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 I can't get rid of my HIVES, HELP!!!!!?
Seriously it all started a few months back, get this rash all over, except for neck and face, then I started getting bad out breaks of hives, big welts, went in for it, got a whatever steroid shot ...

 Am i having an allergic reaction to my deodorant?
every few days, i will have the world's worst itchy armpits. i can scratch and scratch, but the only thing that relieves it is scratching both of them with an old hairbrush. but, this can be a ...

 Are scented candle fumes ever dangerous to breathe?

 Any here allergic to red cherryade?
or red soda/pop basically i took a sip of it this morning went to school and was horrified when my friends told me and there was a huge red rash around my mouth went to nurse and well.. it was a sort ...

 how can i cure my allergies naturally?
i've had allergies ever since i moved to FL when i was 6 years old and im tired of them. im 15 now. idk what im allergic to but i get allergies almost every morning and rarly in the aftertoon. ...

 Do i have asthma?
I mean... i have allergies... but there very mild. In the spring and summer i might sneeze here and there. And my eyes might itch badly and my nose gets runny. I also have Eczema. I'm growing ...

 What happen if you continue to eat the food you're allergic to?
I know for sure that I'm allergic to shrimp. My lips would get swollen or my throat would hurt a bit, but shrimp taste so good. Would anything bad or health concern problems I should know about?...

 My left eye has been twiching on and off for a few days..?
Why is it doing that??...

 people who are celiac - i heard you cant go gluten free until you get the test otherwise it wont show up?
im going to get a celiac test done in a few days just to confirm it, but ive already had a few allergy tests so i basically already know i am celiac, but ive just heard that you shouldnt go gluten ...

 Is Sudocrem okay to use on one's face?

 how can i prevent hay fever before it starts?
i get hay fever around may/june and it is really really bad, just imagine the very worst cold you ever had and multiply it by 100 and you may get some idea of how bad it is. ireally dont want to go ...

 What should i do?
I just got a dog. But i have asthma, at first i was fine but now i have to use my nebulizer/inhailer everytime. And i feel bad about telling my mom that cause she spent so much money on the dog, and ...

 Is it possible to get meningitis from going to the Carribean?
Can you contract this disease more commonly in the Caribean?
Which type would be contracted?...

 Am I allergic to celery?
Okay, so I did a tiny bit of research on it and what I've heard is people who get itchy and their throat closes and things of that nature, but every time I eat celery I throw it back up. So does ...

 i feel like i have a cold, but suspect it's allergies ... how do I know?

 I'm allergic to alcoholic beverages,what is this condition called and why?

 can i be allergic to apples but not apple juice and apple sauce?
When i eat Apples it gets hard to Breathe. Face, Mouth and Throat feel Itchy. I get very hot and my throat starts to swell. It only lasts about 15 minutes. When i drink Apple Juice and eat Apple S...

 I'm 15 and just got allergies?
ok so as it says in the title i'm 15. i was out all day yesterday then i come home at night and randomly at like midnight or something i just keep sneezing and my nose gets stuffy.. i really don&...

 is this an allergic reaction?
i've been given 250 mg penicillin and i think i'm allergic. as soon as i have one i get feverish, shake and have a banging headache. does this sound like a reason to stop taking them or ...

 Is it possible for a dairy allergy to suddenly come on?
For the past few days after I eat dairy I get severe tummy pains and other symptoms of an allergy.

I've never experienced this before. I get these pains and stuff about 10minutes ...

My eyes sting if I put moisturiser or sun cream on my face.?
That is anywhere on my face - I do not put it over my eyes. I am worried about sun damage to my face as I like going out doors. Has anyone got any ideas about how to cover my face when I go out please? Or any other ideas?

then stop -see a dermatologist.

Rinky Dink
wear a wide brimmed hat

Golfer Girl =)
Is it every suncream because you might react to fragrances.

swathi s
sun screen has chemicals in it so maybe your eyes sense that.

Mrs Wells
u may need to get prescription simply becuz you be irratated by whatever is in the sunscreen. i break out to all lotions so i have to use baby lotions.

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