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 allergic reaction?
Any suggestions on what i should do. I took a motrin 600 mg for back pain (it was my husbands). Now i have tremdouse swelling around my eyes. what should i do....

 What is the best medicine for pet allergies? Are their any cures available?
Very much want to own a cat but am very allergic. Don't want to spend the big $ for a hypo-allergenic cat, and don't want a hairless cat. Looking for best advice?...

 Why is wheat the most popular grain? Why are so many people allergic to it? ?
why can some people digest gluten and others can't?...

 Can I use my antibiotic that I used for my ACNE for a sinus infection I have?

 What is the difference between WHEAT intolerance and GLUTEN intolerence?
i know there is a difference but I've never been able to understand what it is? Can you be intolerant to Gluten and not Wheat, and vice versa?
Additional Details
thank you very much ...

 cinnamon is gluten free rite?
its obvious but just checking......

 how do i get rid of a very itchy throat?
anyone know??? it doesnt really hurt, just itchy and ...

 my 11 month old ; egg allergy?
so i found out tonight the hard way that my son is allergic to eggs - he had about two bites and swelled up and was all red - thankful his oxygen and vitals were FINE but - he was all swollen (my ...

 Can u get an allergic reaction only around your eyes?
I woke up this morning and the area around my eyes were a little puffy but there are like little red dots all around.It's only around my eyes though. It dosent burn or anything it's just ...

 What is it called when you are allergic or intolerant to all grains?
Not just the ones with gluten but rice, brown rice, corn...
Additional Details
I just get mad, confused, headache and stiff when I eat grains or anything derived from grains. I ...

 What is making me break out in hives?
Help! I I often break out in hives after eating certain foods... I think...I was told by a doctor to write down everything I have eaten in the past 24 hours when trying to pinpoint what I am allergic ...

 allergies to metal and latex! can i put a glass quartz retainer in my monroe piercing?
im going to get my monroe piercing over spring break so it will have time to heal before i go back to school. At my school they do not allow piercings, so could i use a glass quartz retainer? the ...

 Can a low dose 2MG of Abilify cause an allergic reaction?
I have never taken this medication before, can even the low dose of one 2 MG tablet cause an allergic reaction?...

 When you are dehydrated, does it hurt to breathe through your nose and a dry throat that is kinda burning?
I just excersiced a lot and well I feel like the symptoms above. ___ ^^^

Am I dehydrated? I havent drank any water since breakfast.

Also, could it be allergies? I always get ...

 is diarrhea an allergic reaction ?
whenever i eat marshmallows i get diarrhea. does that mean im allergic to them ?

please and thanks :)...

 how to make non-allergic perfume?
really need to know how to make it. because i cant find it on the web and im currently doing on this project called perfume which we had to make our own perfume. but we need a recipe for non-allergic ...

 where could i go to buy Ascof Lagundi cough syrup?
i've herd great things about it and want to try it.
anyone know where to buy it? do they sell it in the states? lol
idk i went to wallgreens and they have never herd of it before.

 Could I be really sick by the color of my snot?!? (i know its grosse, but im concerned.)?
Now I've heard about snot being yellow which means usually you've got some form of sickness or cold and thats normal...

but mine, is such a bright and vibrant yellow!
like ...

 Do sprayable antibacterial products cause allergic reactions?
do sprayable antibacterial products such as oust or lysol cause allergic reactions?...

 Is this an allergic reaction?
Okay, so my mom had pneumonia and she was on a pill called Levaquin. One of the side-affects was itching, the pills are done being used but I have still been itching every since Friday- February 6th. ...

My wife is allergic to zocor. It's a statin drug. Should we assume she's allergic to all statins?
The doctor wants to try her on crestor--another statin drug-- but it doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Anyone had experience with this?

Not necessarily. Different people are allergic to different substances, that’s why Pharmaceuticals are experimenting with drugs to make them tolerable to majority of population. Your wife can try different statins: Zocor, Lipitor as an example and she always has an option to treat high cholesterol naturally.
Good luck!

nope -never assume. pills have more filler ingredients than actual med. if you don't trust your doctor to treat you & make medical decisions about your life, get a 2nd opinion. a pill is NOT the only solution to hypertension.

NO.. not to all statins. I had an allergic side effect reaction to 2 earlier statins but the current one works well for me. Very small numbers of people have reactions. Work with the doctor & report any reaction immediately. It is worth the risk - my numbers are down dramatically.

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