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 How do i cure allergies to dust mites?
DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT AVOIDING THE ALLERGEN........It cant be done in my case....

 What are you allergic to?
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 Please help, my 6 years old daughter is having skin allergy, don't know what's the causes of it..?
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 I'm sick... *Sniffle, Cough* ... Please help!?
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 Does the Neti Pot actually work?
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 every time i cut an onion, i seem to tear up, could this be some sort of allergic reaction?
I tried to wash my eyes out with water and then recut them, but it continued. Should I see a doctor and what do you think I should or can do about this?

Thanks in advance....

 are hives dangerous?!??!?
are hives dangerous??? can hey lead to death??? can they lead to something more serious???

how long will it take for it to clear up?? do i need to seek medical help immediately?


 I am allergic to my favorite necklace!! how can i fix this?
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Thanks ...

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 Is this a typical allergic reaction or is it herpes?
My son is 18, when he drinks milk, or some brands of ice cream, and use crest toothpaste.. and chapstick of all kinds...

his lips would swell up the next day and secrete a sticky liquid. ...

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I am allergic to sugar?
I am 30 and I have noticed in the past year or so that sugar, even in pretty small amounts, makes me feel a little "fuzzy" in the head and just a little sick in general. Obviously I will ask a doctor about this but just wondering if anyone had any thoughts. I am not overweight (5'4" and 120 lbs) and I eat pretty healthily in general. Today I had salad for lunch and felt great then I had two small handfuls of reeses, not even a whole pack, and just started feeling less focused. Can you become allergic to sugar? Is there anything else it could be? I don't think it would be diabetes because as I mentioned, I am in pretty good overall health and have no family history of diabetes. Thank you!
Additional Details
I don't feel it when I put plain sugar in coffee for example, nor with ice cream. I feel like that especially with candies, or things that are colored. I have a vague memory of being allergic to red dye when I was little, but I think they stopped using that dye in candies...could that be it??

love uchiha sasuke&itachi
you miteee have diabetes
or maybe your allergic
you should go ask your docter:)

Just trying to save your self some time and go to the doctor. You won't really find any information on Yahoo Answers.

this sounds exactly like Diabetes to me. You need to get your blood tested A.S.A.P. like yesterday!! Don't eat anything with sugar until you find out what your glucose level is. They don't call diabetes the silent killer for nothing.

i assume one can become eventually allergic to anything over time.
maybe your body is telling you to stop consuming it, as it is as nutritionist would say, not good for ones body...

try going to a natural/health food store, get some candy or whatever there that has other types of sweeteners in it and see if you still get that feeling..

below are some alternative sweeteners to sugar..

Jack D

Meredith L
ask a doctor

Sometimes it could be sugar, but if you try it with just plain sugar and feel that way then I would stay away from it, because it could be a different ingredient in the candy.

Grace T
why dont u ask a doctor

I really think it's diabetes.You can get kidney damage, go blind... tons of bad things if this goes untreated. Go get tested, just because you aren't fat and don't have a family history does not make you immune to diabetes. I know it may sound scary but is feeling fuzzy and feeling sick is a sign of hyperglycemia, which is an increase of sugar levels in the blood because your insulin is not working properly.

i dnt think u can be allergic to sugar hun.. but go see a doctor. he'll help u.
i hope its nothing serious. good luck

You cannot become allergic to sugar.
But reeses contain nuts. This could be it.

See a doctor and run an allergy assay.

technically it's impossible to be allergic to sugar, seeing as how sugar is one of the 3 vital compounds in your body: proteins, nucleotides, and sugars.

however, it could be that sugar in high amounts just doesn't make you feel well.

srsly, see a doctor even before you ask Yahoo Answers

o wait i found it!!


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