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 runny nose doesn't stop with medication?
Ive had a runny nose and a mild fever for about 3 days & Ive taken antihistamines, ibuprofen & mucinex which are not working at all. I haven't had any head trauma or any type of ...

 how can i get rid of a blocked noes quickly?

 how does a person develop a allergy?
like i know people that have never had allergys and now that there older they have them? why does this happen?
thxs in ...

 allergy cure naturallt please?
I hve allergy for any think i eat my body bocome red and more problems
how I can eat any thing without problems cure naturally because drs canr help me sorry ?...

 how come i have ALOT of mucus?
ok its not as bad as it sounds but i alwayse have to clear my throught and i alwayse have to hock up mucus and i have to clear my nose. so yea why do i have so much mucus? how do i get rid of all of ...

 My dads says he's allergic to fur!! help!?
my dad used to have a dog and i want a bunny he says it will shed fur and his allergies will get worse how can i make sure that wont happen.
Additional Details
did i mention WE HAVE BIRDS...

 my 1yr old is allergic to peanut?
he took out a bag of m&ms out of my purse, now his eyes are itchy n he has a rash on his forehead and keeps scratching him self.. What should i do?? i washed his face with cold water... anyone ...

 Help me please? Emergency?
So I got a septoplasty, and tonsillectomy on the same day.

However I always have bad allergies and its making cough and when I cough I bleed though my nose. help me stop this, how can I ...

 14 month old's eczema worsens with dairy and egg - Montair (Singulair) prescribed?
My now 14 month old has been 'allergic' to dairy and eggs since he was 3 months old. Until he turned 1, I was breastfeeding him and hence I stopped my consumption of dairy and eggs and his ...

 What is the best medicine for allergies?

 itchy eyelids allergic reaction to oil of olay eye illuminator?
used oil of olay eye illuminator just above my eyelids & below the eye brows and developed red itchy eyelids, in the crease of the eyelid and the inner & outer corners of the eye, that keep ...

 Cure to post nasal drip? Please help me I have been suffering forever!?
Hey will you please help me! I have this awful post nasal drip that I have had since October! I think it is caused by allergies, but I am not sure. I take allergy medicine and nose spray already. My ...

 By accident ate a stale discoloured bread. What should I do? Is there any preventive measure that is to be ta?

Additional Details
Inorder not to fall sick is there anything I can do in ...

 oysters allergy?a couple of years ago i become very ill after eating about a dozen oysters wich where very?
fresh and never eaten them since untill yesterday that i had just a couple and after one hour i almost fainted at home and spend all nigth vomiting and having diarrea,i almost could not stand up.Can ...

 is it pink eye or allergies?
both my eyes are red, itchy & burn and i woke up with both eyes shut with crust [yuck.. i know]
i suspect my eye makeup might have something to do with it so i threw it away. i have to buy ...

 How do you get rid of mold?
i have a breast pump and i keep forgeting to clean it.and now this blueish black dots appeared on it .what do i do? Now im scared ,i think i fed my baby milk with the mold.
Additional Details

 how long does a sore throat take to revive and what is the best way to get rid of it completely?
i have had a sore throat for 2 days, it gave me thick hard to swallow spit, hard t swallow stuff, takes me longer to chew and swallow stuff like chicken, chicken noodle soup, and i need answers on ...

 Can a person be allergic to water?

 Had an allergic reaction to a medication... Now I have a sinus infection?
I had an allergic rection to the prescription medication "belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital". That was last Monday. I have been in pain since, now realize I have a sinus infection (S...

 what good allergy pills are there?
I have allergy since I was 7 every spring. I'm using zyrtec, it's the best from what I found so far, but it doesn't really help anymore.
basing on your own experience have you ...

can you get high off of cold and sinus relief (cvs)?
i would take 800 mg of ibprofen/psuedoephedrine HCl120mg

It depends on your tolerance to the medication. Some people feel jittery because of the pseudoephedrine. Hopefully Trevor, you're not thinking of raiding your parent's medicine cabinet.

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