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 Xolair: Anybody out there with Immunology/Allergy/Medical background???
I was just reading the following on xolair.com:

"...XOLAIR is a different type of medication, the first to treat the attacks and symptoms of allergic asthma by blocking immunoglobulin ...

 asthma question?
actually there are 2:
1. is there link between meningitis and allergies-asthma?
since i suffered from meningitis i started having allergies and can't breath
2. does asthma ...

 Does anyone get 'ITCHY EARS' whilst eating certain food?!!!?
My ears seem to itch when I eat greasy food like fries and ...

 can a milk allergy only cause coughing?

 Is there a shot that can permanently rid me of my cat and dog allergies?
Extra details will help like how much is costs, what it is called, how you get it, how many treatments there are, and is it really permanent?...

 Why Do I Cough And Wheeze After I Do A Vigorous Work Out Like Shoveling Snow ?
Been to the doctors and said i was in good health just somewhat over weight......
But i forgot to ask why i cough and wheeze after a vigorous work out......Then it clears up in like 20 minutes.. ...

 Does anyone know what i have?
My throat has been hurting the past two days I have a stopped up nose. plus a headache. I don't have a fever. Is this just allergies or something else?...

 doctors: can you be allergic to work?

 Gluten allergy???
my daughter is only 4 and she has a gluten allergy, she needs to gain some weight, what is the best way to help her gain weight and what are some good glutten allergy websites, by the way, we live in ...

 I'm an adult and allergic to soybeans, milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, corn - what should I eat?

 do you guys ever hit the wall with your allergies?
i have a few food allergies that make it hard to eat out sometimes and somewhat chemically senstive. Does anyone just get to the point where they are fed up - most of the time I am a good sport but I...

 Viral Rash?
I took my 13 month old to the Emergency room today after she broke out in what seemed to me and Allergic Reaction, HEr doctor told me it was a Viral Rash, and You have to wait and let it run its ...

 Does nasal rinses help with allergies?
Has anyone heard of the neti pot nasal rinse for allergies and sinusitis? If so - how do you mix the saline solution used in the rinse?...

 Whenever I drink milk my ears tickle. Could this be an allergy?
This sometimes happens with avocadoes, too. Anybody know if this could be a mild food allergy and why it happens?...

 I am allergic to a lot of soaps, what is the best body bar soap for me to use?

 Maybe I have a mold allergy?
I was in a house 3 days ago that had some mold growing on the back of the old carpet that had been ripped up 2-3 days before I was there. I only spent 3 hours there but after wards my right eye and ...

 Horrible allergies, how do I get rid of my itchy throat?
Today my allergies blew up really bad. Itchy eyes, uncontrollable sneezing, majorly congested. The worst part is the inside of my throat itches. What can I do about that? Aside from taking medicine....

 Why do allergies occur in some people, but not in others?
It's spring time, and my allergies are getting the best of me...Why do some people not seem to be affected?...

 Are there any cats allergic to humans?
Some of my visitors freak out when they see my army of cats and go "whoa! Sorry, but I'm allergic to cats..."
My cats have never had any problems with being allergic to humans ...

 Could I be lactose Intolerant?
I drank about 4 tall glasses of milk yesterday as a test and I got a really bad stomach ache and the runs. I am a 20 year old Caucasian female, Could this be lactose intolerance?
Additional D...

Is it possible to be allergic to Decaf Coffee?
Ive heard of many different allergies in my lifetime, but I cant help but wonder sometime if people make allergies like this up. I have a guest entering the hotel this afternoon and one of their notes is that the Mrs. Is allergic to Decafinated coffe. How is this possible since Decafinated is the absence of caffeine?

Jean H
Yes It Sure Is You Could Be Allergic To Those Harsh Chemical Have Make The Coffee With

Could be, people come up with some pretty weird things. I used to work at our newspaper and I remember someone calling to cancel because they were allergic to "paper dust". And another because they were allergic to the kind of ink we used. Alrighty then.

yes it is.many very harsh chemicals are used in the decaf process,its not all natural as they advertise.I guess you could be allergic to practically anything .

Tesco - very little help
It's probably an intolerance rather than an allergy which would produce a serious allergic reaction.

I can't tolerate coffee or decaff coffee - they both make me feel nauseous and give me stomach ache.

People confuse allergies with intolerances.

My son suffers from a severe nut allergy and has to have adrenaline with him at all times. It irritates me when people try to make out they're suffering from allergy when they're not. Serious allergic reactions can kill and they shouldn't make light of that!

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