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 water keeps dripping from my nose and eye?
water started dripping from my nose yesterday and today its coming out my eye as well my dad got it worse and so does my sister we don't feel sick but it just keeps coming any ...

 Bags under my eyes in the morning?
I am 13 and I have bags under my eyes almost every morning
How do I get rid of these bags?
Please don't say sleep more because I have slept ten hours and still had huge bags under my ...

 my head itches every time i eat spicy foods am i allergic to spicy foods?

 How can you tell your allergic to wheat/ gluten? (eczema suffers please reply)?
I suffer from eczema and have done for a few years now.. recently i found out im allergic to some fruits.. however I'm finding i start to itch alot after having bread, pasta and some ...

 do antihistamines weaken your immune system?
i've been on Ketotefin for about 4 months.. i got sick in february and ended up getting pneumonia.. i'm only 26 and normally really healthy.. i couldn't get rid of the cough and still ...

 watermelon allergy or reaction to a sunburn?
I got a sunburn a few days ago on my back. (not bad, just a first degree burn) last night I started having a pinching sensation under the skin where my sunburn is located. It was sooo painful and ...

 I am suddenly having an "allergic reaction" to boiled shrimp and crawfish. Headache, stomach ache, etc?
I have eaten them my whole life, now at 36, I fell sick to my stomach and have a headache either later that day or the next day.
Additional Details
I have no idea how to respond to these ...

 I took one of those SIBO/H. Pylori Breath tests at the hospital and threw up...?
They gave me that sugary solution to drink and after 15 minutes I tossed the cookies. The test was for H. Pylori or SIBO, not fructose intolerance, but I am wondering if there's a chance I could ...

 Horrible allergies in the morning???
I take pills, but they don't help! Everyday when I get up at about 7:45 am my allergies are horrible, and after 9:15 am they are fine the rest of the day. Why is this? How can I make it stop?!?!?...

 What causes this sort of sneezing?
hey guys, can you help me? my friend always sneezes in middle session (maths) and everyone says shes allergic to maths, lol, we all know shes not but we just say she is to be funny, so yeah, what is ...

 My friends toddler likes to eat all household products?
lotions,shampoo, dryer sheets, hair products, cleaning products,etc. They do not taste bad to the child and he sneaks to get it. Also he's never been sick from this....

 This has happened before where I have severe itching and i break out in hives. Could it be from stopping meds?
I was on Minocyline before and when I stopped I started itching. Eventually it stopped. About 2 weeks ago I started taking Minocyline again(acne). I stopped again because I tend to be forgetful. But ...

 Is the modified food starch in Hebrew National Hot Dogs gluten free?

 how can u stop runny nose?
how can u stop runny ...

 How do i get a gluten free restaurant guide for canada?
my family is celiac so i'm looking for a gluten free restaurent guide that help us when we want to eat out. please help....

 omg lump wat is thiss?
okayy im fourteen years old and i am in high school ((imma freshmen)) and i hav this werid lump on the back of my neck right at the end of my hair line. what is this it hurts so bad wen you touch it ...

 Can a severe allergic reaction cause urine to be cloudy for a while?
Can a severe case of allergic contact dermatitis (from allergy to tea tree oil) cause the urine to be cloudy for awhile until the Histamine levels return to normal?

I am hoping a doctor or ...

 can i take vicodin for my allergies?

 MSG allergies!?
so i went to the doctor for major headaches and some chest pains, and im apparently allergic to MSG (Monosodium Glutamate, which is a type of food additive that is used to enhance the flavor) Anyways,...

 what are allergies from and how do you know if you have them for sure?

why am i sneezing so much ?
i was sick for a couple of days with the flu.
and now for the last two days i just cant stop sneezing,
i sneezed atleast 40 or more times today...

Annie D
Have you tried an antihistamine? Try some Claritin or Zyrtec

Something is irritating your nose hairs and the sneezing is not moving it out. If you can tolerate it, irrigate your nostril & see if it helps. Some people use a saline solution to help moisten before blowing the nose.

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