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 Does anyone else have a food allergy?
I'm curious to see who else out there has this overlooked HORRIBLE problem....

 are you allergic to anything ?

i just want to find out <3 lol


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 if I got eczema from exposure to remodeling dust (allergy??), will I always have it..If I move or thoroughly?
clean the dusty areas, will it go away...or will I now be allerfgic to all dust....

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besides chest hurting and not being able to breathe... ...

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now my eyes re watery
there not red just ...

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 My question is how does mold/mildew in a building affect your health?

 How can I get rid of this never ending stuffy nose!!!?
Ok so I have horrible allergies. I've finally got them under control by singulair. I just went intertubing at a friends bout a week ago and my sinuses swelled up it was horrible, stuffy runny ...

 When your in a room with someone, who has a cold, as well as you do, why is it when you cough, the cough?
Today, I was sick coughing in my room, and my friend (who was sick too) coughed also. Anyone know why

 What Allergy medication works best for you?
I have really REALLY bad spring time allergies... and I was wondering what most of you use that works really well......

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 I keep getting sore/swollen parts on my lips after eating certain foods - any one else experience this?
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 For over six months I have suffered sinus congestion. It is the worst when I lay down.?
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 If you are allergic to one kind of nuts does that mean you shouldn't eat any?
I'm allergic to walnuts but does that mean I should stay away from all kinds of nuts....

 Hives/Skin Rash Problem?
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 how do you cure hay fever?
ive had hay fever for a long time and its really irritating
i have been taking tablets but it doesn't work Very well

so can anyone tell me how to cure it or just stop it ...

 Are there any side effects of using nasal sprays(like dounase, flomist)?

Is it best to stay away from things I'm allergic to or should I keep eatting them to build up a resistance?
I take allergy shots to build a resistance...right?? I eat honey before the spring to build a resistance to pollen...right??? Why am I told to stay away from foods I'm allergic to?? (never had my throat close up, just bad headaches) I'm confused!! Also can the # change if I have an allergy to something say its a #3, can it change if I stay away from it??
Additional Details
I want to know half of what Intelex knows!
Me and my daughters suffer every day with hives headaches itchie throats red itchie eyes!! We aren't really even sure why!! And what to do!! I do know it's genetics and I do know that whatever we try doesn't work!!!

No! Everytime you do mess with food allergies, they get worse.

Once you have a known allergy, I would stay away from it. Most allergy shots are given for things you can't control like tree pollens. If you are known to get hives or itching from a food, the more times you are exposed to it the worse the reaction can get from the histamine reponse where your body releases these chemicals to fight off the attacker. Each time your body comes in contact with an allergen the response may be more and more severe than before and you might end up with anaphylactic shock. and die from it. (Remember the movie MY GIrl with McCauley Caulkin?) If you have questions I would speak with the allergist for clarification, but I would be prudent in what I do.

Please Stay Away From The Foods You Are Allergic To As They Can Only Get Worse. I have had a wheat and peanut allergy for 5 years, and it is still at the same #. I just became allergic to Dairy and suffered a red, itchy rash all over my body for 5 days. Allergy shots are useless.

Stay away from them. Food allergies don't work the same way as the pollen allergies.

I've had numbers change. I wouldn't go by those though. They are not 100%. At one allergist I scored a 4+ (max on his test) to shellfish. At another dr. I scored a 0 to the same test. I'm anaphylactic so I know the 4+ is right. Check and double check before to add back in something you have been avoiding.

The answer lies in mode of exposure. Constant exposure to anything that generates an allergy will make it worse due to bio-feed back. IgE antibodies cause allergies. Allergen desensitization is the process of changing the way your body responds to foreign proteins. So, allergy shots change your response from IgE to IgG. Eating pollen changes from IgE to IgM. IgG and IgM do not cause allergy symptoms. When IgE is present in your gut, eating more will cause proliferation of cells that produce IgE to that food. The more cells, the stronger the response can get until it results in systemic shock.

In this case, you might be able to take shots for food allergies while not eating the allergen.

Allergic response severity numbers can change over time if you aren't exposed to it. You can gain or lose an allergy to anything at any point in your life.

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