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Yesterday my eye started to turn red, and as the day progressed it got swollen, I took a benadryl before bed and today it's still swollen and itchy, worst that b4 I went to bed. I start my job ...

 Why is my Nose Always Clogged Up Help Me Please..?
I really Do hate it It makes me Sound Horrible And Nasal.

What can i Do to Clear My Nose For Good So i can Breath Clearly

Like How much Would i have to Spend if i Go ...

 Is this an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite ?(with picture)?
On fourth of july weekend i got two mosquito bites on my calf/shin.. or whatever.. of course they itched and i scratched.. although i know i shouldnt have but they itched like hell.. so now im left ...

 nose job ?
im getting a nose job to correct breathing problems in about a week. My surgery is on a wednesday and school starts on monday which gives me 4 days to recover. Should i take a few daysoff school and ...

 ordinary dairy butter (dilemma)?
hi. i'm allergic to everything (all types of oil, olive, mineral, etc) except honey, beeswax and plain butter. i haven't found much info. online; is butter good for sensitive and dry skin? ...

 I am having an allergic reaction, and i dont know what its from and ive had it since friday night???
it could be a food i ate both nights, or could it be from tanning?...

 What is a really good allergy medication?
I have hay feaver and I get runny nose, ichy/red/watery eyes....

 I break out in hives after eating tomato sauce and running. What is causing this?
In the course of one month, I have broken out in hives 3 times! The first time, I had pizza and I went to the gym 2 hours later for a 20 minute run. After running, my body started feeling itchy and ...

 What else can I do to make myself more comfortable at work?
I took a job as a ghoul in a haunted cornfield maze for Halloween. As it turns out, I have a horrible allergy to the corn pollen, and I got hay fever SOOO bad. On my second night of work, I was ...

 Do lagers contain soya? i have a allergy.?

 When to take a baby with a food allergy to the hospital?
Pretty sure my 6 month old has an allergic reaction.
12:30 Fed him stage 2 corn and sweet potatoes(1st time for corn only)
1:15 swelling around eyes, thought he was tired
1:30 Cranky, ...

 Allergies affect our Growth/Height?!?!?!?
I am allergic to roaches. I am taken shots but still cant get rid of roaches. Shots takes 1-3 years to become immune to it but does it take 1-3 years with roaches around you? I am 16 and I am 5 3 1/2...

 Am I lactose intolerrant?
In June I went to get a test done for this because whenever I drank milk I had the worst stomach aches. The doctor told me he couldn't tell because the gas was building up too quickly or ...

 Do you get excessive fatigue with your alleriges?
If you do, what do you take to allieve them that doesn't cause you to be more drowsy?...

 what are turkey mites?
I just found out there bad where i live, and i think i might have got a few bites from them..i have little red bumps on my lower arm,neck,a little on my face..i've had them for about 4 days now ...

 allergie help!?
i have horrible allergies what is a really good alergy relief medicine?...

 Does Zyrtec make you real sleepy?
I was prescribed a store brand of Zyrtec for my boys. They are going to school and work and I want to know if the stuff makes you real drowsy or just a little?...

 I suddenly started having a horrible pain in my sotmach if I consume a small amount of dairy. Am I Lactose In?
I used to drink milk everyday and then suddenly everytime I had milk or cheese my stomch would cramp up and create a horrible pain throughout my abdomen. I switched to lactaid milk and everything was ...

 Why does my back hurt when I eat certain fruit?
When I eat certain fruit, my upper back aches. Not like a muscle ache. It just hurts. It started out with just watermelon last year. Now it's grapes and apples and more and more foods as I eat ...

 After the ENT what next?
well actually..i just left the ENT specialist (ear,nose,throat specialist)

and dude did some kind of Ear Suction/Cleaner on my right ear..and it hurt so bad..almost worse than getting a ...

How long does it take before an allergic reation symptoms go away.?
How long?

When you are no longer around the allergin or when you die.

depends on how effective the treatment is and how much you keep the allergen from you. see your allergist for specific answers.

Depends on what type of allergy you have and the symptoms. Sometimes you need to take a pill such as an antihistamine before there is an improvement.

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