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Is there medicine, pill or can you just give me some tips please

thank you.
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I have ...

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Ok I've known I've had allergies for a long time. But my parents always used to say its just hay fever. But I think the doctor is putting all my visits together and is suggesting I see an ...

 Why do I get an itchy nose when I see salt?
Ok, everytime I eat salt, see salt I get an itchy nose really bad. Im not allergic to anything or salt. Why is this?
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am wierd :-S , cheek yu out btw (y)...

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 What do you do to treat your allergies?
Oh, and is it a good idea to get shots for the allergies??
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I am very miserable with a massive headache, and congestion. This is NOT THE SWINE FLU, so please do not ...

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 Is it possible for someone to be allergic to poor people?

allergic to oatmeal?
can you be allergic to oatmeal??
for starters, i was using aveeno the skin care product, and i had a horrible allergic reaction. i knew there was oatmeal in they product, but i didnt know i was allergic to oatmeal. then a few weeks ago, i ate a oatmeal cookie, and i begin to itch alot, and my neck got all red. i was soo scared. so does this mean im allergic to oatmeal? if i am, then whats in oatmeal? what can i not eat?

you can be allergic to anything.
My husband also reacts to aveeno products.

Oatmeal is just Oats, a grain. If you are highly allergic you would need to read labels to make sure bread, crackers, etc do not contain oats.

You doctor can order an allergy test to see if it is really the oats, or do a trial -- where you eat the food in the office and see what happens -- so if there is a problem they can give you medicine right away.

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