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I think my husband tried to poison me. How do I tell is this may be true?
Last night my husband made dinner (a mexican dish with beef, salsa, & onions) & we ate it with corn tortillas. I took a bite & it tasted okay, a little spicy but good. I finished my meal & I had eaten about a half of a cup of the mixture. Shortly thereafter, I felt extremely dizzy, nauseated, and had a major headache, and I felt lethargic. These symptoms lasted through the night and into this morning. My husband and two-year-old son also ate this meal and were fine.

Does this sound like food poisoning or something worse??

My first thought was food poisoning but my husband & I are having marital issues & have been contemplating divorce.

Any advice is appreciated.

You are over-reacting...Go to the ER or your Doctor and get checked out. If your marital problems are that bad why are you staying with him in the first place ? There is a heck of a difference between FOOD POISONING and being POISONED....Your imagination is probably working overtime and you aren't thinking clearly.....

Some poisons do not show up in the blood or urine and only in the stool or liver. I highly doubt your local hospital would even know how to do a toxicology test unless it was a teaching hospital or downtown. The only real way to test it would to bring in some of the left over food for testing. I think you do have problems if your husband was nice enough to make you dinner and you accuse him of poisoning you just because you can't handle spicy food.

I think you should get some blood taken and have tests done. If you think there is any chance he may try to poison you, it's definitely worth getting checked. It wouldn't be everyday food poisoning if your son and husband ate the same food and didn't get sick.
Maybe it's just that your body reacted to the food differently than theirs, but I imagine you've eaten that sort of food before without such a reaction.
Get tested asap, and go straight to the police if he has tried to poison you. He wouldn't be the first husband to try that. Some men can't stand the whole divorce thing....parting with money, seeing their wife move on etc.

♥ Rusty ♥
yes you Very Well could have food poisoning i Know For Sure some of those symptoms are similar to food poisoning to seek medical help Right Now!

Winter Glory
woah...if you think it was your husband get out!!

Promptly go to a walk in clinic to have blood drawn for a test.
Let them know what you suspect.

If your suspicions are true, he may put in the correct amount next time. If it is that bad, you need to get out.

Be safe..seek help though a womans shelter or whatever resources are available in your area...

Definitely get to a doctor as quick as you can and have your doctor do toxicology tests. (esp for arsenic, etc...)
My brother in law was a doctor, and his first arsenic poisoning case wasn't easy to figure out, but when he saw his second case he knew it right away.

did he make up separate plates.. what would make you jump to thinking he would poisoning you? if you really think he poisoned you.. you should be at the ER getting tested not wondering about it on here..

Well hun are you sure ?. you could go to a hospital and have some blood work to see if it is a poisoning. Or you could watch closely to see if you have a virus.
I think you also better get into some marital counseling.
But if you think he's capable of murder I think you should be looking for a lawyer.

Sounds like you have more than just marital issues. If you are even thinking he could have poisoned you this is your cue to run not walk!

There have been more times than I can count where my husband and I have eaten the same dish, one of us has gotten sick and one of us hasn't. Everyone's digestive systems are different, and I know mine goes completely out of whack at different times of the month depending on my cycle. You could have just been particularly sensitive on that particular day, or even had something else that had nothing to do with dinner. Maybe you had something on your hands or fork when you were eating that they didn't have, a germ or virus. Could be something going around.
However! If you are the least bit suspicious, call your local poison control center immediately and they'll be able to advise you. They might suggest to call your doctor for them to take a blood sample, but it would be good to know ahead of time from the PCC if you'd need a urine or stool sample to bring for testing.
If he did do something to your food, you definitely want documented evidence. I bet the divorce lawyers would be alllll over that.

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