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 Home remedy's to clear face and chest acne?
I need home remedy's for face and chest acne.

Desperately needing answers


 Sore, red legs after walking?
I walk about a mile each day for my paper round, but every day i come back with sore, red legs where my boxers have been rubbing the side of my legs, i get this every day and it gets so sore i cant ...

 Problem with my nails?
The "distal edge" of my nail (the top white part) seems to be growing into the "nail plate" (the pink part) and it's really starting to worry me, it was originally only ...

 What is this?
I am starting to get these lumps unde my arms what is it they are not skin flaps, they are really annoying cause theyre going up my arm
Additional Details
ive been to the doctor he told ...

 you know hom some people chew there finger nails well i chew thee skin around my finger nails what should i do

 Do you think this is fifth disease?
I've had it three+ times in the last three years (my doctor diagnosed it) and I think I have it again. I had a headache, runny nose and sore throat and my body was "aching" for about ...

 What is the best over the counter anti-acne treatment?

 I finally found something to get rid of boils, but how do you prevent them from coming back?
I am 16 and I take a shower 7 days a week. I get boils all the time. They started when I was around 9 or 10. I tried soaking in hot water, using alcohol, cutting back on Pepsi, soaking in Epson salt [...

 Please help with upper arm acne!!?
I get mild acne on my face, but they clear up in a few days, nothing too bad. But I have continuous acne all over my upper arms. Even when I wear a short sleeved shirt they still show. They are ...

 Good Way to Get Rid of Zits?

 I have poison ivy HELP?
it wont go away and i know for a fact its poison ivy because i get it every year. Put calamine lotion on the spots i had it and some of the spots went away but theres spots that are not going away ...

 might be a cyst, what should i do?
okay please do not make fun of me when you answer. mature answers only please.
i have adhd and i have always had a hard time sitting still and not fidgiting. i use to take out this hyper ...

 Why wont my skin clear up even though i stopped using steroids over a month ago???
I used steroids for 3 months and then stopped over a month ago but my skin is still really bad !! does it take a while 2 get out of your system ?? and by the way i dont want a load of " it ...

 how to get rid off the lines and dark skin on my neck?
i have atleast 3 lines on my neck. it is 4m birth, but it looks bad, i'm a bit fat also, so my neck looks short and also have dark skin at the back of my neck. please answer me....

 Is it bad writing on your hand/arm with a pen?
If so, what does it do? Is it only bad for your skin or does it make you have diseases etc. cause thats what I heard. But I still do it anyway, LOL. Its just a way to pass time in class (:...

 Why Am I getting white Spots On my Skin?
I need help, my skin it getting white spots!

I dont know what they are?

or how to cure them?

+ I think it;s because of my diet, mayeb I'm missing a ...

 How do u stop sweating much!!!?
-I sweat a lot. Through sweatshirts really really bad. The best kind of deodorant wouldn't even help. Any suggestions? Any brand suggestions?
-Its so embarrassing! help asap!!!!!!!!!!!1...

is this possible for herpes to form on your scalp?...

 Butt Acne!!! AHHH!?
kk well i have butt acne.. EEWWWWW!!!!!
how do i get rid of it??!!!
there not like boils there like pinples and alot of blackhead liike things???
it's ...

 Tattoo problems?
I have 3 tattoos. One on my back, one on my chest and half sleeve on my arm. All 3 contain red ink and chest and back tats don't give me trouble but the one on my arm did. Now one on my arm also ...

Eden's Mom
wake up with itchy bumps in the morning?
I have noticed for quite some time that I when I wake up in the morning I have two or three itchy bumps that look like mosquito bites on my legs ,feet, arms and hands. The bumps are not painful but they really itch throughout the day and sometimes for days after. The only insects that I have noticed in my home were a few household spiders and my mom said that regular household spiders don't normally bite, especially in my bed. I'm concerned that I have bed bugs but my husband doesn't get the itchy bumps. What could this be?

Household spiders DO bite! They're just not poisionous.

Little spiders and bugs like this are attracted to blood with lots of sugar in it. So keep that mind mind.

Also, this could be an indication of mild allergies from something in your room. Look around and see. Also, ask your doctor. He or she might have an idea.

anjum a
One, try only coconut water for a week...two, it is natural!!! but do not rub..... give it a week, if not cure, will send Dr. Frankenstine for a sure cure. :) the coconut water is the real deal and do not think about it is the second best deal that I can offer, take it or leave it.

It may be that you are allergic to dust mites or some other allergen in your bed that your husband is not bothered by.
Find out about some bed related allergies and see if any of them apply to you.

Muthu S
Some people are allergic to insect- bites such as dust-mite, which causes skin rash.
Remedy;- Keep your bed-room and bed neat and clean

or you could just be getting mesquito bites while you sleep. If your worried about bed bugs, wash your sheets and vaccum your bed. And what is regular about a spider... practically all of them bite. Your mom is wacked if you ask me. Spray or bomb the house for household insects... could also be fleas.l

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