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I couldn't even sleep well last night because of my allergies. Is the pollen crazy this year or something? My allergies have never been THIS bad!
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I'm in ...

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i have really bad allergies this time of year (itchy eyes, coughing, snuffy nose) and no matter what mads or how much i take, i just cant get any relief. Any suggestions?...

 Is it true that Tennessee is the allergy capital of the USA?
That's what my doctor keeps telling me when I complain about my allergies or the children's allergies. He just says "Welcome to crud capital".....

Is this true? Why is ...

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im allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables.
and peanuts.
is there something in common with all the fruits? well im not allergic to grapes.
but when i eat all the other fruits my ...

 fluid in ears?
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 Orange yellow liquid coming out of nose?
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Is it safe to take Loratadine (Claritin) every day indefinitely?
I am allergic to cats and my roommate has a cat. It's been making me sick for about three months now, so my doctor recommends taking loratadine (claritin) every day to keep it under control. Are there any negative long term effects known about this?

The claritin drug is masking, covering up your allergy to cats, and you may be allergic to other things, like:
wheat, milk, egg, yeast, sugar, corn, rice, fruit (almost all fruit have been sprayed w/ pesticide),
dust (that may be on the cat),
dust mite feces,
skin mite feces,
any hair sprays used,
scented candles,
air fresheners ("Oust"),
dryer sheets, and
you may even have a yeast infection in your sinuses.
One thing that has helped me is a Netti pot (looks like a ceramic oil lamp; you can find them @ Wal-Mart, Akins, Wild Oates, other health food stores; Google it, and find out about it).
Another possible remedy is raw, unpasteurized, local honey (has antibiotics in it, supplied by the bees, to keep the honey from rotting).
This claritin drug is killing your thyroid gland, which controls 43 different processes of the body. Hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid) can be detected w/ a saliva test(this tests your levels of T3, the vital, and active thyroid).
Do not take the blood test (this will show your levels of T4, the inactive thyroid hormone, which is wrapped up w/ proteins, causing it to be unusable to the body).
To better understand the hypothyroid ism, Google hypothyroidism and Oprah.com, or check out www.doctortalk.com ( the spam-free website for Dr. Howard Hagglund, a naturapath that will properly diagnose hypothyroidism, and your allergies as well.
All the best to you.

Ive taken Claratin daily for about the last 4 years or so without any problem. The only time I have not taken it is when my Dr told me not to due to drying my sinuses up too much during an infection.

I have taken loratadine for years and love it. It's cheap and effective in controlling my dog/cat/seasonal allergies. I've taken it off and on for at least 10 years and don't know of any long-term side effects.

Go for it! It'll make you feel better soon.

Sturm und Drang
It appears so at this time. As of now, there are no known long-term effects from Claritin.

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