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 When using a prescription allergy nasal spray...?
How do I keep my throat from getting scratchy? I quit using it, and now my sinuses are going crazy.... Thanks!
Additional Details
I'm already taking Zyrtec and getting allergy ...

 bumps on back of throat?
K, so ive had this little red lump on my throat like the size of pencil eraser, but i always end up with sore throats, aloooooot latly, its like a sore throat, and im always thirsty, but i dont have ...

 how can you tell if you are allergic to dogs?
So my my brother and sister-in-law are going to get a French Bulldog. But they just got back from visiting him and my sister-in-law's eye is getting really pink and itchy. Does this mean that ...

 I have "nasal polyps" & can't breathe - help?!?
I can't breathe through my nose!! I blow and blow it, yet nothing helps. I have a cold right now & doctor said I have nasal polyps and gave me flonase but no matter how much I spray up there ...

 why is everything i eat/drink making my mouth itchy?

 can garlic clear up sinusitis ?
I have chronic sinusitis which i can seem to get rid of. I have taken 5 different antibotics and have had reactions to all. Now I am looking into natrual herbs such as garlic and oil of oregano. Will ...

 what causes allergies to suddenly develop?
How do allergies work with a person being fine there whole lives and then suddenly developing various food allergies? Why wouldn't said person be allergic to those things from the day they were ...

 what is the pollen count like for Orlando in June?
I will be in the orlando area in june, and I was wondering if I should bring some Claritin for allergies.

I'm in michigan right now and my sinuses are going crazy and I'm getting ...

 When I take allergy medicine I develop strip throat/sinus headaches?
I have post nasal drip, and I'am scheduled to have a septoplasty and a turbinate reduction in two weeks. But I'm curious to know why is it that when I take allergy medicine I develop strip ...

 everytime i look at the sun i sneeze..?
and when i look into lights i sneeze, like i dont even squint when i look into the sun or light though. i want to know what i may have
sometimes i go outside and sneeze without even looking at ...

 What is the best flea powder for carpets?
Does anyone know which flea powder for carpets is best? My husband is allergic to fleas(the bites) and I need to do something ASAP! Thanks in advance!...

 Why is there blood when I blow my nose?
When I blow my nose you can see red through the kleenex. It won't stop running on it's own. So I always have this little drop which is orange (secreations mixed with blood). I know about ...

 I need a cortisone shot, massive allergy attack going on but all the Urgent Cares are closed -next best thing?
It's not bad enough for emergency room, and I can't take anything that will make me sleepy. HELP.
Additional Details
They have cortisone shots at a fire station?...

 My daughter has been breaking out in hives allover her body lately. It's no big deal other than that it's
just itchy. I give her allergy medicine and she's just fine. Am I paying enough attention to this problem or should I get her in to see the doctor. I don't want to overreact but I don...

 Does Benadrl make you lose your appitite?
I took some last night and this morning, and i havent been hungry all day. ive still eaten a little because its not that healthy just not to eat anything.
but i could easily wait til tomorow to ...

 what are the side effects to the tetnus vaccine?
I had a tetnus vaccine 4 days ago and by the 3rd day I had flu like symptoms. Every muscle in my body hurt, I was weak, No appitite or nausea feeling. By today I feel a little better but still sore ...

 How can you tell when the sinus is infected, how serious can this be,and any suggestion for relief?
I have sinus problem, which is draining more than usual just now, and making me miserable. How can I get rid of it?...

 why do i get ill everytime the weather changes?
i get head colds all the ...

 Gluten intolerant??
-stomack pains
also i read somewere that lacktose intolerant is a symtom because i am.
also i hate weat bread it was jus eww and well i gues it ...

 Allergic Reaction to Sprite?
I love sprite but whenever I drink it I lose my voice for about an hour and i get a little cough. It doesn't happen with any other soda's that I drink so I am wondering if anyone knows of ...

Nicole J
How long after I stopped taking bactrim will it be before it leaves my system???
I had an allergic reaction and wanted to know, but I can't find it anywhere.

If you have had an allergic reaction to Bactrim, you need to be sure and tell any doctor you visit. Also do not take, the same drug under different names, Sulfamethoxazole, Trimethoprim, Septra, drink lots of water and stay out of the sunlight and any tanning beds.
This medication is made by Roche Products Pty Limited, and the only telephone numbers I found were South Africa and Australia, I would ask your Pharmacist, how long it lasts in the body. Read the Black Box warnings on the drug, or google- Side effects of Bactrim.

Bactrim has been detected in urine 72 hours after a single dose. Increase your water intake to help wash out the drug more quickly.

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