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 Can you get an allergic reaction too...?
shots? I just got three shots two days ago at my doctors and I'm itchy all over. I don't haveee any red bumps but my skin turns red after I scratch too much. I'm afraid I have chicken ...

 There are medications for everything else, why wouldn't?
there be a medication for itching, and to stop scratching. Anyone know of any?...

Also when i haven't got cream on the skin on my face feels very tight and it hurts whilst talking etc.
I'm not sure if it's defiantly eczema but I'm sure it is its kind of ...

 Allergic Rhinitis Problems?
I've had enough of this dam rhinitis. Im allergic to dust so the doc says after he examined my blood and all he offers me is some rubbish temporary spray that dont even work and some eye drops. I...

 What alcoholic drinks can I have if I'm wheat-free?
What beers can I drink that are wheat & gluten-free?...

 had serious allergic reaction to balsamic vinegar mix?
for lunch my boyfriend and I went to a cafe and ordered two wraps. they each came with a balsamic vinegar sauce. it was basically italian herbs, olive oil, and vinegar. the wrap was too big to dip, ...

 whole body ache from taking sour food?
why increase body ache, leathergy all the day from taking sour food like tomato, tamrid, curd, whey, sour cream etc. i think it is stomach disease, in which disease faceing this type of problem....

 Are there really people who are allergic to crazy weather changes?
I've been in hive hell the past few days, and I went to the ER today and the doctor told me that how the weather has been is causing me to have an allergic reaction.
Is that true? Can that ...

 best way to get better fast?
so i've got some allergy type of stuff going on. itchy and dry throat, nasal pressure, itchy in my ears... if i gargle salt water will that really help my throat? does drinking a lot of oj help? ...

 Why does water give me rashes?
Pool water, shower water, ocean water, or even spilling a bottle of it on myself gives me terrible itchy, burning rashes. They're like, red splotches all over my (mostly upper) body.


 If a baby is allergic to penicillin, will they be allergic to whole milk? If so, what should they drink?

 im allergic to cold , when i eat ice cream or any other cold food my throat feels tight is this dangerous?
it feels a little hard to swallow , and my throat feels tight .
this is because of my allergy right ?
& is it dangerous ?...

 is it possible to be allergic to marijuana? if so what are the symptoms?

 Having allergy infections?
I have had some bad allergies. I have taken some Alegra D, but does not seem to help. any suggestions? ...

 why do i always get a cold in the summer but not winter ?

 how do people eat and become obese?
Ive never quite been able to figure that out!
Additional Details
i dont understand how people eat!!!
and y does it make them fat!!...

 How can my son start to grow normal with out milk, soy, and eggs?
My 18 month old son is allergic to cows milk, soy, eggs, nuts, and wheat. What can we give him to get him to grow. Right now he is in the 10th % for height and weight. Obviously we are not only ...

 Am I allergic to dust mites?
I can GUARANTEE that within a few minutes of waking up ( Round about the first 5 minutes of waking up ) I WILL sneeze and then a another minute later I'll sneeze again but this NEVER happens ...

 Can you get allergy testing on the NHS at all?
If not, how much does it cost roughly?...

 Allergie to vegetables?
Ok, I got a salad from Wendy's and I only ate a little bit of it. Soon after that my throat swelled up and I got itchy. I feel like I have something stuck in my throat. I'm breathing fine ...

I have tension in the forehead area above the nose and around the eyes.?
Is that stress or sinus? I have it everyday for along time.

alyssa herrera
go ASK A DOCTOR for your on health

Sinus infection. You need antibiotics. You shouldnt have let it go so long, it doesn't go away by itself.

It's a diet problem! There's some thing in your diet that your eating often that is causing this sinus and tension pain. The most common problem to cause this is Dairy, Gluten, You need to strip your diet right down to discover exactly what food is doing this to you, I can't eat dairy, gluten-wheat, certain citrus juices due to them causing me terrible headaches! It's worth a go. Or the other thing it could be is a dental problem e.g wisdom teeth and to many teeth in the head! Any way if you go to google and tap in headaches caused by foods or headaches caused by gluten and dairy, A whole long list will come up, It's mostly a food problem.

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