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 i have sometimes a lot recently hard time breathing?
i cant breath out of my nose and then i have to take deep breaths out of my mouth and i get were i cant breath when there is no air circulating i have to have a fan on and lately i have to have it ...

 my eyes get drowsy and tired how do i stop this?
i get really drowsy eyes and they get bags under them but i get enough sleep. its really annoying it happens when im not even tired, is there anyway i can stop this from happening?
Additional D...

 My cat has its nose blocked up is it safe to giv him a little part of benodryl?
i heard it wasa ok to give cats that is it healthy for them??...

 Allergic? Can't eat raw fruits nor raw veggies..what 2 do?
For a number of years now I've not been able to eat raw fruits and veggies. Don't know why..can't afford to go to doc's to get tests ran. Any thoughts on this stupidity my system ...

 Slumber party tonight? But im allergic to dogs and cats....?
and my friend has 2 dogs and 2 cats! even if im in the same room as one, i cant breathe and other horrible things! i don't wanna tell my friend Shannon i cant go because she'd be really ...

 What is an alternative to Milk and Soy?
I switched my 14month old son from lactose free formula to whole milk like my pediatrician advised and my son had horrible diarrhea (sp?). So I switched him to Soy since my 3 year old daughter, ...

 how do i get an epipen?
Sometimes my throat closes up for no apparent reason and my hands start to shake. I try not to panic but its frightening. Would my doctor prescribe an epipen or something for this and if so what kind ...

 Does anyone know a cure for pollen/hay fever? Have itchy eyes and a bad bad cold for weeks?

 My 10 month old has fever, runny nose, coughing, and now he has little red bumps on his scrotum. Please help!?

 How to Prevent Bloody noses during allergy season?
I've always had bad allergies and have tried many medications. Most medications dry up my nose and after a sneeze or two, my nose will bleed because it is so dry. Lately it has bled 5-6 times ...

 What is the best home remedy to get ride of a sinus infection?
I may have a sinus infection and have no health insurance how can i get ride of it quickly? Thank you....

 wha is it called when the body becomes allergic to itself and your immune system starts attacking good cells?

 is my daughter allergic to dogs?
my daughter has brake out's with what looks like impetigo on her nose and her chin every so offten. Only the doctor and health vistor are baffled as i have three children and the other NEVER get ...

 Is there cats and dogs that are easier for people with allergies?
My wife and I really want to adopt a pet or two. The problem is that she has allergies and get rashes and other reactions from contact with animals. Is there certain types of cats and dogs that are ...

About 10 months ago I had a really bad migraine and tingling all down one side of my body one night while laying in bed. I got up and told mum because one side of my tongue and cheek was numb as well ...

 can sinus infection cause dizziness and light headedness?
Additional Details
i have sinus and allergies its bad this year I took the quick version of amoxicillian 850 tabs twice a day ...

 Allergic to penicillin - worried about possible reaction with other antibiotics?
I am a 24 year old male, allergic to penicillin and septrin apparently and I've been prescribed some antibiotics (not penicillin) for a toothache thing, but I'm worried that I might react ...

 My child is allergic to these foods....corn,egg and milk....?
So since milk is on there im guessing it will include yogurt,cheese and other things that have that like some chips or treats..my question is what can i substitute for all those things? i have a hard ...

 What's happening to you when you get an itch?
Seriously, what's happening to you when you get an itch?...

 I have mucus in my throat? Please help because it's driving me crazy!?
This is gross, but i can't get it out of my throat, so if anyone has ANY kind of advice. please write it or if musinex works please write that, because it is making me gag and it's hard to ...

Mz Sw33t
Can Raccoon eyes be caused by pollen and other allergies?

yup definately



I've heard that severe allergies can cause this, but I'm not sure.

Queen of the Dust Mites
They call those "raccoon eyes" allergic shiners for a reason. They are caused by increased blood flow to the sinus area as a result of the histamine caused by the allergic reaction. The most common cause of allergic shiners are dust mite and pollen allergies. It is almost never seen with food allergy. The only way to clear the shiners is to reduce the exposure to the allergen, try immunotherapy, and use medication.....and that is the order to attack allergies. So many people start at meds and don't realize that with proper use of the first two, many people don't need meds.

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