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 My eyes sting if I put moisturiser or sun cream on my face.?
That is anywhere on my face - I do not put it over my eyes. I am worried about sun damage to my face as I like going out doors. Has anyone got any ideas about how to cover my face when I go out ...

 please suggest me medicines?
hi,im suffering with chronic cold for the last few years.in recent it leads to tooth ache and pain in both ears also.normal medicine didn't cure my problem.can i go for homeopathy medicine?...

 Is the hayfever season already here, in the UK?
I know different people get different symptoms at different times depending on the allergen, but, is there already others experiencing hayfever symptoms?...

 How to stop a runny nose?
its about to be school in like 2 weeks and i have a runny nose! i really hate blowing my nose in school so how do i get rid of it fast? thanks (btw i don't have a cough)

Nikki :)(:...

 Could my 6 year old cat develop allergies? Is there anything I can give him?

 How do i know when im allergic to bananas?
After i eat a whole banana my lips and throat feel really itchy and i can't make it go away? other people i talk to to say it doesn't happen to them...am i allergic to bananas?...

 Do YOU have an allergy to cast iron rain gutters on your toes?

 Best NON-DROWSY Allergy Medicine??????
What is the best allergy medicine that DOESN'T make me fall asleep??

I have taken Claritin and Clarinex. None of them work at all.
And I do NOT want to take Benadryl. That stuff ...

 What are some good sites on Food Allergies ?
We recently discovered that our 4 yr old has allergies to 13 food items which she used to take regularly - they include eggs, soy, corn, peas, wheat, peanuts among others.

I'd like to ...

 My 5 yr old son is having hives what could be causing them?
We have a puppy but he has never really had problems with her before..he was playing with some balloons today and i also thought that could be the reason but i am not sure. He is not acting like he ...

 Have an allergy - itchy, bumps on skin?
I'm having an allergy. Feeling itchy and have bumps on my skin.
Are there any anti allergy medicines that I can take?...

 I can't get rid of my HIVES, HELP!!!!!?
Seriously it all started a few months back, get this rash all over, except for neck and face, then I started getting bad out breaks of hives, big welts, went in for it, got a whatever steroid shot ...

 Am i having an allergic reaction to my deodorant?
every few days, i will have the world's worst itchy armpits. i can scratch and scratch, but the only thing that relieves it is scratching both of them with an old hairbrush. but, this can be a ...

 Are scented candle fumes ever dangerous to breathe?

 Any here allergic to red cherryade?
or red soda/pop basically i took a sip of it this morning went to school and was horrified when my friends told me and there was a huge red rash around my mouth went to nurse and well.. it was a sort ...

 how can i cure my allergies naturally?
i've had allergies ever since i moved to FL when i was 6 years old and im tired of them. im 15 now. idk what im allergic to but i get allergies almost every morning and rarly in the aftertoon. ...

 Do i have asthma?
I mean... i have allergies... but there very mild. In the spring and summer i might sneeze here and there. And my eyes might itch badly and my nose gets runny. I also have Eczema. I'm growing ...

 What happen if you continue to eat the food you're allergic to?
I know for sure that I'm allergic to shrimp. My lips would get swollen or my throat would hurt a bit, but shrimp taste so good. Would anything bad or health concern problems I should know about?...

 My left eye has been twiching on and off for a few days..?
Why is it doing that??...

 people who are celiac - i heard you cant go gluten free until you get the test otherwise it wont show up?
im going to get a celiac test done in a few days just to confirm it, but ive already had a few allergy tests so i basically already know i am celiac, but ive just heard that you shouldnt go gluten ...

Joshua M
can you put on contact lenses with latex gloves?
My hands are really dirty from working on an aircompressor. I washed most of the grease and sludge off my hands but there are still some left esp. on my finger nails. With that said, I'm afraid of putting in my contacts because they might get infected.

Question is: can you wear latex or nitrile gloves to put on contact lenses?
Additional Details
Btw, I'm not allergic to any of the types of gloves

Matt D
Personally I like the blue latex SafeGrip gloves, but you might want medical gloves for this... Make sure that they are skin tight. You are not going to be keeping them in for very ling, so better a bit small then big...

Yeah, just put the gloves on and wash your hands, or rather just rinse them. If they are SafeGrip gloves you can probably keep them for a month of wearing them a few minutes a day, so wash them before and after every time. With medical gloves, you are going to want/need new ones. The kind in boxes are okay, you should not need serial ones...

You sure can. I would recommend putting on the gloves then washing your hands(with the gloves on) to remove any powder or debris off the gloves. Nurse do it everyday when the need to take out peoples contacts that have an eye injury. They also sell contact lens removers(the look like a Miniature toilet plunger). with some practice you can use them to insert or remove your contacts.

Yes you can. Other responses have mentioned that powder may be a problem but the powder is on the inside. Or even better, buy gloves that are non-powdered. You can put on the gloves and wash your hands like you would normally if you want to make sure they are clean.

maybe if they dont have any of that poweder stuff on it

rhay ♥
i'm going to say no. wear your glasses for tonight. the gloves are powdered, and if that gets in your eyes, you're going to be incredibly uncomfortable. you cannot sanitize those gloves of the dust like you would your hands. if your hands are clean- you've washed them thoroughly with antibacterial soap, and warm water (do this twice if they're still dirty-looking) you should be fine. even if they are stained, your hands are clean, and you should be safe to put them in.

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