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 Is there an unscented Fabreeze product? My husband is allergic to scents.?

 Does Nasonex leave a weird taste in your mouth?
I just started on Nasonex and it leaves a weird taste in my mouth. Is this normal, and will it ever go away? Are there other prescription nasal sprays that won't have the same nasty effect? T...

 Sandflies (midgies) and Mosquitoes bites remedy?
When attacked by these critters and If you have sensitive skin which becomes inflamed or breaks open like a volcano (small of course hehe) and itches like crazy, buy some roll on deodorant (works ...

 I have metal allergies to zinc & nickel and i want a piercing.?
I want to get my bellybutton pierced, but i'm not sure what kind of metal to use. Someone recommended that I use stainless steel. Will that work? and if not what will?...

 NO Yeast AND NO Dairy Desserts?

I am going to make one of my friends a bunch of desserts for his birthday since he hardly gets to eat any and he is really allergic to many things. He is allergic to DAIRY and ...

 i am going to an ear nose and throat specialist for problems?
with my throat basically i keep losing my voice and it hurts a lot what will this involve will they take swabs or anything?
Additional Details
also could this mean i might have to have ...

 Allergic to water? Rash?
So when ever I get out of a shower I get a rash along my torso. I have tried sleeping in a different bed, used different soap, didnt use soap, even when I went for a swim in the pool and I got out I ...

 Why does my nose turn red and itchy when chewing gum?
Everytime I chew on gum my nose itches realllllly bad on the inside and out and it turns really red. Am I allergic to it? How do i know what ingredient im allergic to? My nose gets this way with most ...

 Can Hay Fever be caused through having lots of flowers in the house?
I recently had a birthday, and received 5 bouquet's of a mixture of flowers, since the flowers opened I have done a lot of sneezing and have a runny nose, could this be Hay Fever?...

 Runny nose and headache while/after eating!?
When I eat almost any kind of food, I get a runny nose and I have to leave the table constantly to blow my nose! It's very embarrassing.

I also get a headache in the front part of my ...

 I need some help figuring out...?
Basically, every time I'm in my bedroom my eyes sting really bad and water and itch a bit. As if I'm having an allergic reaction to something. But it's only in my room and I haven'...

 People that are allergic to cats how severe is your allergy?
I was just wondering, I have met a lot of people that have said they are allergic to cats and usually when I see them around cats they don't look bothered by it at all. When I get an allergic ...

 is it possible to be allergic to rabbits?
seriously. because i just got this baby rabbit and every time i'm near it, by nose gets runny, i have sneezing fits, and i get very groggy. i'm like this for about an hour after i get away ...

 Heeeeeeeeelp? Allergies?
Kay i've been sneezing like 10 times daily.
And bedadryl doesnt work.
Any ideas?...

 I got an allergic reaction to something i ate now i have crazy symptoms what so i do?
I have no idea what i ate but now my face is swollen and i have little bumps from my neck up and all over my face. my whole body itches. at first i thought i had heat bumps but thats not the case. i&...

 Runny nose daily, is it normal?
i do not have a flu or cold but i seem to have runny/watery nose daily. Chlorpheniramine acts as a temporary solution but i try not to take this as i'm afraid i'll get dependant or addicted ...

 I ate something im allergic to and now i need to throw up but ...?
I cant seem to throw up to get it out of my system . i dont have anyspecial medicine for throwing up and the toothbrush thing or fingers down my throut didnt work. please help i need to get this out ...

 If I am allerrgic to Sulfa based production would the Sulfates in cheese bother me?

 does anyone know how to get rid of a sore throat?
I know that its almost impossible to get rid of it over night, and i know that honey in hot tea will help soothe it. but im wondering if anybody has any simple home remedies to help cure my sore ...

 If I'm allergic to cats and dogs, will I be allergic to a parrot?
Hello, guys, I'm going to get a skin test in a couple of weeks, but I'm just curious if there's a possibility that I might have an allergy for a bird? Or it's not relevant? Who ...

Are there any permanent cures for allergies?

not permanent but i know an old trick that will gt them away for at least a 2 moths.

you go to the local vege. market and get "local honey" not just any ordinary honey, every day once a day you dip your pimkey finger in it and eat it do that every day until you allergies are cleared up!

Allergy shots can provide a permanent cure. It doesn't work for everyone though, and it can take months or even years of shots to get your body to the point that it no longer reacts to allergens.

Local Honey! Much cheaper and more effective than allergy shots.

Note: the honey cure is the same concept as the shots.

Allergies occur when the auto-immune system decides that something innocuous that entered the body is a threat. Exposing the immune system to allergens in *very* small doses can retrain the immune system to see that the allergen is not a threat.

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