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 I need help getting rid of red, puffy eyes!?
Under my eyes is all dry, cracked and puffy. I keep takingBenydril, and it works, but a few hours later the puffiness is back again. I have hives all over my body everytime I sit on the couch. I ...

 How do I know if I'm allergic to alcohol?
When I drink it I get hot flushes and bright red cheeks that itch. Plus I get drunk pretty quickly.
Additional Details
Almost everyone in my family are alcoholics....

 side effect of nasal spray?
I have been using Afrin nasal spray everyday for more then 5 years. Just curious what are the side effects? Is there any other ways to cure nasal problem. =)...

 i have a weird reaction when i eat pineapple?
when i eat pineapple, my mouth starts to bleed at the sides and inside my mouth. the problem is i LOVE pineapple, its my favourite fruit... why does this happen ?...

 can a fan blowing air all night cause pnoumonia?
If I leave a fan on, not air conditioner, on all night, can a small child get pnoumonia?...

 Does my baby have milk allergy or lactose intolerance ?
My 3 month old ( breastfed ) baby used to fuss a lot until I stopped drinking cow's milk. I do however still eat yoghurt and butter. The presence of yoghurt and butter in my diet does not seem ...

For the past two days i have gotten sick, I had the flu. I was congested, and I had severe coughing like nonstop and i was wondering can coughing make it alittle hard to breathe cause when I try to ...

 I get bug-like bites from my mattress. Allergies? Bugs?
Before school started, I brought a new mattress at IKEA. However, for the next few nights, horrible (large) red bumps appeared on my arms and legs. I was afraid that it was bed bugs, so i returned ...

 Allergy Medicine??
I have terrible allergies (the pollen is killing me!) and am wondering what the best OTC non-drowsy allergy medicine you've tried is? I can't go 3 minutes without sneezing, itchy eyes, etc.....

 Allergy to shrimps. Shortly after eating them, I had hives forming over my face and neck. I took Benadryl?
Which helped a lot with the itching. I went to bed and when I woke up this morning, my face looked better but I can still feel the swelling. I don't have any difficulty breathing, should I just ...

 I drank spoiled soy milk. How bad is this?
I was deep frying twinkies poured some soy milk out for the batter and fried away. Minutes after me and my friend ate the deep fried twinkies we decided to see what soy milk actually tasted like. We ...

 Why won't they listen?
I went to the doctor because my eyes were really red and watery and they were crusting while i was sleeping to the point of where i couldn't open my eyes when i woke up they doctor said it was ...

 how can i find out about my swollen hand?
thought id been bitten but not sure now my arm ...

 I want to join the Marine Corps and i wanted to know if being allergic to shrimp would disqualify me?

 What gets rid of blocked noses fastt?
I wanna go bed, but i've got a block nose,, help?
I want it to goo fasttt!...

 The Best Nasal Decongestant?
I'm in need of some badly!! I can't breathe through either nostril! I'm looking for a spray preferably. Something that isn't over the counter. That I can just go to the store, and ...

 iam having dry cough for the past one month, how to cure it?

 Why is my daughter's nose bleeding?
earlier today i noticed she had dried blood in her nose. a couple of weeks ago i noticed it too and thought nothing of it....maybe it was the weather changing or something.
but after a fit of ...

 How can i stop scratching?? ?
Right so, During the night i always scratch myself. Ive woke myself up several times and it always leaves a scar. Yeah, ive tried cutting and fileling my nails but nothing seems to work. Can any one ...

 runny stuffy nose just started winter vacation PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Hi thanks for taking interest in my question well i didn't go to school yesterday not because im sick but because we only throw a party eat no classes so ya. but then i started to get a stuffy ...

what is the percentage of people allergic to wheat?


25% of people believe that they are allergic to a food. But normally outgrow the allergy as they get older.

So somewhere below 25% would be your answer.


Six percent of children have a true food allergy, and 2 percent of adults.
Out of that, 80 percent of those allergies are one of these 8 foods: tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk, and eggs.
How much of those are wheat, I don't know.

(A true allergy is an immune response involving white blood cells and has nothing to do with gluten intolerance.)

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