.

I had this. Generally i got it on my arms, it was so so itchy after i got out of the shower. I figured it was not from certain soaps or washes that i used in the shower, but it just become more inflamed from the heat of the shower. I went to the doctors and they said to take antihistamine tablets and a product called DermAid on the itchy bits.

I guess the best thing would be to go to the doctors. If it disappears after a few minutes out of the shower take a photo of the rash and show the doctor.

Your problem may be totally different to mine however.

Joseph the Second
You have Naturally Dry Skin- & your Shower is washing away all the Oils in it- that keep it Moist! Try to take cooler showers- & put on some baby oil all over you- as SOON as you get out... Doing those two thing SHOULD help... :)

Try using sensitive soaps like dove, etc. See if that helps.

Could be your skin doesn't have a lot of oil in it. When you use soap, it takes out a BUNCH of oil as it is.

If you're not using a moisturizer, that could make for some mighty itchy (possibly even ''tight feeling'' skin.)

Some people can only take showers every few days, due to how dry their skin naturally is.

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