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 Stool question.Nasty but hey =[?
Hey is it normal to go to the toilet and to poop with two different shades of brown? I have constipation quite badly..and nobody has a clue why..getting more research stuff done into it in a months ...

 How to stop crying or tearing randomly?
I got in a fight today at the wedding and i know could've kicked that guy's *** easily... i pushed him before things got serious people broke it up but then i started tearing. Why????

 severe seasonal allergy problem...help?
I've had seasonal allergies and allergy-induced asthma all of my life. As expected, the springtime has always been the worst season for me. But this year my allergy problems are unusually severe....

 What products do you use to combat your allergies?
I have the worst allergies, all year round I am combating sneezing, itchy eyes, throat irritation and congestion. It's too the point now where I can't sleep throughout the night without ...

 What cant you be allergic to?
it seems like everyone is allergic to something, but what are somethings you cant be allergic to?

Food specific, but others would be ...

 Am I allergic to stickers?? It left a mark on my skin?
I put a sticker on my skin yesterday to see if my tanning lotion was making a difference. Today when I took off the sticker I had a bright pink patch where the sticker was that feels a little raised ...

 Allergy medication that does not make you drose?
what is the best non drosey non dizy medicatian prefer not to go to doctor and clariten does not ...

 Is there a drug that is exactly the same as 24hr. Claritin-D that I can get a prescription for?
The laws in California now make it impossible to get more than 10 days worth at a time. This is so inconvenient. I feel like I am constantly going to the store for my allergy meds! When the drug ...

 How to deal with allergies in school?
It's awful, 50 minutes I have to spend in each class. Blowing my nose doesn't work, 30 seconds later it's running out of my nose like a faucet that wasn't quite turned off. I ...

 Is it normal for meat to come out my nose when I'm eating?
When I'm eating sometimes chunks of meat or whatever I'm eating will come out my nose. Its been happening a lot more lately than ever. And yesterday a lot more came out than ever before. ...

 What are some ways to prevent respiratory allergies during this season?

 Allergic Reaction to Pseudo-ephedrine Zyrtec?
I am 16 year old male and I weigh about 115 pounds. I recently started taking Zyrtec-D (daytime) for my allergies and I noticed that I feel like I'm really high. My heart rate is significantly ...

 allergies problems............?
whenever im around sprays or strong smells my nose always stings and then it still sting for ages and i always sneeze but sometimes its just random how do i get rid of this?...

 what could be making me break out from my shampoo?
i tried sulfate free, natural shampoo and still got a dry itchy scalp. so far i have found lush shampoo bars have been the best but i still have some break outs. cheap girly shampoos like herbal ...

 How effective are allergy shots for people with a severe cat allergy?
I am marrying my fiancee in approximately one year's time and he is severely allergic to my cat. We are looking into allergy shots. I was wondering if anyone knew the effectiveness of allergy ...

 Is there mucus in milk?
I heard on TV the other day that cows get infections in their utters and there is often mucus going into the milk they produce.

Does anyone know if this is true? or if it would be ...

 my puppy has a swollen face and a bloody nose, what do I do?
It's swollen near the outside of her left eye towards the corner. It's about an inch away and roughly the size of a golf ball. She also has been congested and has a bloody runny nose. I ...

 can mold be causing these symptoms?
i never had problems with allergies or my sinus's before. But then i moved into a house, and now it's constant. I cant think of anything else that would be causing it. My throat hurts most ...

 I think im allergic to brown bread and branflakes (my eczema flares and another symptom) question=?
Before i have the allergy blood test - will i have to consume what i think im allergic to??...

 Can severe food allergies be treated so they are not life threatening for an entire lifetime?
My daughter and son both have life-threatening allergies to tree nuts. It is a constant worry for me and my wife and it makes eating out in restaurants almost impossible. I wanted to know if there ...

Alex F
Forehead and eye area burning!?
While broadcasting the Ant & Lex show on Threeradio.net; I developed a burning sensation on my skin around the top of my nose, around my eyes, and my forehead.
At the time I was consuming a bottle of blue WKD alcopop beverage, and eating a Kinder Super Happy Hippo Biscuit. The room I am in is hot, but I do a show here every Weekend and never had this problem before. It seems like it could be a reaction to something, but an odd place for it to happen, I haven't rubbed my face.

Anthony K
Maybe you'll die?

? fever ,

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