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 Bactrim Prescription Developing Rash?
Ive been taking ot for about 3 weeks and I have missed a couple dosages during that time. But I am experiencing a rash under both of my arms. But its scatterd and its not even notiable if unless you ...

 Hurt nose advice??????????????
Ya so i hurt my nose during a ice hockey game when the puck deflected up and hit the side of my nose an it is bruised kinda and swollen on the right side and it hiirst a lot. Like i am not able to ...

 gluten free restaurants?
does anybody know of any?

i live in champaign, illinois, so if anybody knows of any that might be around here, it'd be great. thanks!...

 Can I take Zyrtec and Allegra together?
I am having really bad seasonal allergies. They are both once a day. Can I take Zyrtec at night and Allegra during the day?

****** Please don't answer the question if you are just ...

 I have a clogged/gunky Throat? 10 Points!?
I am a singer and I am in choir class. For quite some time, I have had a gunky like throat. It feels clogged and my spit seems almost thick. It is hard to sing this way, and I am singing at a talent ...

 Am i allergic to that to?
i found out about 2 years ago that i was allergic plasters, when i woke up one morning and found red spots around the plaster and it was itching like mad. Recently i bought some purederm nose strips ...

 How to prevent pollen allergy?
spring is coming soon, which I afraid of the most cuz I have allergy like every end of April. red eye, runny nose, sneez and wutever. Help me guys.

Any good tips? (besides staying home -.-...

 Allergy symptoms in the winter?
I've had a runny nose for 3 weeks and have been sneezing since December. I don't think a cold can last this long. I don't know if its my sinuses because this has never happened before. ...

 i'm severly allergic to bees and work outdoors. i am considering shots but they are really expensive!worth it?
i just found out i am allergic and my insurance won't cover the allergy shots so it would be an investment. is it worth it? has anyone been stung after getting the shots, or midway through the ...

 when/how do you get rid of the sting?
went camping, got into a patch, now my skin is itching from the inside, like underneath, tried calydryl, betodine, no help. do i need to go to the ...

 Help please. Should I go to the ER?
Ok well I think this is why. I got a BAD sunburn in June of 2008. It was so bad I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns, the doctor said it almost burnt down to my bones in some areas. My doctor also said it ...

 Will mold begin to grow as a result of this?
I left my shower (sopping wet) and proceeded to walk down my hallway and enter my room, leaving isolated, but fairly big spots of wet carpet. Is this amount of water going to cause mold problems?...

 how do you know if your allergic to cats?
well yesterday i went to my neighbors house and they had a cat! i knew somethign was gonna happen because wen i went to my best freinds house she haad 3 cats and my eyes were itching my chin and ...

 Bad high or allergic reaction?
I was smoking pot and it was fun until about a half hour later when I started having anxiety attacks. I was helping my friend who was in the bathroom just laying her face on the toilet and I ...

 If you lose your tolerance for many foods (due to allergies), can you regain it by boosting your immune system?

 Really bad allergies?
My doctor has me taking singular in the morning and a clariten before bed for years but I don't think they work very well? My nose still runs, my eyes water, and my nose swells? What do you ...

 why everytime i take a multivitamin pill or a suplement pill, my nose starts to bleed after a few hours?
i took the pill and my nose starts to bleed on its own. i dont pick my nose or anything
Additional Details
this has happened to me for years....

 Have you ever heard about allergy to red pepper?
I'm allergic to red pepper but I have never heard of anyone else have the same allergy.
Whenever I -mistakenly- eat something with red pepper (powder), my lips are getting swollen like a ...

 Salt and Water nose Spray...How Do You Make It?
I need it for my Daughter she is 5 years old....Thanks
Additional Details
P.S. I dont have the money to go to a store and buy a kit....Thanks anyway......

 I have stuffy nose, what do I do?
I'm so tired, I want to go to bed but I can't breathe out of my nose. And If I breathe out of my mouth, it'll get all dry and I'll wake up with a sore throat. My nose has been ...

Gal in MN
How do you deal with your child's nut (walnut/tree nut) allergy?
Just today, we found out that our 2 year old is allergic to at the very least, walnuts, and probably other types, including peanuts. I have a call into my allergist to get him formerly tested - something that I was putting off until the new year (and new insurance) but with this call from his pediatrician I now have a message with my clinic to try to get him in tomorrow or Monday for more testing. For the time being, my pediatrician prescribed an epi pen for us to carry around.

I am scared to death that I will be the mom to the kid in the classroom with the peanut allergy. How do you deal with it? Are there any good resources out there for me to figure out what name brand foods to avoid, etc.? Am I over reacting? Will I become or need to become a label reader?

Help! I appreciate your assistance in advance.

David S
Don't give them walnuts.

Richard B
Do not allow your child to eat nuts or anything containing nuts or things that have been made in places where nuts are also processed. Also, do not allow your child to eat any kind of nut butter. Nowadays most packaging tells you whether the product has been made in a place where nuts are also processed.

It's very important to know that nut allergies can be very serious indeed. The epi pen is a very wise thing to have.

If your child will be going to daycare or pre-school it is essential that the daycare/pre-school people are well aware that your son has an allergy to nuts. This is a vital piece of information that they should have.

Breathe first off. I am a mom to a now 4 1./2 yr old that had an anphylatic reaction to a cashew. found out later is anaphylatic to pistachio's and black walnut. And slightly to the other tree nuts. We even avoid peanuts.

Do a search and you can find what you are looking on the internet.

Read labels.

Ask restraunts what type of oils they use and let them know your child is allergic to nuts if they have nuts on their menu.

And most important keep your epi pen and benedryl with you.

knock on wood we have not had a repeat incident!

You are not over reacting. It probably feels like you planned a trip to Florida and wound up in Alaska. I'm sorry to hear about your son, but welcome to the club. My 4 year old son is severely allergic to peanuts, egg and slightly to milk. Right now you are in the "overwhelming stage". A good place to start is at these two websites: Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN www.foodallergy.org) and Food Allergy Intiative (FAI www.foodallergyinitiative.org). There are support groups all over and listed at both of these websites. I suggest you find one since they can direct you more to products, etc. This is not as uncommon as you think, in fact the cases are increasing at a rapid rate.

There are many things your child can have, but yes, you have to read the labels. Nowadays it's a lot easier than it used to be before they put the extra warning part of it. I have found that there are substitutes for just about everything. You need to watch breads, ice creams, baked items, chocolate, you name it. Unfortunately, there is no list since companies have different policies that change pretty frequently.

Contact me directly if you need more help. You are not alone.

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