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 Fellow allergy sufferers, what do you do when you have an allergy attack and no amount of medication works?
I've been sneezing for hours. I took some Zyrtec this morning, and I have some Tylenol for sinuses with me now but that doesn't seem to be the issue. Plus I feel exhausted now from all the ...

 What exactly is it in peanut proteins which causes some people to have allergic reactions?
I'm doing a project on proteins and i am trying to find out exactly what proteins peanuts contain. I have found places that say there are up to around 7 which have been found to cause peanut ...

 is it possible to be allergic to cadbury chocolate?
Whenever I eat cadbury chocolate, or cadbury hot chocolate, i seeem to itch a lot (eczema). I've seen a pattern for a week or two now, but when i eat snickers etc. i don't get anything.Are ...

 How can you get rid of a running nose?

 What can I do for a burning dry acid tongue?

 What do I do if I go into anaphylaxis at school?
My peanut/tree nut allergy is life-threatening, and I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to do if I ever go into anaphylaxis at school. My teachers are aware of it, but I haven't had a ...

 why do mosquito bites swell up your skin?
don't have time to google.
Additional Details
fat boi, kiss my @ss, i go to the internet cafe in the morning, ask my questions, then go back in the afternoon, to check my answers. ...

 I'm allergic to school!!?

Well we are just coming into spring here and whenever I'm at school I get really bad allergies.

I just take hayfever pills but they are annoying because I need them ...


 Is it possible to be allergic to Decaf Coffee?
Ive heard of many different allergies in my lifetime, but I cant help but wonder sometime if people make allergies like this up. I have a guest entering the hotel this afternoon and one of their ...

 Allergies to Tomatoes?
Does anyone else have an allergy to tomatoes? I am allergice to any form of them and tomato concentrates are the worst. They give me a runny nose, lots of phlegm and a bad cough. My dad has the same ...

 How does penicillin cause allergic reaction?
why? Tell me why? In General....

 Are there any home remedies to help me taste food while my nose is stuffed up?
We've all been there. I got the common cold and it's now at the point where my nose is so stuffed up to where I cannot taste anything I eat. Thus, making eating more of a chore then ...

 Juarez,Mexico Dr's name for amino acid shots?

 help?!! Is this an allergy?
i've been having this weird allergy for 4 months and it doesn't go away!!
it started on my chin but has been expanding, first to the sides of my nose (not on the nose but on the cheeks ...

 Can too much salt, sodium, nitrates, nitrites and preservatives trigger nose bleeds?

 Itchy Eyes , Hayfever?
can anyone recommend anything for "really" itchy eyes ! Its driving me crazy , Otrivine eye drops are useless !
I currently take Loratadine which deals with the other symptoms .

 How should one prepare for an Allergy test?
I have an allergy test lined up in the next week. Any pointers that i need to keep in mind before i go meet my doc?...

 How can a person knows if she is allergic to gluten? What can she eat or not to eat?

 Im allergic, so my mom makes me... ?
Im allergic to milk, but my mom makes me drink it everyday. I always get a rash, and my face gets puffy-ish. My mom said that if i drink it everyday my body will have no choice but to get used to it. ...

Can drinking of beer cause ear infection (allergy to yeast?)?
I suspect that drinking beer could cause me to get middle ear infection but I do not have any medical paper to support it.

Brian C
I would think you would break out in hives or have troubling breathing. I can't see it causing an ear infection.

My daughter has ear infections (thankfully I haven't given her any antibiotics for them) and our Naturopath said I should consider it's related to yeast because I have issues with yeast too. So I did a little research on-line and found this article. Not sure I agree with his treatment protocol, but he's got some interesting points. ...and since Beer has a lot of yeast in it, I could see it affecting this too. Just thought I'd pass it along since I saw your question...good luck!


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