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 can you be allergic to something and have it get worse as you get older?

 been feeling sick not able to eat, try to keep the food down what is wrong?
i have to make myself eat and have a hard time keeping the food down....

 does red bumps on my skin mean that i have allergies?
i have little red bumps on my hand and leg. its not a lot, its like 2 bumps a once. it kin of like mosquito bites.
Additional Details
it has been happening countinusly for the past 3 ...

 I think I'm allergic to latex gloves, but need to wear gloves for work... any alternatives?
I'm sure the gloves I used the other day were latex rubber gloves, and I've taken a really bad reaction to them on my hands. Thing is, I work as a cleaner as my summer job (so another ...

 What are the signs of alcohol intolerance, and is this one of them?
I'm not sure what alcohol intolerance entails of, but I described a sensation I get when drinking, and it was suggested to me that I might have it. I don't think so, but I was wondering ...

 i always get nosebleeds! help?
how can u prevent them?
some of them dont stop for like 15 minutes!
i get them when im swimming or doing anything!
why does this happen and how can i prevent them?
its so weird i ...

 Does Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) stop more than just allergy symptoms?
My nose was running a lot. That was the only symptom, so I assumed I had been exposed to a virus but didn't get it "full blown." This happens frequently, but I ignore. However, I also ...

 starbucks and yogurt give me diarrhea?
I've noticed that every time I drink a cold frappacino at Starbucks, I get diarrhea, but I don't get diarrhea when I drink the juice. I also just ate frozen yogurt, and just had diarrhea, ...

 whats happening to my nose!!!?
my nose started turning red like 4 weeks ago.. am i alergict to somthing and now my brother is saying it looks bigger.. and my dad has pointed out a zit!... jeez. help me.. and also i dont like the ...

 i have an uplifted skin thing on my nose that has puss...like a soft knot, and its from my nose ring. why?
every time i get a nose ring it seems that my nose does not comply. The first couple of times my hole either closed or i had an infection. Now there is raised skin on my nose full of puss, even ...

 I have a blocked up nose?
I have a head cold. I need some home remedies that i can do, please help me? How can i make it go away quick before xmas? And i NEED it to go fast. thanks ...

 sinus question need to know if i should move out?
my nose wont stop draining.its clear mostly and sometimes yellow.i have already had two sinus infections in the past 3 weeks and its still goin on .i still have one and i live in a zoo with 4 cats ...

 Why am I having severe allergic reactions when the pollen count is so low?
I am extremely allergic to oak pollen, but levels in my area have recently been under 5. However, I feel just as bad as when they were hitting 10 and 11. What might be happening?


 How exactly is chicken noodle soup good for a cold?
What exaclty does it do to help a cold?...

 please help! preferably someone who know allergic reactions?
ok so i keep getting this weird reaction on my lips. They burn, dry out, get bright red, and swell. I haven't been kissing or anything lately, but idk what's causing it? please help??...

 does anyone know what it is when someone is breaking out in hives for no apparent reason along with swelling?
has had blood work done came back fine has been to er several times they have no clue but of course if you have no ins. they dont have a clue what could this possibly be. swelling is in the nose top ...

 The side of my nose always hardens after huge midterms or finals or whenever I am mentally fatigued.?
I don't think it is fatigue itself that causes it because I've biked 120 miles nonstop and never woke up with the hardened/inflamed pain on my nose. It usually goes away after a week or ...

 Do antimicrobial pens really work?
My workplace just spent 25 dollars on a antimicrobial pen to help reduce the spread of germs on the attempt to help with avoiding the oh so scary swine flu. Do these pens really work?...

 Sore throat, Allergies.?
So I went to see my doctor a few days ago and confirmed Im just having a hard time with allergies. I am taking Zyrtec, flonase and lozengers. My glands are really swollen and its hard to swallow. <...

 I've never taken an oatmeal bath?
but I wanna try one to stop my itchiness and i'm wondering if regular quaker oatmeal will work.Will it?
Oh,please say yes:( i feel miserable
Additional Details
LJ-yeah i have ...

Dry Air In Room = Sore Throat?
At my moms house, which I live at regularly, I have a window AC, and vents between 1st and second floor. I never get a sore throat or wake up all dry. When I go to my dads, I have a much smaller room, with no vents. I open the door half way to get air from the hall in, and I put a fan in front of the open window and have it blow air into my room. But, even with this, every time I come to his house I wake up with a sore throat and feel like im sick for the whole week.
Its funny because at my moms im allergic to our 4 dogs and dust, but this room is perfectly clean with no animal dandruff or anything to be bothering me :S
Please help, I HATE coming here and feeling like crap.
Additional Details
Oh, and I'd rather if you guys knew a good solution without meds, over-counter OR perscription, i'm only here 2 days every 14.

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