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 Can honey actually help allergy sufferers?
I've heard mixed reports about honey and it's therapeutic effects on allergies and hay fever. Can someone give me some SCIENTIFIC insight?...

 Sulfur allergy?
i think I'm allergic to sulfur. My tongue swells when I'm around fireworks, and bonfires. Swells to where I have to take a benadryll to even breathe easily. It also swells when i eat ...

 Is this an allergic reaction to food, or what?
Friday evening I had dinner with a friend at Longhorn Steakhouse. I got my usual medium rare filet and mashed potatoes. But we also had an appetizer of the shrimp and lobster dip. Saturday morning I ...

 How to stop myself from getting sick, which I know will happen soon?
Every year at about this time of the season I get a cold. My eyes get very watery, i get a runny nose, and I lose my voice for about a week. This is very unfortunate because I have finals coming up ...

 Hives showing up at random times?
My sister in law is gettings hives a lot lately. She says she has gotten them her whole life, but they come at the most random time. IN the middle of the night, while just wathcing tv... even if ...

 42 male,IGE(Allergy) -2500, I am Taking Doxofylline and Montellukast Sodium & Levocetirize dihydrochloride?
I am 42/M/ 5'11"/ 93 kg. I was having increased Thyroid and BP.I take one pill each of Eltoxin And Repace AF for this . About one year back I got prone to allergies. I use to have skin ...

 I have severe flem build ups in my throat when eating or drinking what could be causing this?
I used to take allergy shots once every two weeks from the age of 11 and stopped taking it at 16. Not too long after, maybe about a couple of months later, I started to develop some flem in my ...

 How do I know my baby is not allergic to cats?
I am pregnant now and I have this thought that bothers me. We have two cats and a dog in the house. None of us is allergic to anything but I am worried: What if my new baby is allergic to cats? Is ...

 I was never allergic to cats, now I am. What's the deal?
i had two cats growing up
My sister developed allergies from then, then my sister
Now me!
can it just trigger anyday?
Additional Details
Yesterday, I saw my aunt's ...

 Throughout the ages Have there always been Peanut Alergies....?

Additional Details
I think I am allergic to spell check....

 How do you stop sinus pain in nose and forehead if already treated for sinus infection?
I was on steroid nasal spray and saline nasal spray. I started getting nosebleeds, stuffy nose, sore throat, headaches, pain/pressure in forehead and bridge of nose. After 4 weeks of this, I went to ...

 Whenever I eat shrimp of any kind why do I run a fever?

 How come when you nasal passages are blocked, sometimes you lose your taste receptors?

 A question about coffee ?
My daughter cannot drink coffee - it gives her migraines but she can drink Red Bull ( and other energy drinks or take caffeine tablets) without getting one. So what is it in the coffee that gives her ...

 Why don't I sneeze whilst I am asleep?
I talking about when I have an allergy and have been sneezing all day, when I go to sleep I wake up with a blocked nose.
Additional Details
I realise I might be sneezing and would be ...

 My grandma shot my cat!!!!! what do i do?
Can anyone help with my lab report PLEASE???? I have to do a lab on photosynthesis and I dont have any data. Does anyone know of some websites with photosythesis data tables and other parts of a lab ...

 why would i throw up if they ate the same thing nd didn't get sick?
last nite was terrible...my whole body ached. what are some reasons i got sick off eating tiramisu pie, if nobody else felt as gross...?...

 How to get rid of a runny nose?
I have had a runny nose for 2 days now! I'm going insane! It's like 2:30 a.m. so I can't go to a store. I was wondering if anyone knew any other ways to get rid of one. I'm ...

 Is there a relation between an allergy to red dye, strawberries, and certain tomatoe products?
I am actually just sensitive I think to red dye, my mouth breaks out and itches, along with other parts of my body. The same thing happens when I a lot of strawberries and some tomatoe sauces (with ...

 I have an allergy and I don't know what it is?
Right well I get these red spots dotted all over my arms, legs and hips. (some are raised bumps, others are not) I have absolutely no idea what I'm allergic to. My mam thinks that it's this ...

Does Pseudoephedrine HCI (for sinus) keep you awake or make you drowsy?
Does Pseudoephedrine HCI (for sinus) keep you awake or make you drowsy?

chuck g
I take it in the morning and it can keep me up at night. I do not get a very restful night of sleep on the days that I take it. I do not take it daily though. I take it at most once per week. I have never gotten drowsy from taking it.

The problem is, it works the best for sinuses. I normally take Claratin-D and it is wonderful. Nothing OTC works better for me.

I am a pretty big fellow 6'2" 325 pounds one little pill can make me sleepy. I have hay fever and I buy those pills from the dollar store they will put you to sleep especially if you drink a beer or 2 with one.

Actually Pseudoephedrine HCl is a stimulant and is more likely to keep you awake, it actually is added to some cold medications to make them into the "DAY" formula. This is actually what the D(Decongestant) stands for in Claritin-D just a different salt of pseudoephedrine.

Finding Pseudoephedrine has become more difficult as it is a common ingredient in Meth production and Legislation in both Canada & the Us is moving products behind the counter, causing a lot of companies to reformulate the OTC combination products.

SIDE EFFECTS: Mild stomach upset, trouble sleeping, dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, nervousness, fast heartbeat, loss of appetite, shaking, or unusual sweating may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor or pharmacist

Sinus medications that make you drowsy usually will have an antihistimine in them that generally causes drowsiness so if you use a combination product with an antihistimine depending on how sensitive you are, will depend on your reaction.

its more likely to make you drowsy.

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