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 Can allergies cause swelling of the upper and lower lips, as well as the cheeks?
I was just wondering because my mom sometimes gets swelling on the mouth and cheeks. We think its because of what she is allergic to. She is allergic to dust, cat and dog hair,...

 I need help with something going on in my throat.. Any laryngoloist out there? Or.. Some type of help?
Okay. I'm a soprano and I can hit all those high notes with no problem, even when I am congested. But.. Lately.. I've been a little bit congested but nothing like usual. And.. When I try to ...

 I need so know ASAP. My daughter is coughing a lot?
she has a cold and cough. she is 7 i ran out medicine what can i use till morning. she cant have honey. I can go get medicine but i have to drive 45 mins to a open store with both kids Anyone have ...

 I start doing things with lot of energy and when things take long, I get demotivated, can any one help me?
Please tell me about any thing that can keep me motivated for what I want to do or I feel is important for me....

 please help me have a rash on my face?
i have a rash on my face, legs, arms and stomach, i have recently used a new moisturizer from avon and i don't no weather it has caused me this or something else, if anyone knows how to gte rid ...

 Help me,a outside cat scratched me!?
i was walking my dog then saw a cat stuck on a lesh?i felt bad so i put my dog inside the house and went to help her!afther i got it off she scratched me?it hurts so effing bad i feel like a snake ...

 how do i fix a cat allergy.?
im allergic to them.
and in the middle of a mild reaction....

 Latex allergy - any tips?
I have developed an allergy to latex or powder used in gloves.
Doctors appointment on Monday.
I work in Health care so any hints on things to avoid or anything that helps would be ...

 can i bring food in my suitcase to China and Turkey as I am gluten, fructose intolerant and allergic to eggs?

 Any cat allergy cures?
I have quite bad asthema, and when around cats I can be hospitalized, or my eyes swell so much and my neck does too. My skin itches and I sneeze about 20 times in a row etc...
However I adore ...

 My mother is severely allergic to ragweed. How can I help her?
Every autumn year my mom must take extreme precautions, especially when going outside to avoid ragweed. It's gotten so bad that she's passed out a few times during these past years and had ...

 How did the peanut allergy get so bad in the past decade or so?
Back in the 80's when I was in school PB&J was a staple for most students in class.

Nowadays, you can't even have it on your breath when you send your kids to school in the ...

 itchy red bumps in random places?
I tried to find a picture online of what looked what im having and this is the best I could find.
However, mine are not AS red, and they dont seem to originate from the center. But they are just ...

 Ate something, start to itch, now hurting all over, mostly near bottom.?
I ate something bad over the weekend (Sunday) Lunch time, Sunday night I started to Itch all over.. Today is Monday - Tuesday. I get less itch, but now my butt is hurting / burning everytime i sit... ...

 Dizzy and sore throat?
I woke up this morning and I was dizzy with a sore throat. Still hurting and still dizzy. Any idea what this is?...

 Whats the difference??
Whats the difference between a cold and bad allergies?
How do I know if its a cold or allergies?...

 Is there a way of reducing the rate of forgetfulness?
I tend to forget a bit too much and i was wondering if i could find a way of reducing it.

Matured Advice Only

 from the past 1 year i occassionally get pushy / shaky feelings why? its driving me nuts!?
all my body parameters(bp,sugar,cholestrol,thyroid,h… are normal - does gastric problem/ hunger leads to shakes/pushy feeling(suddenly feel like i am being pushed from head)? i seem to be ...

 Can you be allergic to glycerin and what products and food is it contained in?
I had an allergic reaction to a product that I had used before, but in different sized bottles. Looking at the ingredients the only difference was that there was a larger quantity of glycerin in the ...

 could i be allergic to bananas?
i havent got an allergy test done or anything, but i think i am going to. everytime i eat a banana my mouth will sort of swell up and i get blisters all inside my mouth. i looked up what are the ...

Aimée L
What types of allergy medications are safe to take after gastric bypass surgery?
I had bariatric surgery at the end of April this year. I know I'm not allowed to have certain medications (as it will hurt my stomach). Well, I am suffering more than ever before with my seasonal allergies - it's crazy! I have Reactine (from last allergy season), but I'm not sure if I can take it? I have been trying to find some literature on the subject, with no luck! Can anyone help me out??

If you have major surgery like gastric bypass surgery, especially because it was very recent, I would talk to your doctor. Allergy medications are usually anticholinergics, which dry up the bodies sectrions and make the stomach produce less stomach acid and make changes to your digestive system. Because you have stomach surgery I would not mess with drugs that affect your digestive system.

I would not risk doing over the counter drugs. You don't have to make a doctors appointment, just give your doctor a call. He/she could just talk to you for a few minutes and get you a prescription.

My advice, call your doctor!

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