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 What the heck is going on with me?
I think I might have an allergy to cooked veggies. The other night I had cooked broccoli(cooked in water,salt and pepper) and my sinuses began to feel stuffed. Today, I had some of my mom's ...

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Is there medicine, pill or can you just give me some tips please

thank you.
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I have ...

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he never had a bad experience or got sick from it. But last week he ate honey nut cheerios, and nothing happened. Why?

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 what can I do about my allergies at night?
Ok I've known I've had allergies for a long time. But my parents always used to say its just hay fever. But I think the doctor is putting all my visits together and is suggesting I see an ...

 Why do I get an itchy nose when I see salt?
Ok, everytime I eat salt, see salt I get an itchy nose really bad. Im not allergic to anything or salt. Why is this?
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am wierd :-S , cheek yu out btw (y)...

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 What do you do to treat your allergies?
Oh, and is it a good idea to get shots for the allergies??
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I am very miserable with a massive headache, and congestion. This is NOT THE SWINE FLU, so please do not ...

 What component in sunscreen lotions cause allergy reactions?

 Why do some wheat products give me heartburn and others not?
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 how does the allergens in asthma (eg dust mites, pollen, animal dander) cause asthma reaction?

 Is it possible for someone to be allergic to poor people?

 What would happen if I put a smidge of baking soda on my ear drum and then a couple drops of vinegar?
Would that stop the itch?...

why do you become allergic to things that you weren't allergic to before?
for the past two years i've been getting new allergies. but really bad allergies to things that i've been around all my life. it's really frustrating. i sat in the grass one day and then for the next five days i was throwing up and i couldn't eat and i was covered in hives. i now know that i am allergic to grass and alot of other things that i had been eating or been around all my life. like avacados and tomatos.. does any one know why this happens?

If you don't eat enough vegetables, then you're immune system will deteriorate and you'll develop allergies...

Chuck P
Maybe overexposure, your immune system will only fight some thing off so long, but if it's too overwhelmed it loses the battle.

our system changes as we age =this could be one cause =you have started a med =also a cause =get it looked into=allergies are nothing to fool around with

Sami V
Possibly because you have grown to be in a new stage in your life!

Probably cause our bodies are slowly breaking down and getting older.

Tan Zanite
Your body goes through changes regularly. Allergies run on 7 year cycles in general.

As a child I ate garlic in pretty much evrything, since I am Italian, this is normal. By the time I was a teenager, I started getting bad headaches and migraines from garlic. By the time I was in my twenties I started getting physically ill if I ate anything with garlic. Now, in my 30's, even smelling garlic makes me headachy and vomit.

Talk to an allergist about it for more details and get a good medication. I take singulare and I can go camping now. (I'm allergic to pretty much all of nature, and have asthma.)

Anyone can become allergic to anything at anytime... allergies generally develop due to constant exposure to the same allergen. If you're allergic to grass, then you might be allergic to wheat, cane sugar, and any number of foods that are biologically related to grass. If you're allergic to tomatoes, then you might also be allergic to the other things that are in the nightshade family such as potatoes, tobacco, eggplant, and peppers.
Your best bet is to visit an allergist, or environmental doctor for testing and treatment to prevent any serious allergic episodes.

Allergies, without exception require a previous exposure to develop a "sensitivity" and subsequent allergy.
These are "histamine "(chemical) mediated or triggered events and for some reason, your body is is a hyper reactive state; This often times comes from our environment (molds, chemicals, food,dander,fleathers) and some people develop into what's know as "ectopics", this often includes asthma.
Imperative that You consider the indication to carry epinephrine with you (an epi pen.) for a potentially severe reaction. Carry some over the counter diphenhydramine (benadryl with you as well. I don't mean to frighten you but better safe than sorry.
By all means, a visit to an "Allergist" is in your best interest.

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