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 i don't normally have hay fever. Why have i got it now?
well i was walking through a footpath in the middle of one of those yellow fields and now it feels like i have hay fever. Constant sneezing and a runny nose (not itchy eyes but heavy eyes...tired) i ...

 Allergic to carrots?
I'm allergic to carrots - itchy tongue, lips get ahhh.
My goal is to try to improve my vision, but I can't eat carrots.
What are some other foods that will help improve my vision?<...

 am i allergic to these foods?
I have known that I've been allergic to prawns for basically my whole life and this basically rules out all marine crustaceans from my diet (not that I'd eat non-marine crustaceans in its ...

 Toddler with Dairy allergies! help!!?
my 1 1/2 yr old has dairy allergies and i think he's allergic to peanut butter. anyone have any FOOD suggestions, substitutes for foods? He is starting to notice the difference with what we ...

 =>Instant Allergy to Alcohol Cure? how do I cure my red face when drinking?
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 can you get an allergy to cashews late in life?



 My friend has an allergic reaction to weed.?
Her stupid inlaws live with her and her mom. they smoke pot like all the time, and the smoke gets into her room. She has a severe allergy to it but they wont stop smoking. unfortunitely there family ...

 The caulking around my shower is black. Is this mold & could it be making me sick.?
I get headaches all the time,have sinus problems & asthma.
Additional Details
High blood pressure too....

 What are some spring allergy symptoms?
The weather has been crazy in Kansas city it snowed all weekend and it was 60* yesterday... today is 75*, i never had allergies before, after i took my dogs for a walk i came home and my vision was ...

 My eyes sting if I put moisturiser or sun cream on my face.?
That is anywhere on my face - I do not put it over my eyes. I am worried about sun damage to my face as I like going out doors. Has anyone got any ideas about how to cover my face when I go out ...

 please suggest me medicines?
hi,im suffering with chronic cold for the last few years.in recent it leads to tooth ache and pain in both ears also.normal medicine didn't cure my problem.can i go for homeopathy medicine?...

 Is the hayfever season already here, in the UK?
I know different people get different symptoms at different times depending on the allergen, but, is there already others experiencing hayfever symptoms?...

 How to stop a runny nose?
its about to be school in like 2 weeks and i have a runny nose! i really hate blowing my nose in school so how do i get rid of it fast? thanks (btw i don't have a cough)

Nikki :)(:...

 Could my 6 year old cat develop allergies? Is there anything I can give him?

 How do i know when im allergic to bananas?
After i eat a whole banana my lips and throat feel really itchy and i can't make it go away? other people i talk to to say it doesn't happen to them...am i allergic to bananas?...

 Do YOU have an allergy to cast iron rain gutters on your toes?

 Best NON-DROWSY Allergy Medicine??????
What is the best allergy medicine that DOESN'T make me fall asleep??

I have taken Claritin and Clarinex. None of them work at all.
And I do NOT want to take Benadryl. That stuff ...

 What are some good sites on Food Allergies ?
We recently discovered that our 4 yr old has allergies to 13 food items which she used to take regularly - they include eggs, soy, corn, peas, wheat, peanuts among others.

I'd like to ...

 My 5 yr old son is having hives what could be causing them?
We have a puppy but he has never really had problems with her before..he was playing with some balloons today and i also thought that could be the reason but i am not sure. He is not acting like he ...

I am allergic to everything, gluten free and still sick?
I recently found out I am allergic to gluten, I have eliminated wheat and gluten from my diet. (On top of meat and dairy which I dont eat anyway)
Things have been really good, but I noticed that every time I eat gluten free bread I still will get sick from it!
I am pretty sure this is not a good thing because it would mean I am allergic to something in the bread? Is that possible? (FOOD FOR LIFE BRAND) ?

I did eat a small amount of wheat yesterday accidentaly. But that amount wouldnt make me THAT sick you know (3 sesame sticks). And this wouldn't be the first time that I have been sick from this bread which is suspect.

Or fish i also ate... what do i do

how long has the sickness gone on for?
dont eat anything with Gluten in it, read all food packs

and write everything down you eat and drink,

take care, take it easy

Q ball
Check out hte book "How to Eat, Move and be Healthy" by Paul Chek. Chekinstitute.com. Smartest man in Hollistic Heatlh.

Well, even a small amount of wheat can make you sick. But you could also have an allergy to something else in the bread, like soy or corn. Talk to your doctor about getting tested for more food allergies.

some times some ingredients arent listed its rare but it happens but you could be allergic to something else in it DUH! like nuts or soy and i think it might hav been the sesame sticks try the bread again and see it you react then it you react go to a docker with the ingredients and they can test you for all the most common allergens in the bread then if its nothing call the company (the # will be on the package) and ask if they changed the the ingredients make shur they no you hav an allergy because then they take u REALY seriously cuz u could sue them! or report them cuz not listing ingredients in illegal!

Talk with your doctor. Other things can cause intolerances and food allergies, such as intestinal parasites. The doctor might also be able to help you figure out what you are alergic to.

some people that have celiac disease also have difficulty processing carbohydrates in general. my father has it really badly. 1 tablespoon of potatoes sends him into anxiety attacks. corn and rice send him to the bathroom for hours. it cold be that or a separate allergy.

personally i find rice bread causes me severe fatigue although i don't find that from eating rice plain so it must be something else in there. check the ingredients and try eating them individually. potatoes, tapioca, or whatever. see if you react to any of them on their own.

Test it.

One day, eat a few sesame sticks, no bread. See what happens.

Next day or a couple days later, eat some bread, no sesame sticks.

If you're sensitive to gluten, and no longer eat it, you may well get much worse results froma tiny amount than you expect. This is because your body has got used to being "safe".

First of all make sure the bread says gluten free on the package. Not all Food For Life bread is gluten free.
Next, find a diet that you can eat that doesn't make you sick. Don't make more than one change at a time or you will never know what is causing a reaction. Keep a food diary of everything you eat and drink and any reaction you have to it.
Once you find a diet that you can not have reactions on, then you can add one thing at a time and see how you fare. Keep it simple. Fresh fruits and vegetables, non processed meats, cheese, eggs. Add in rice and potatoes for starchy stuff. Avoid sauces and gravies that you buy or things that have sauces on them.
Good luck

Gluten is a poison to your body. It damages your bowel. Which makes it very easily irritated. You just need to give it time to heal.

I became intolerant to a lot of things including meat(although i could still eat fish) and couldn't eat gluten free bread either.

I went on a pretty strict diet for a couple of months with foods that i knew wouldn't cause a reaction and then slowly added things back in.

I'm now absolutely fine with gluten free breads and a few of the other random foods i became intolerant to. Although i haven't been brave enough to add meat in yet....

And if i accidently (on purpose ;p) sneak something with gluten into my diet, i'm not tooo bad.

Just give it time. Allow yourself to heal. Try again in a month or so.

It will be worth it in the long run. Good luck! :)

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