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 WHAT could be CAUSING my sons RASH?
He has had this red bumpy itchy rash on his entire body (except the face) since he was about 1 year old. He will be 3 in June. It comes & goes but it never completely disappears. Cutivate was ...

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what is a homemade cure for a stuffy nose thats quick?...

 What is a good source of calcium for children that have a milk allergy ?
My son has a milk allergy . He can have a limited amount of cooked milk now that he is 2 years old. but I know he needs calcium for his bones and teeth any idea's ?...

 to get rid of nasal allergy i ve been recomended pranayama.but how can one do it if his nose is blocked?

 Do you feel dizzy after eating too much food?
If you eat alot of food, do you feel like you're eyes get hazzy, watery, you feel dizzy and have forehead pressure? Is this by eating too much food at once or are these symptoms of food ...

 am i allergic to pineapple?
every time time i eat a fresh pineapple i get itchy around my mouth,then i get a rash

am i allergic to pineapple?...

 My nose is driving me MAD!?
Ok, so end of 2005 I contracted sinusitus, didn't complete course of antibiotics so doctor prescribed another dose. Completed course. Then had hayfever - couldn't breathe one bit through my ...

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 Why do i always have runny nose and what should i do?
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 I just irrigated my nose (lavage). Now my ear hurts!?
This happened before and my allergist said to keep doing it....

 what can i do to get rid of this horrible sore throat and blocked nose?
i felt it coming on in bed last night.
and now i cant swallow( i do but it hurts), and my nose is really stuffy.
ive been drinking cold water to help with the pain.
i heard that honey ...

 Dust mite pillow covers?
I bought dust mite pillow covers and my question is this. Can i put a regular cover over the dust mite pillow cover to match the bed comforters or will that defeat the purpose of having a dust mite ...

 Are there any permanent cures for allergies?

 My legs are always itching and I have loads of cuts on them where I scratch, what could this be?
It's mainly when I go to sleep. I changed and tested many different varieties of soap powers with no change, i'm not allergic to anything I know of and it's only on my legs. The cuts ...

 i am allergic to penicillin,do i need a bracelet to notify people?
i think i need 1 but i aint sure, should i have it tattooed and wear?...

 how can you tell if your lactose intollerant?
my mom said i might be, when i drink milk or eat cheesecake i get diarehha....

 sick help?
well today i woke up a sinus infection and feel REALLY ickky;;
anything to cure it or make me feel a little better??...

 Question about Celiac Disease?
Hi! First of all I want you to know that the doctor is out of the question. No insurance no cash. Next, I would like to ask if anyone has Celiac or any knowledge of it can tell me if it is possible ...

 Allergic to fruit symptoms?
Ever since I was a little girl when I would eat fruits like Mango's, if I didnt peels the peels off and wash the mangos to get the peels oil off of it, my lips would hurt really bad and would ...

 How to Help with Spring Time Allergies?
The end of august every year i get destroyed by my allergies, literally my eyes will not stop watering and my nose will keep running. I always take some Loratadine but it seems to do nothing for me. ...

red head girl 06
benadryl before eating seafood?
i want to have some crawfish that my mother is cooking but i have a slight allergic reation to it in my throat... could i take benadryl 30 minutes before i eat some?

Cassandra L
Benadryl (50mg) would help in response to a MILD allergic reaction, but if you're having the reaction in your throat, then that's a bit serious to be messing around with. Your throat could completely close up, and without air, I'm sure you know what would happen. If it was a rash, I would say sure, why not try it. But in your case, I would REALLY advise against it.

my husband is a paramedic, and he says he does not want to interupt your dinner party to come save your blue butt when you quit breathing!! don't eat the crawfish. i know you don't want to miss out on anything, but you'd miss out on a lot more with a trip to the emergency room, or worse. don't chance it.

If you really have a seafood allergy you don't want to eat it at all. A slight allergic reaction in the past could be a serious one now. Especially if it's in your throat. With an allergy like that, it would be a good idea to have Benadryl nearby in case you have an accidental exposure. If it's a very serious allergy, you might even think about carrying epinepherine pens -- could save your life.

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