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Erin L
My dachshund puppy is 8 weeks old and has itchy, watery and mucus in his eyes. ?
I just brought him home from the breeder. She kept him in a room with his siblings and they never seen the outside. He has had his first shots but I have been taking him outside to potty train. What should I do?

my dog had this problem. i have a labrodoodle which isnt like your dog at all, but when he was little (6-8 months...he's 1 1/2 now) he would have mucus looking slimmy stuff lining the eyes. long story short we went to the vet and got a medication for it. they dont "mucus up" if you will anymore.

Democrates for 911
umm this is normal with that breed you need to keep his eyes clean and use paper towl wet it down and wipe out his eyes, your vet also may be able to prescribe some eye drops to help.. but this is a normal problem dont worry.

Your puppy may have an allergy to the grass outside or it may be a cleaner that you use in your house such as Carpet Fresh powder. This also may be happening if you use Febreze or anything like that. If it's none of these, you might want to look at the type of dog food you give your puppy. Hope this helps!

Lotsa Love and God Bless,

it may be dry eye which very common in dachshunds. i had one that had it. she also had deeper problems and ended up having to get her eye taken out. but as long as you keep it clean and you should take it to the vets and they may perscribe a gel type antibiotic to put in its eye. just make sure you KEEP IT CLEAN! and take it to a vet.
good luck

If your puppy eyes are fully open and he is not squinting and there is no cloudiness in his eyes I would not worry. However it could just be an infecton that needs eye drops to clear up you could ring your vet and ask for advice. Good luck

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