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Ria L
My left eye keeps twitching?
Not the actual eyeball, of course, but the muscle under the eye itself, the area most people know as the 'bags' area. The twitch is very minor, most of the time unnoticeable by me, or that I'm just used to it. Anyway, this has occurred practically nonstop for over five or so years.

It's a very minor twitch, but it's noticeable at time and I'm wondering why this has been going on nonstop for several years. If it were a short time, I'd think it was diet or lack of sleep (I eat very little, and work overnights AND days), but this occured when I ate well, slept well, and had very little stress.

Any ideas?

For medical people:
Age 21, occuring since at least 16
Average height and weight
Decent health record
Light meals
Sleep whenever possible
Has been taking vitamin suppliments since childhood
Drink lots of caffeine. (soda, not coffee)

Shutdown Corner
Eye Twitching, or Blepharospasm, is involuntary eyelid twitching. It is also referred to as an eye muscle spasm. The term blepharospasm really applies to any abnormal blinking or involuntary eye twitching of the eyelids caused by uncontrolled contractions of the muscles around the eyelids.

Because Myokymia(name for eye twitch when its only on one side) usually only causes spasms in the eyelids of one eye, this condition is also known as a “hemifacial spam.” This is not a dangerous or serious condition. For most people with this minor, but irritating condition, simple reassurance is all that is necessary. If your Myokymia becomes a big problem be sure to see your ophthalmologist. There are some medications that can help, but again only a rarely is any treatment required.

Also, i just remembered; caffeine can be the cause of this also, so please get off the caffeine.

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