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 best way to get better fast?
so i've got some allergy type of stuff going on. itchy and dry throat, nasal pressure, itchy in my ears... if i gargle salt water will that really help my throat? does drinking a lot of oj help? ...

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Pool water, shower water, ocean water, or even spilling a bottle of it on myself gives me terrible itchy, burning rashes. They're like, red splotches all over my (mostly upper) body.


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 im allergic to cold , when i eat ice cream or any other cold food my throat feels tight is this dangerous?
it feels a little hard to swallow , and my throat feels tight .
this is because of my allergy right ?
& is it dangerous ?...

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I have had some bad allergies. I have taken some Alegra D, but does not seem to help. any suggestions? ...

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Ive never quite been able to figure that out!
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i dont understand how people eat!!!
and y does it make them fat!!...

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My 18 month old son is allergic to cows milk, soy, eggs, nuts, and wheat. What can we give him to get him to grow. Right now he is in the 10th % for height and weight. Obviously we are not only ...

 Am I allergic to dust mites?
I can GUARANTEE that within a few minutes of waking up ( Round about the first 5 minutes of waking up ) I WILL sneeze and then a another minute later I'll sneeze again but this NEVER happens ...

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If not, how much does it cost roughly?...

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I have runny nose, how could I stop it? Help!!...

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When I'm sick, my dad (a doctor) always tells me to drink Ginger Ale. So, I've got a can right now, but what does it actually do?...

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I have owned cats before, they were outdoor-indoor cats. I recently brought in a new kitten I rescued and he has been indoors 24/7.. I noticed that within the months he's been living with us.. I ...

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I know a lot of people have been looking for drixoral since it has been takin off the market, I have found it selling at Canada Pharmacy.com.
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 How do you deal with a wheat, dairy, and corn allergy?
I have a child who tested positive to a wheat, dairy, and corn allergy. What do I do to help her? She is six years old....

 allergy question Florida-Arizona ?
I moved to Orlando Florida from phoenix Arizona about four months ago, since then its been like hell. Allergies have completely taken over my life. They make me feel so awful and congested to the ...

 What U.S. city has the highest pollen ranking?
I have allergies in sacramento which probably stem from flowers, trees and grass. Im looking to move to a city with less of those. Any ideas?...

Why does one side of my nose get clogged up bad?
Well, whenever my body calms down, one side of my nose closes up real bad and I can't breath through it and this gets really annoying.
Additional Details
This has been happening to me for years but I come here for help now because I have had 3 nose bleeds in the past 2 days....

Jay G
might be a deviated septum
go see a doctor

Both nostrils are never open at the same time for anyone. Several times throughout the day, your nostrils wil exchange sides from open to close (stress, temperture changes, etc can trigger this swapping of open and closing of each nostril's air passgae. The reason for this is so the closed nostril can begin cleansing itself. Dirt and bacteria that have adhered to the inside lining and hairs of your nose begin to dry and coagulate to form "bugars". If both of our nostrils were always open, the dirt would never dry and would stay moist. It's natures way of keeping dirt out of our air passageways.

amy p
deviated septum?

ryebread fantastic
does it happen after you lay down? gravity is pulling all of the mucus to one side. this is really neat, try it....next time you wake up and one side is clogged, roll over and lay on your other side. if you lay there for a couple of minutes you will actually feel the mucus change sides. as soon as you feel it start to shift, roll onto your back and lay that way for a couple of minutes, you'll get up clog free. all of the mucus will move to the back of your sinuses and drain down your throat. it also feels really neat when the shift happens. try it!

I have the same problem with being unable to breathe from one side of my nose always being clogged and I occasionally have nose bleeds. The Dr said it was a deviated septum, which is curable through an operation. Your symptoms remind me of my own problem. Hope this helps

this happens to me too... i havent had both nostrils open for years... its always either one or the other thats clogged completely

When your nose is closed do this,

1..On your left thumb mark the first pour red with a red marker.

2 This is a pressure point, keep pressing it with right thumb.

3..Press this part against a n enough cofee or tea cup or mug.

Two things you need: Mentholatum and Nose mist.

Sniffing the mentholatum will clear up the mucus in your nose, while the mist will moisturize your nostrils to prevent them from breaking and bleeding.

If the mist isn't moisturizing enough, roll up a tissue that you can stick up your nose, and cover it in vaseline (I know this sounds gross, but it WORKS.)

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