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 I was diagnosed w/ Eosinophilic Esophagitis, caused by allergies to my cats. What meds may help w/ symptoms?
I was already prescribed Flovent and Nasonex, and neither helped whatsoever. After several years of seeing doctors -- a COMPLETE waste of time and money, taking allergy tests, getting my esophagus ...

 What's wrong with me? Skin is acting weird.?
My upper lip, or underneath my nose, it sort of puffed up, and now it it grew in size. I look like Hitler, except the moustache is skin toned. And it feels hard, and it feels weird....

 Does anyone have a kiwi allergy?
So in the past whenever I've had a kiwi my tongue goes funny, a bit swollen and a weird numb sensation. I dont like kiwi so in future it shudn be an issue. So i was wondering if anyone else has ...

 Is is possible to make a homemade IV drip?
I have several food allergies, like celiac sprue, *wheat/gluten, casein, and one of the nuts in planters nut mix. And I take vitamins but they give me really bad rashes. I am pretty sure I am ...

 Why does this happen when I eat these foods?
When I eat plums, watermelon, peaches, apples, carrots, cucumbers my throat start itching horribly. Then my inner ears start to itch. This last for about 15 min and eventually goes away! It is so ...

 Could my son be allergic to my puppy?
My son is almost 3 1/2 we got our puppy around April of 2009. It seems my son has had allergies since birth but he was just diagnosed with them in August of 2009. I had gotten a cat when I was 5 ...

 Please help with mango allergic reaction?
This morning, I woke up with puffy RED lips. And a rash around my mouth, on my cheeks and a little bit under my chin. I've gotten this a few times before, each time when I went up to my ...

 Am I having and allergic reaction to skittles? It feels like my chest is caving in.?
And I can't get enough air, and am becoming light headed.

It started while I was eating skittles, and has happened before While eating Skittles....

 my throat wont stop draining ANSWER NEEDED SOON?
k my throat started draining on thursday, i have ben taken benidryl, and these mucas pills, but it wont go away and my freind and i are going out tonight, how do i make it stop hurting in like within ...

 best cat allergy medicine?

 Can I still keep a hamster if I'm allergic to cats?
I want a hamster for my birthday in April and I've had hamsters before and they were lovely, but my last one had to be rehomed because I didn't have the time anymore. Now I think I have the ...

 Does anybody know why my daughter burps smell like rotten eggs?
My daughter came home from school today with a stomach ache.And she burp in the car and it smell like rotten eggs.Is there a reason why they smell like this?...

 What are the symptoms of being allergic to sugar gliders?
My 10-yr-old little girl played with some sugar gliders Monday while she was at her dad's house and her whole face is red and swollen. It almost looks like mumps with a rash. The right side is ...

 Does mucinex help with itchy throat or only cough?

 Epiceram skin barrier or fluocinonide cream?
My doctor gave me prescriptions for these 2. I have them both with me and i dont want to mix both of them together. Which is better for me to use? HELP dermatologists!...

 My wife is allergic to zocor. It's a statin drug. Should we assume she's allergic to all statins?
The doctor wants to try her on crestor--another statin drug-- but it doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Anyone had experience with this?...

 What is a medical condition that makes someone allergic to almost everything?
I'm trying to write a book and the main character is based off of myself. I don't have this medical condition but i think that the condition would be perfect. I got the inspiration from H...

 Can you help me to find out if I'm allergic to the sun?
I've had this theory that I'm allergic to the sun which no one seems to believe. And that makes sense since I don't break out in hives ALL over my body. I just break out in certain ...

 My mothers nose bleeds when she lies down and coughs.?
This last week my mother has had pretty bad nose bleeds when she is trying to sleeps and starts coughing. She only does it when she coughs while lieing down. What causes this and should she see a ...

 are some dogs allergic to kitty litter?
I have a 1 1/2 year old chiuaua beagle mix that walked through kitty litter I put out on my drive way because of the Ice and snow. Now she's hobbling around and her pads are wet. I'm ...

Am I allergic to my dog's saliva?
my dog likes to bite me alot, or tug on my arm or hand when he wants something.
i was recently playing with him and now i have bumps all over my arm, and it itches aswell. i washed my arm right after i was done with my dog, and the itchiness and bumps were still there.

his fur makes my skin itchy aswell..
do you think i'm allergic to him ?

all help is appreciated
Additional Details
i know i'm not allergic to dogs because i've been around other ones and nothing has happend.
and i'm fine with my other dog..her fur doesn't make me itch

take some benadryl. it should help with the itching...and ask your doctor about getting tested to see if you are allergic to dogs.

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