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 Random nose bleeds and head aches?
the last 2 days i have had random nose bleeds and a head ache. What could that possible mean? Would it be sinuses?...

 So if a person was to have allergies this time of year what is causing them.?
I've never had an allergy in my life until this year. I have woken up for the third time this month with sneezing attacks, watery burning eyes and bags under them that look like I setting sail ...

 What brand band aid can I use?
I am allergic to Band-aid brand band-aids. The glue or something gives me a rash. It's only that brand though I think. Whats in it that does that to me?...

 Food came out of my nose. Am I ok?
I was eating a cucumber and burped and felt it like 'bounce' up into my nose and I started trying to blow it and a small piece came out. I feel like I have more up there but I'm not ...

 What is the best way to handle a nose bleed?
I take care of my Grandma most weeks and she occasionally gets these nasty nosebleeds that won't stop. Any suggestions? Is there something I should be doing besides using kleenix, pinching the ...

 what are the long term effects of diphenhydramine?
i used to think it was ok that i OD on it now and again because its relatively safe and most of the overdose symptoms such as hallucinations, are why i started doing it in the first place.. but ...

 What is the best medicine or cure for my wife's allergy?
my wife is 30.it's about 3 years that she is suffering from sth like allergy specially in summer.she sneese alot and throat and ear itching.sometimes it makes her very weak.physicians give her a ...

 my sons skin?
my son has scabs on his face/body, i took him to the hospital and they said it was dermatis but it looks like a disease what should i do?...

 My nose won't stop running and I can't stop sneezing!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!?
I've tried pseudoephedrine and antihistamines.. NOTHING IS HELPING! It's driving me insane. Any suggestions?
Additional Details
I just had the flu for like a week. This is ...

I just had a nosebleed that lasted almost an hour. I tend to get them when the weather changes, and lately the temperature has changed a lot. Anyway, it's stopped now, but it didn't clot at ...

 how can i unblock my nose ?
i hate having it blocked any tips?...

 What is the 'best' breed of puppy for a child with mild allergies to dog dander?

 without using any machinery or medicines how to decrease the belle?

 allergic to mangos............?
is there such thing to being allergic to mangos?...

 Help please - allergies - this could be serious?!?
When ever I eat peanuts or hazelnuts, or most kinds of nut my tounge swells, itches like CRAZYYYY and my throat becomes red, swollen and very hard to breath. Even the smell of nuts makes my mouth ...

 I got Bitten by a Great Dane HELP! ?
Ok it was liek an hour ago and my friends great dane kinda bit me. His Teeth just scraped my arm so it didnt really go inside me it was like a scrape.It didnt hurt alot. Im wondering if that can give ...

 Are there certain foods that cause your body to smell? Allergy question.?

Additional Details
I don't eat garlic and onions. I already know about those....

 Why have I been having hacking cough in the morning & @ night but not during the day?
Does the time of the day affect your allergies or whatever? & when I cough, it feels like my guts are gonna splatter out or like I'm gonna vomit. I find myself coughing SO forcefully hard. I ...

 how to stop a bloody nose?

 what are you allergic to?
i'm allergic to bandaids, dust, and pollen.

just curious :)...

I have small itchy red bumps all over.They disappear and then reappear in new places.My doctor can't diagnose!
I have been getting this rash for the past 4 months.. they are not puss-filled so I don't think it's a staph infection. They appear on my back, arms, legs, chest, and are really itchy though! Help.. has anyone had this? My dermatologist couldn't diagnose this.

The reason they keep reappearing in new places is because you keep moving.

If you stay in your favourite armchair for at least 3 hours they won't appear anywhere else - for at least 3 hours!


Try Patch Testing. There must be something from your environment that you are unaware of but actually causing the on/off itchiness. It is what we call Contact dermatitis. You see, we had a patient before, had allergies on his armpits and scalp, didn't know where it is coming from. He had patch testing..found out it was the ingredients on his shampoo and underarm deo that was causing the itch. Some are positive for fragrances like eau de toillete perfumes and even lotions. Hope this helps. God bless!

lady red
you may have a allergic reation to something or it can mesals

It could just be a simple skin allergy. Have you changed laundry detergents lately? or any kind of soap or body product for that matter.

I believe in the emotional and mental causes of illnesses, as explained in Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life -- here's a link: http://www.hayhouse.com/details.php?id=267

According to her:

Rash - Irritation over delays. A way of getting attention.
Itching - Unsatisfied. Itching to get out or get away.

Knowing nothing else about you, one might say that you are anxious to do something, but are being delayed because you can not get the attention you need to get going. You are not happy about it and you are feeling impatient.

If the bumps are "welty" it could be hives. According to Louise, that is small hidden fears. I had terrible hives after the birth of each of my children. My mother said it was the anestesia each time, but I think it was just the fear and stress associated with having a new baby. I tried all sorts of things, but it wasn't until I could really relax in my new role, each time, that I was able to overcome the problem. I relied heavily on Claritin over the counter to be able to sleep for maybe 6 months each time.

What you can do to fix it, is constantly remind yourself that you are safe and that there is time enough for everything. Try to imagine yourself happy and calm, free of this frustrating condition. The more dilligently you can work on changing your mindset, the quicker the problem will go away - in fact, one day someone asked me how the hives were and I realized I hadn't had any in 2 weeks. I just forgot about it.

Peace and speedy recovery to you!

no name
u could b allergic to something thats wat happens to me wen i eat strawberries :(

Chronic Hiver
It sounds very much like chronic urticaria (hives). One of the distinguishing characteristics of hives is that they change - appear and disappear only to reappear in new locations. Since you've had this for 4 months, they would be considered chronic, which simply means that they have lasted more than 6 weeks. The majority of the time, chronic hives is due to autoimmunity, but can also be due to underlying mast cell disease or due to occult (hidden) infections such as sinus or dental infections. Chronic hives are rarely due to allergy.

Check out the chronichives website.

check the detergent you use to wash your clothes, what the fiber make up of your clothes is and what kind of soap and or lotion you use for your skin.

If its something new it might be resulting in a mild rash on your skin.

Find another doctor

I agree that it could be hives. There are many different types of hives, some not looking like the "typical" hives that people are usually familiar with. When my son was a baby he used to have tiny bumps that came and went all the time. We had no idea what they were, but we took a picture of them and took it to his allergist. He took one look and diagnosed them as hives. I was shocked because they really did not look like any hives I had ever seen.

If I were you I'd start keeping a food diary (my son's ended up being caused by food allergies). Write down everything you eat, what time you ate, and any symptoms you have and the time of the symptoms. Then start looking for a pattern. You may also want to pay attention to see if the bumps are related to anything else, like exercise, heat, cold, stress, certain lotions or soaps, pets, etc. Maybe try an antihistamine (like Benadryl) to see if it helps. If it does seem to be an allergy, see a doc for allergy testing.

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