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 My 6 month old is coughing.?
He had a a fever 2 days ago, but it went away. And this morning he started coughing and when he coughs, it sounds like a sore throat. should i give him something to drink for his throat?...

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I have allergies, and I know, mowing the lawn is not an ideal thing to be doing. But I want to do it, I enjoy cutting the grass and being outside... plus there is the exercise benefits. However, I ...

 i just found out that my son is allergic to water. what should i do?

 illness or allergies?
i wake up every morning with a stuffy head and sore throat, i've taken two set of antibiotics now. the only thing that seems to help my is sinus pill like sudafed or advil cold and sinus. also ...

 what over the counter Allergy medicine won't knock me out.?
I need a new over the counter allergy medicine, Benadryl has me doing the Zombie walk through the day, even when i drink three energy drinks (rip it), a 2 liter of mountain dew and a package of "...

 help me please asthma i cant breathe?
noone is answering my question and i dont know what to do this isnt some stupid question i cnat breathe im freaking out please help me i dont want to go to the hospital or call an ambulance because i ...

 could i be allergic to my period?
im now 21 and started menstruating at 13. my periods are completely irregular, i never know when im going to have one and when i do they can be really heavy and last up to 2 weeks. during and around ...

 i have this allergy right now. is there a helpful remedy to it?
i cough heavily and my nose is congested. i thought it was a cold and took cold medications, but they didn't work. so i presume its an allergy. i have no fever.
the name of the medication ...

 Went swimming, now I'm sick as a dog ?
My nose is running and I cant stop sneezing. I have a sinus infection too! I went swimming for an hour yesterday night after working out in the weight room at my school. I got in the pool and felt ...

 I have a reddish rash, its bumpy, and spreading all over my arms very quickly.?
I think it was from an Asian Beetle bite, but it's spreading. I've taken Allergy Liquid, and tried anti-itch crap. It's still spreading. I went to the doctor, but he didn't say ...

 FLEAS! help my niece..! ugh!?
so my niece has fleas shes 8 yrs old and has pretty thick hair but not really really thick.. and I HAVE to take them out for her... but we do not want to use anything that u have to buy like RID or ...

 Kid allergic to corn?
My 6 year old son is allergic to corn. He used to be able to eat it without any problems. Then when he was 4 he would vomit after everytime he had an certain amount of corn. I just thought he was ...

 how can i get rid of a stuffy nose without spending money?
i have a stuffy nose from crying but i cant get rid of ...

 Am I allergic to apples?
Whenever I eat an apple or drink apple juice or fruit punch with apples in it, my mouth and throat get all itchy and sometimes my mouth gets swollen and i get a rash on my face.

The wierd ...

 if you get a nose job could your nose fall off?

 hey how do you get rid of a blocked nose?
its really anooying me now. no mattr what i do it just isnt unbloking and how do i get rid of a very bad soar throat?! please ...

 what am i allergic to?
during the spring and summertime when i am outside and in the grass.i tend to break out badly, and develop a bad cough, am i allergic to anything or what can it be?...

 I have a question on Allegra- D 24 Hour?
When I buy Allegra- D 24 hour from the pharmacy, they charge me $40 co-pay. I was wondering if I buy the generic it costs less, so will it still have the same effect as Allegra- D ?? Please answer....

 something that looks like Hives grows all over my body?
it's been about 4 months that somethings that looks like Hives grows all over my body's skin, mostly arms, legs, chest that are itchy. sometimes they grow on my face and I ashamed to ...

How can I get rid of this never ending stuffy nose!!!?
Ok so I have horrible allergies. I've finally got them under control by singulair. I just went intertubing at a friends bout a week ago and my sinuses swelled up it was horrible, stuffy runny nose, itchy watery eyes. And it just keeps coming back at night time. Ive obviously got a sinus infection.

Ive tried hot shower/bath
Ive tried Benydryl
Ive tried All other allergy meds before night hits
Ive tried drinking hot tea
Ive tried blowing my nose(for 3+ hours)

What else QUICKLY get rid of stuffy nose?

denise n
i use a neti pot to clease my stuffy nose , works great. check local pharmacy for one

Sudafed, mentioned by a previous answerer, is a good choice. I also urge you to try saline spray. Overuse of 12-hour nasal decongestant spray can cause problems, but saline spray will not. It has led to a big improvement with my nasal problems. Walmart sells small bottles of saline spray for under $ 2.

Go to the doctor.

Sudafed works best for my allergies, but if you have an infection, you will need some prescription antibiotics.

You really should go to a doctor and get some medicine because no matter what you do, it will come back.

Until then, try a Vick nose inhaler. They usually work really well.

If you want a natural method, you can use China Oel. It's a natural mint oil from Germany, I purchase it from Smallflower.com, but I know that they have some stores in some cities. They can come with an inhaler as well. It really helps.

Good Luck!

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