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 My nose is burning, how can I fix it?
My nose is burning whenever i bereathe out i just at chicken&dumplings, with alot of pepper on them and now my when ever i brethe out my nose reallly hurts. what can i do to help it....

 I work with children and get ill constantly. Any solutions?

 Is it ok for me to use household salt and water for sinus irrigation?
Or should i keep spending money on sinus irrigation stuff i buy at the chemist?
Additional Details
Or Seasalt?...

 I just ate food which I KNOW I am going to get sick from!!!!?
For the past 3 years, everytime I ate mushrooms, I always get sick (not an allergy, it just makes me sick)

I just ate this chicken, then I went into the kitchen and found out it has ...

 My husband and I want to move within Montana, but I have horrible allergies to, well, everything. Where to?
I'm allergic to, well, everything. I have asthma on top of it, which makes choosing a place difficult at best. I have a bad allergy to poplar trees, but those seem to be all over the state. W...

 i have a rashes... i don't know if these is a allergy or what? it's almost 4 days and it wont healed?!
I always had an headache,i cant eat well,i cant sleep at night,etc...
please help me.. thank you so much... God Bless!!!...

 Did I develope a food allergy or is it a bacteria? 25 yo?
Hello, I was wondering if its possible I developed some kind of food allergy - or if its just a bacteria. 1 1/2 weeks ago (Sat) I though I had food poisoning- I had the worst abdominal pain ever I ...

 Runny nose, watery eyes and sore throat. Cant get rid of!?
I have all of these, a runny nose, a sore throat and watery eyes... How can I get rid of fast? I think its just a cold...

Ciara x
Additional Details
Its nit ...

 help!! HUGE mosquito bites..?
okay im really sensitive to mosquito bites and they swell up really big to the size of cookies, sometimes slightly larger (like 3-4 inches in diameter). not only do they itch so badly, but it takes ...

 I'mAllergic to poison Ivy and I get it bad?
I get poison Ivy fast but I can't tell its poison ivy until it's too late anyone have tips to tell ...

 Bananas are tasty but it makes my tongue itchy?
I haven't been eating them in a while then I started getting legs cramps in my sleep so today I took a banana and couldn't even take at least 5 bites off it `cause my tongue started itching....

 could it be hayfever season already? i havent stopped sneezing this morning and the last couple of days?
i dont think i have a cold......

 Every time I eat fruit and some vegetables my throat hurts and my eyes itch. I also sneeze what is the problem?

 Can tests on a stool or blood specimen reveal an allergy or some other problem?
Severe abdominal pain radiating down one or both thighs, bouts of Diarrhoea and wind? What could be the cause. Could it be the newly discovered Osteo-Arthritis?...

 Am I allergic to apples?
Every time I bite into an apple my face gets all tingly. Answer quickly because im still eating the apple....

 My toddler is allergic to peanuts...help?
I just found out today my 14-month old is allergic to peanuts. I am totally devestated. Does anyone have any lifestyle suggestions? Has anyone or their child outgrown this? I am so scared for her, ...

 how to get rid of cat allergys?
i dont want to get rid of my cats.... and i want them to sleep with me at night does anyone know the best medicine...clariten clear nasonex etc
Additional Details
or do u shots work.........

 What are ways to get itchiness out of eyes?
My eye hurts!...

 My sons allergy Dr. wants to do a peanut challenge in her office? Has anyone does this? What happened?
My son is allergic to peanuts, enough that he has an epi pen everywhere with him. The Allergy Dr wants to do a peanut Challenge in office, but it make me very nervous. Has anyone does this? Has there ...

 Anyone who is allergic to gluten read on . . .?
I have recently found out im allergic to gluten and im trying to sort out a diet for myself. I have the basics anyways so its not too bad but can anyone give me ideas of things they like that are ...

David Murray
Allergic to most metals.. How to peirce ears?
I'm allergic to most metals and i want to gage my ears. How can i do this? I break out from belt buckles where the buckle touches my skin. Just red and itchy. When it touches my skin for awhile it starts to break out. Once the gages get a little bigger i can use plastic but how would i start it?

You don't have to wait till it's bigger. Check out this site I believe they have plastic for any size piercing

sara b
Surgical steel should be hypoallergenic. If you can't find anything, you'll just have to fork over the major $$ for platinum.

DJ Big Dog
Most gauging cones are made from plastic.

Also, if you need to pierce them, they make bone needles. You'd have to ask around, but I'm willing to bet there are tattoo/piercing shops that can get them for you.

you should probably ask for professional advice - but you could probably use steel, unless you react to it.

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