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 what can i do about my serious nasal issues?
i constantly have some kind of sore in my nose and its very painful. I can never breath well through my nose cause there is always some kind of nasal issue either runny nose or stuffy nose. WHY? ...

I slept at a friends over the weekend and my leg has started itching loads every since.
It like i have two little flea bits on my leg.
Is this serious?
please help.

 Am I allergic to something?!??! PLEASE HELP!?
Ok I don't know what's going on but let me tell you what's happening.....I have red on the sides of my nose and it itches, There are tiny little bumps in 2 places and there red, and I ...

 could i be lactose and tolerant?
i have always liked dairy products but i always get bad stomach aces after drinking milk eating ceareal and other dairy products could this mean i am lactose and ...

 Does this sound like Post Nasal Drip to you?
Does this sound like Post Nasal Drip to you?

it feels i can hardly breathe threw my mouth.my neck hurts when i scream hurts to swallow but ive been touching the front of my neck for five ...

 Is it safe to take Loratadine (Claritin) every day indefinitely?
I am allergic to cats and my roommate has a cat. It's been making me sick for about three months now, so my doctor recommends taking loratadine (claritin) every day to keep it under control. A...

 please advice me on what i can offer my son who's 13mths and milk protein allergy?

 Is how allergic a person is to cats any good relation for how allergic they are to dogs?
My bf and I already have an Italian Greyhound that doesn't flair our allergies at all, we don't have any really accept maybe a little during the spring time. And only the sniffles & ...

 If I am getting a minor case of hives from an antibiotic, should I keep taking it?
I got a small burn and it wasn't healing right so my doctor gave me an antibiotic just in case there was an underlying infection. I have been taking it for a couple of days and it has given me a ...

 Why does my nose constantly run?
It's been like this for years now, everytime I blow my nose it will start running again like 2 mins later. I went to the doctors about it last year sometime and they gave me something that only ...

 does any one thinks goat milk helps asthma andwhy?
i suffer from asthma and i would try ...

 I recently discovered that I am allergic to MSG. I am looking for a lists of foods that I CAN & CANNOT eat?
I have been suffering from severe migraines my whole life, and have recently discovered that I am allergic to MSG. (I am pretty sure of that anyways). I have searched the net for hours on end trying ...

Im really confused because i seem to get an allergy only when i enter my bedroom! its really weird im fine anywhere else and i come into my room and i cannot stop sneezing does anyone know what it ...

 I have quite severe hayfever and throughout winter and now spring i'm experiencing the same symptoms wt is it?

Additional Details
I know you can only get hayfever in summer as I always have done, but I am also having the symptoms of hayfever when it is not summer....

 What is the best medicine for allergies to mold, grass and tree pollen?
Symptoms are mostly aching body and joints, sinus congestion....

 how much diphenhydramine does it take to od?
ive taken about 1350 mgs of it and i wanted to know how close i was to overdosing.
no i wasnt trying to kill myself i wanted to get high.
Additional Details
im not on it right now.<...

 If my boyfriend doesn't get rid of his cats?
My doctor told me shots are pointless. They are short lived and my asthma is just too bad. I have stress in my life, a little boy to take care of and have to work full time. I am trying to finish ...

 how to make my bloody noses stop?
i have been getting bloody noses very often. i have gotten 3 in the past 2 days. i am having the 3rd 1 now. ne1 sugestions on how to make them stop happening?...

 Could I be allergic to one of my two dogs?
5 years ago we adopted a german shepherd/ black lab mix and about a month ago we adopted a spaniel mix and I have never had allergies to any animal, but the new spaniel; has mine and my husbands ...

 what foods cause allergies?

Why do you have to rinse your mouth after using an inhaled steroid?
My asthma doctor put me on an inhaled steroid yesterday. Two puffs twice a day but he told me I have to either brush my teeth or rinse my mouth after. Why?

Your mouth just used after an inhaled steroid? You can't be serious. Someone involved here must have a serious issue to sort out

To avoid thrush. Inhaled steroids (of the corticosteroid type) are immunosuppressive by nature, and can allow candidiasis to occur in the mouth (fungal infection). It is important to get the steroid substance out of the mouth.

Because the coating of steriods in your mouth can promote a yeast infection in your mouth called thrush and then, you would need medication to treat that. Follow your doctor's advice carefully and you won't have to worry about this.

Corticosteroids act as immunosuppressants, ie they dampen down your immune system. Hence why they are used in inflammatory conditions.

Most of the dose you inhale gets deposited en route to your lungs in your mouth and throat where it will stay until you swallow it mixed with your saliva. If you are using an aerosol inhaler a spacer device significantly improves drug delivery to the lungs and reduces deposition in the throat. This is especially important if technique is poor. See British Thoracic Society Guidelines.

You rinse and spit out water after taking your inhaler to do two things:
1. Avoid getting oral candida (thrush fungus). Why? Because the local immunosuppressant effects of the steroids if they stay in your mouth can allow an over growth of natural flora and fauna that are normally kept in check by our immune system.

2. Reduce the amount of drug swallowed that may contribute to systemic side effects of steroids. Please note that this part was more important in the past as modern inhaled steroids (eg fluticasone) have close to 100% destruction after one pass through the liver after being absorbed into the blood, ie, they are not around long enough to cause side effects. But, better safe than sorry.

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