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 Do I have the most food allergies ever?
Hi I was wondering does anyone or has anyone heard of someone who has more food allergies than me?I am allergic to wheat yeast dairy corn soy rice eggs and chocolate
Additional Details
I ...

 What are some signs of allergies?

 i just found out one of the little girls i babysit is alergic to soy, milk, eggs, i cant figure out what ?
to feed her!?!?!? any suggestions??...

 does pshsht spray work?

 Can you be allergic to the smell of cinnamon but still be able to eat it?

 whats wrong with tomatos?
i went througha drive through earlier and there was a warning about tomatos, and my sister came to my house and said she saw a warning about it or something also. does any one know whats wrong with ...

 After over-the-counter antihistamines, whats the next step in treating chronic allergies?
hayfever to be precise!

Do they still do that injection thing? I hear its very good and it sounds like just the thing I need right now!...

 What are the symptoms of bunny allergies? ?
I just got a new bunny and when I hold her my arm gets itchy and red and starts to swell my eyes water then my nose tickles I love my bunny I don't want to get rid of her but...if i'm ...

 How do I know if I am allergic to black eyed peas or Lima beans?

 I'm sick! Is this an allergy infection or a sinus infection?
- Mucous has blood in it
- Drainage
- Headache on top of the head (feels like it's been inflated by an air pump)
- Last week my nose was really runny

Sinus or allergies?...

 Is it possible to develop sudden allergies to an animal you have had for a few months?
Hi there. We got a kitty about 4 months ago and the past few days I have been having allergy attacks were I am nonstop sneezing, runny itchy nose, my eyes get itchy and puffy and my throat becomes ...

 Is It Possible To Develop a Food Allergy Later On In Life?
Like at the age of 18?
Additional Details
And is one of the allergies Itcy, Sore, Scratchy irritated eyes?...

 Anyone else out there deathly allergic to any food?
I'm deathly allergic to shellfish. I have an epi-pen, but of course would rather not use it.

How do you find restaurants that you consider "safe" to eat in?

I ...

 Weird itchy red spots appear randomly through out the day on my face?
they look like mesquito bites, this has been happening for 2 or 3 yrs when i get out the shower i will find them on my face, they would usually go away while im getting ready for work or whereever i ...

 mosquitoe bites...?
whenever i get a mosquitoe bite it usually doesn't bother me that much. unless i get one on my legs or feet. seriously, on my legs they just swell way up and itch nonstop. they get big and ...

 how come when i wear latex gloves my pen** gets stiff does anyone else have this weird and different problem?

 Monosodium glutamate?
Is it still being used in Oriental meal?? is a legal still??...

 will they ban preservatives soon in some countries?
bad talk about preservatives and colours and flavours. if its in nearly everything these days and its pretty much all been happening over the last 10 yrs do you think twice as many people will be ...

 does a vaporizer help with allergies?
the weather here is so dry (victorville ca) my allergies make me ...

 are your allergies kicking up? ?
I don't know if I have the flu, or if my allergies are out of control. I live in south orange county and I'm sick of this weather!!! ...

Why does your nose run when you have a cold?

It wants to escape the sick person whom houses it.

I'm not sure exactly,
But I think it has something to do with body heat...
When you have a fever, it kind of melts it and.. yeah.
Aha. Good question though!

Because it wants to run away!
You better go catch itt.

Because when it is cold the job of your nose is to keep your breath warm. so when you breathe its comfortable. but when its cold, you nose has to work extra hard so your blood gets heated cause the nose needs more blood and it gives you a runny nose. I hate it.

in your body lots of water excess so to adjust your body temperatur excess water fl-owes from nose

nose run ? amazing. :D

(it has mucus inside so it slips out when you wont get to prevent it from doing so.)

Your body's trying to get rid of the germs by flushing them out.

This is your body's way of evacuating bacterial, viral, and white blood cell matter from your sinus cavity.

your sinuses are draining.

When you have a cold, your body produces more mucous to help keep out the germs. The nose running is just an excess of mucous.

you can't shut me up
too find a place not as cold lolol

Sabertooth is Pj0lson
Your nose becomes runny when you have alien-bacteria in your body. They are attracted to your sinus(es) because it is a warm and moist environment (perfect bacteria home). Your body anti-gens (soldiers) recognize the invaders and tells your brain to get rid of them! Your brain than tells the mucus membranes to produce extra mucus and get rid of the invaders. The invaders that are "chillin" in the contaminated mucus gets pushed out by the new "clean" mucus. Once all the contaminated mucus is out your body tells the mucus membrane(s) to go back to normal. There you have it

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