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Everytime I blow my nose there is blood. why is this happening?
the blood never runs down. it kind of just sits there till i blow my nose. weird.

Alexis C
ur brain is exploding thru the nostrils

Owned by an Aussie
You probably busted a blood pocket in your nose..you need to go see a doctor and have them look at it.

it happens to me too its bc ur blowing too hard

rly confused?
you most likely have sinus infection. i would go to a doctor to stay on the safe side

Tremain B
either u have allergies or ur getting over a cold or getting one............. go to the doctor

You might have some type of cut in your nose. If it doesn't go away, I suggest scheduling a doctor's appointment.

'Cause you've burst a blood vessel and have a nose bleed. Blow as hard as you can through your nose, preferably down a loo, until it's cleared. When I get nose bleeds - which frankly is more often than I'd like - I have to wait til the clott comes out... Gross, I know, but it stops the bleeding, I swear by it.

Valeriu S
It can be stress.Try to be more relaxed and ask a doctor if it doesn't work.

Devon Custard
Don't let it bother you if it just today it ahppened to me the other week I think it was coz I was extremley streesed. so don't stress out lol

Sєxual Ħaяassmєηt Pαη∂α
every single time?

if it was only once then you blow your nose to hard and bursted a vessel..but ask a doctor on this one i dont have my phd

well sumtimes if you r getting over a cold u might find sum blood
lett it clot if it keeps happening call the doc

vote me best answer i'm tryna get 2 250 LOL

you blowing too hard

well don't tilt you head back all of the time that might be why and dont blow your nose alot there will be more blood and it will keep coming back so stop blowing it see what happens
good luck!

if i have a cold and i blow my nose then eventually my nose gets really sore and blood comes out.
Maybe that's what you have??
Also i think that this might happen if you're nose is dry.
Hope This Helps

The skin inside your nose is thin, and especially when the cold weather hits, it can be irritating to that skin. It gets dry and cracks, resulting in the blood you see when you blow your nose. This is sometimes most noticeable in the mornings after you have been asleep for a long period of time and your nose has been exposed to the dry air.

The air is dry, get a nasal spray/moisturizer

Sometimes it caused by dry air in your house.

Wow, I'm sorry that all these people are so rude! lol

It doesn't sound serious, unless there is a whole lot of blood. Alot of people get bloody noses. Sometimes it's because their nose is very dry, could that be it?

If it really bothers you, then you can see if a doctor can do something about it.

Sabrina G
Drink water! This might sound too easy but I get the same thing all the time and it always works. Definitely try this before freaking out about it being something else.

your nose is either dry, which happens a lot, or you could be blowing to hard. in some people, any extra strain on your nasal passages can cause blood cells to rupture. but if it's not a lot of blood, than it's probably just 'cause your nose is dry. it happens a lot when you have a cold or in the winter time.
I recommend using a Humidifier when you sleep, if that doesn't work, than ask your doctor.

the air it to dry sinus are or may be infected.was just at doc for same thing.we burn wood for heat gas heat does same.i was told to put a few pots of water around and see if it helps go back in 2 wks. if you are running fever then it would be infection

keep your finger out of it.

it could also be dryness.

Maybe the inside of your nose is dry from the cold and dry weather and there are little blood spots in your nose from the broken dry skin or maybe dry snot is scratching the dry skin. If it is not a lot of block I would not worry just wait for the weather to change if you are not concerned enough to get it checked out.

Sounds like you have a deviated septum, this means the nasal passages are weak or damaged. This can be due to allergies, previous injury and old age. It's fairly common, if it's bothering you you can have a procedure called a septoplasty but seeing as you only bleed when blowing the nose I wouldn't think it was necessary.

clarice d
It could be dry air..run humidifer at night...If that doesnt help try saline spray in nose

There's not enough moisture in the air.Try running a humidifier in your home,take steaming showers and drink plenty of water to moisturize your nasal passage.

This happens to me sometimes. Especially on really dry winter days. The dry air is making the inside of your nose dry and when you blow it the force of the blow cause the dry skin to crack. I find it helpful to get a humidifier and have that one especially at night close to my bed.

Tina P
the dry air of winter makes your nose bleed. use a humidifier or put moisture in the air by boiling water on the stove.

its probaly because of the weather...my nose sometimes bleeds at the most random times for no reason what so ever...it only happens though when it turns to winter and gets cold out

depending on how much blood you're talking about....i'm guessing it's probally just dry. try a humidifyer if that's the case.

sunshine daydream
That happens to me too. But for me its because of the constant weather change here in Buffalo. Maybe its like that for you too.

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