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Is it ok to take more than 1 claritin for allergies a day?
I have just recently developed allergies. One pill does not seem to last all day like it says on the box. That's why I'm up now in the middle of the night here. Very bad headache and runny nose. But stuffed up when laying down and then I can't breath. Any advice?

Read the dosage

i sometimes end up taking 2 pills. depending on how bad the pollen is and how much I am outside.

ask your docor about Omarias nasal spray to help controlthe allergies.

try raising yor head more when you sleep. ie.... sleep with 3 pillows under your head rather than 1

allergy is happen only at the same time during the day, it like a routine every day but when it was developed headache and stuffing nose and could not breath - you may get infection. First just try Advil Sinus or Sudafed PE Nasal Decongestant. If it is not getting any better. please see your MD doctor. Take care.

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