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 Will there be a vaccine for Nut allergies? Are scientists working on such a thing?

 How do i to get rid of a runny nose,soon!?
i have a volleyball game in a couple hours like 2:00(6 hours from now).i really want to go.how do i get rid of my runny nose?...

 how do you get your nose unpluge?
i have been sick for a mounth and now my nose is pluge up
i cant eat sleep or ...

 Am I allergic to squash soup?
When I eat it my nose becomes extremely runny and the middle front part of my neck feels tight....

 my wife is allergic to Prawn,Brinjal and Crab.Is there any chance of being my son allergic to those items?

 Yesterday my nose was stuffy,itchy, runny, and sneezy. and my eyes was watery. allergies???????

Additional Details
and i didnt have a fever could it be hay fever????????...

 Can vitamin C cream cause a photo-induced allergic reaction?
I started using Merle Norman vitamin C cream. When I went in the sun I got a severe allergic reaction. The doctor said it was contact dermatitis (allergic reaction to something I put on my face). T...

 What is the best air filter for eliminating dust mites?
im allergic to dust mites...long time sufferer, and ive tried the ionic breeze and the Oreck XL, and those dont work worth crap. im still congested every morning with sore throat and headaches and i ...

 Why is my daughter itching her ears?
She has a rash on her cheeks coming from her ears and around her neck and on her chest. She has been rubbing her ears more often now like they are bothering her and just last night she started this ...

 Am i allergic to Chocolate?! ?
Hi there,
I think I may be allergic to chocolate! Sorry guys, this is a bit gross - but about half hour after I eat it lately, I get really gassy and have to get to the loo quickly and I get ...

 is there an easy test that I can do to see if mushrooms are good to eate?

 is it an allergic reaction?
why does dr pepper give me stomach pains instantly after drinking it?
i don't get this from any other fizzy/non fizzy drinks....

 okay allergy help?
okay yesterday i broke out in hives
ive never ever had allergys in my life

i thought so
until my mom told me when i was a baby i was lactose and tolerent

okay but im ...

 I want to make sambuca cookies for Christmas, but can not find out if Sambuca is a gluten free liquor. help?

 eye stinging problem?
my eyes sting whenever I use Clean & Clear Advantage acne clearing astringent. I used it regularly for about a month. Then I stopped useing it for almost 2 weeks and last week when I started ...

 Is hydrolyzed wheat protein, when used to mimic soy sauce, a safe alternative for someone with soy allergies?
This is probably a silly question, or quite obvious; but I am trying to find an alternative to soy sauce so I can make teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce, etc. without using soy product, due to an EXTREME...

 all ended up eating chocolate?
Chuuuchuuuu.... Nausea and Vomitting Suddenly struck me after i ate a 85gm approx. Dark chocolate....... 70%pure cocoa and 30%sugar huh

What the hell is that ????? i am a healthy person . ...

 Allergy problems!! Help~?
Can in know how (scientifically) allergy towards seafood ...

 food preservative allergies and weight?
anyone else have allergies to food preservatives that have messed up their endocrine system causing extreme weight gain? how did you lose it? my food choices are so limited that i'm having ...

 Onion allergies: Symptoms, what kind, how to avoid?
Hello. I have an onion allergy that causes me to get migraines. I was wondering if anyone else has this type of allergy. Do you notice that it affects you with all types of onions? Does it carry over ...

Jay S
why does air come out my ear when i blow my nose?
or when i pressurize my ears while plugging my nose , others can hear air flowing out my ear. this started after high diving into the lake.

to make a somewhat complicated, very anotomical question simple, there are tiny little holes in you nasal sinus that lead to the inner (and eventually outer) ear. these allow for adjustiment of pressure at high and low altitudes, etc. when you nose is plugged, sometimes the air cannot escape via the normal route and so it escapes backwards through the hole in your sinuses to the ears. you may have damaged your ear slightly when diving from a long distance, or may have gotten an ear infection that would cause this effect to be more pronounced after diving.

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