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 My friends toddler likes to eat all household products?
lotions,shampoo, dryer sheets, hair products, cleaning products,etc. They do not taste bad to the child and he sneaks to get it. Also he's never been sick from this....

 This has happened before where I have severe itching and i break out in hives. Could it be from stopping meds?
I was on Minocyline before and when I stopped I started itching. Eventually it stopped. About 2 weeks ago I started taking Minocyline again(acne). I stopped again because I tend to be forgetful. But ...

 Is the modified food starch in Hebrew National Hot Dogs gluten free?

 how can u stop runny nose?
how can u stop runny ...

 How do i get a gluten free restaurant guide for canada?
my family is celiac so i'm looking for a gluten free restaurent guide that help us when we want to eat out. please help....

 omg lump wat is thiss?
okayy im fourteen years old and i am in high school ((imma freshmen)) and i hav this werid lump on the back of my neck right at the end of my hair line. what is this it hurts so bad wen you touch it ...

 Can a severe allergic reaction cause urine to be cloudy for a while?
Can a severe case of allergic contact dermatitis (from allergy to tea tree oil) cause the urine to be cloudy for awhile until the Histamine levels return to normal?

I am hoping a doctor or ...

 can i take vicodin for my allergies?

 MSG allergies!?
so i went to the doctor for major headaches and some chest pains, and im apparently allergic to MSG (Monosodium Glutamate, which is a type of food additive that is used to enhance the flavor) Anyways,...

 what are allergies from and how do you know if you have them for sure?

 Foods high in calcium?
i discovered the other day that i may be lactose intolerant...

and as a result i cant eat any icecream, drink milk, etc (ANYTHING PRETTY MUCH THAT IS DAIRY)

i was just wondering ...

 Do you know how I can prevent it?
I know seasonal allergy is pretty much not curable, but I want to know if there are ways to lessen the symptoms. Right now, I only have itchy nose and throat, but in about a month, it'll get ...

 benadryl to help go to sleep... is that bad?
my friend takes benadryl to help her fall asleep is that bad!!!! HAHA...

 I have a question about my eyes?
My most unique feature about me are my eyes. They have odd colors, They'll either be an orangish light brown, or a gold color (on most days). But on other days they'll be green. I was just ...

 Baby has a rash since Saturday?
He is 1 year old, and started developing a rash on Saturday, we have not changed anything differn't not even the food,water,soap,etc... He doesn't scratch it , and he gets worse ...

 Does it sound like i've developed an aversion to Bananas?
Since i've become pregnant I can't seem to really stomach bananas.
Every time I eat one I get a headache, and my chest and throat feel like they are on fire. Then after about 30 ...

 Why do my hands itch?
I am a pensioner, I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and have recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes - all of which are well under control with medication and diet. However what ...

 I am having allergy issues; I am 40 year old female.?
I am a 40 year old female who is suffering from my allergies with watery & itchy eyes, sneezing, burning in my nose, this has been going on for at least 1 week. 2 different times I have blown my ...

 Is this an allergic reaction?
Well, every time I eat chocolate (pretty much any sugary items), my throat starts to get scratchy. I have had this issue for a long time. And I really like chocolate. C: .... So is this medical?...

 How are people allergic to cats and not dogs?
I am just wondering because I don't see the difference they all have fur....

EpiPen Advice?? When Should I use it?!?
ok ok ok... it might sound like a stupid question to you harcore EpiPen users but, at what point in a reaction do i use my EpiPen? Straight away or what? see... i only got it like a week ago... had a scare today, wasn't able to breath last night or to day in school... porbs should have used it... but... i guess im scared of it!!

I dont no what im allergic to but it was DeepHeat that sent me into Anaphylatic Shock...=/
Additional Details
Yeahh... they tried a RAST test but messed it up so no results... I'm kinda clutching at straws at what to avoid... Now, I'm glued to my EpiPen, but i am actually scared of it!! =P

Son and Stef
You should use it right as you feel the reaction. Use it straight away!

That was my son who is allergic to nuts.

Ok... Stef here.
How did it go? When the doctors gave you the epipen didn't they test you to find out what you are allergic to? Being a mom who has seen the reaction to an allergy and everyone gets quicker and more violent, I agree with my son.... Use it immediately!

As soon as your reaction begins. For example, if you were allergic to bee stings, and a bee stung you, then you felt the tingling of a reaction about to happen...STAB, HONEY, STAB!!!

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