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 Fruit allergies?
I have mild fruit allergies to Fuirt such as mangos, papayas, kiwis, bananas, tomatos, avacados, all melons and PINEAPPLES are the worst.

However i can eat apples, oranges, mandrin ...

 Why do certain foods make the tongue swell a little bit?
I am not allergic to anything as far as I know . . . and whenever I eat - swiss cheese - walnuts - or eggplant, my tongue swells up a little bit . . . but then it's back to normal about 15 ...

 I have a seemingly odd question?
I have heard that you can be sick if you have too much mucus drain into your stomach from your head. First off, is that true?
I was wondering, because I have had a lot of mucus draining the ...

 what are some QUIET humidifiers?
ive had several back when i used K1 but i could hear them all night long. now i have a baby and heat pump is drying air and sinus out.im just now getting used to having nightlight dont want to hear a ...

 why does my tongue hurt?
i know it's weird but my taste bud just fall off cause i accidentally bit it..
after that the sore part was gone..but then sometimes..the pain comes back again..idk why.....

 what is the alternative drug for a patient who has an allergy to erythromycin?

 Can an allergy to a medication (Vicodin) occur after the medication is used long term?
Greetings. I have been taking Vicodin (5 mg hydrocodone/ 500 APAP "tylenol") for about 2 months now due to a back injury endured in the military. About 1 week ago, I started getting itchy ...

 video urodynamics?

 Am I allergic to red dye?
I've noticed that everytime I drink Hawaiian Punch my legs start feeling really itchy, but it's just my legs, nothing else. and I just finished drinking Hawaiian Punch, and my legs are ...

 is there ANY way to stop a runny nose?
this is REALLY annoying me now.
my nose has non-stop been running for the past 4 days.
i cant get to sleep at night because of it either

is there ANY way AT all to stop a runny ...

 Can you diagnose me? Is it allergies... still?
My nose gets clogged in 1 nostril (which is annoying) and the mucus is yellow. I'm not sick with any fever or cold. I don't cough but I get frequent head aches and my nostril gets clogged ...

 why may acidic foods such as tomatoes and some fruits to be safely home-canned?

 valerian root?
if i were to put it on my skin would i be able to see if i had an allergic reaction rather than swallowing it?
Additional Details
i have regular allergies....

 My eyes are swelling! ?
i have this face medicine that i used today ( ive used it before and this happened only less severe!) and now i have a rash on my neck and my eye lids are swelling whats wrong?...

 allergy question...?
i want to buy real effictive dog allergy medicine. i want to hear from other people out there..what is the best dog allergy medicine out there/ the most effictive one that worked really well for you? ...

My mom is allergic to fish and she has this pen/needle thing that i'm supposed to stick into her thigh if she ever has a reaction.
What's that needle called?? Its something like Epipen,...

 Constant runny nose year round..?
Since as long as I can remember I had a tissue in my hand from having a runny nose. I dont have a fever or sneezing just a constant runny nose that doesnt go away, not even in the summer. When I went ...

 Test Air For Mold?
i want to test my bedroom air for mold..i dont want to spend alot of money on this if there is no mold...so is there a test kit i could buy online that wont cost me to much for the kit and possibly ...

 neti pot...wtf?
Okay, so riddle me this...how does the water that you shoot up one nostril come out of the other nostril? I don't get it, is there some passage up there that I don't know about?...

 Can a baby be immunised for ceoliac/gluten allergy?

Food Poisoning or Allergic reaction?
So my neighbor ask me if I wanted some mint ice cream ( store bought ) she had some in her freezer up stairs and offered me some I never had mint ice cream before, well not since I was about 5 yrs old.

Anyway, after I ate it, about ALMOST IMMEDIATLY, my stomach starting hurting sooooo bad. It was a pain I have never felt before. NEVER! OMG, it hurted me. I began to get extremly weak, incohearant , I felt as though I had to vomit , but I could hardly get up to walk in the bathroom, my mom had to assist me.

Then my the bottoms of my feet and hands started to itch and burn, they felt hot. And they did so for about 30 mins. What do you think it was.
Additional Details
oh and I had a "movement" and it kept coming out like water, I was on the toliet for like 10 mins.

udaya k
You have probably a lactose intolerance. This was not evident until the mint-milk combination came into your stomach. Mint is supposed to correct many ailments in the stomach but since it was in a material form rather than in a medicinal form and since it combined with the milk it would have worked towards aggravation rather than a medicine. The rashes are usual forms of skin manifestations in milk idosyncracy. You may call it allergy. For immediate correction in case that repeats the medicine in homeopathy is a single dose of Pulsatilla 30 (just two or three small globules). That can stop the lose stools immediately and corect the stomach. But long term treatment would be required to correct the malady. Medicines like Aethusa 30., Sepia 30 and Pulsatilla, alongwith Thuja 30, Natrum Mur 200 and Calcaria Carb 200 may be required for permanent cure. with best wishes.

Medicines should be taken in consultation with homeo doctor.

allergic reaction ........ the itching and burning is your body trying to eliminate what it perceives to be a toxin the quickest route it knows how........ via the largest organ in your body..... your skin.

hope you feel better now.

peace baby

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