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 How can I prevent stiff muscles tomorrow?
I just moved a lot of furniture...and I have a feeling I overdid it (my muscles are trembling and weak-feeling now...I don't want to be immobile tomorrow. Is there anything I can do to prevent ...

 Terrible Knees?
I am an avid football (soccer) player. i am 15 and i have always suffered with my knees. i cant remember hurting it specificly but everytime i move im in terrible pain. they click wen i go up and ...

 People what should I do about my toe?
Its swelling quite a bit, and there is a white "bubble" in the centre. Half of my foot feels like its bruised. By the way I can't go to the doctor for atleast a couple of days. Tell me ...

 What's the best way to ease a broken nose?
Seriously, my friends German Shepherd jumped up to say hello today and butted me on the nose. It took a while to stop bleeding, but under my nose is split and feels huge. Prob be black and blue ...

 When you believe in god what shoul scare you?

 Do I have a broken nose?
I was at mcdonalds in the playground with my younger cousins and I was trying to get out and I slammed into my cousin and he head butted me in the middle of my nose
I don't know If it'...

 My knee pops when i walk?
or run ive dislocated it once!! this time i didnt i was skateboarding with a few buddys and i ran and my knee crack it didnt hurt but now when i walk or run it cracks every step i take! doese anyone ...

 I need advice?
i broke my knuckle in a fight a couple weeks ago, but i dont have any money to go to the hospital, how do i treat my hand??...

 My Throat is Driving me Crazy.... I don't kno what to do anymore PlZ Help?
I have been goin through this for a month and I am 13 yrs old.... What happen was like a month a go i was have problems that everytime i ate i felt like it got caught in my throat and my tonsils and ...

 What to do if my toe nail is about to fall off?
this morning in first period i was spinning a rifle and while throwing a quad it hit the floor, then bounced and the barrel end [fat part known as the butt] hit my toe. from then on i havent been ...

 Is it possible to die if you work on a computer for a long time?
i have a small swollen "something" under my jaw that seems to be tight everytime i do my computer works.i work as a writer since 6 months ago and i presume i am suffering from an injury ...

 My friend was kicked in the ribs!?
It happened last Saturday, he does not have bruising or any signs of swelling and the pain is getting worse! It is hard for him to move to the sides. He feels the pain internally. What is going on? I...

 Broken Wrist Problem!!?
I broke my wrist about 3 weeks ago playing in a soccer game. I fell palm first on my right wrist and heard something snap. My mom's friend is a pharmacist and said that it was just sprained and ...

 Did i tear my ligament. How do i know if i did it or not?
I think i tore my ligament and i really need help i orded a walking boot or a cast type thing. It really hurts and i have torn it once before and i cant tell if i sprained it tore it or broke it i ...

 Maybe fractured wrist?
i was riding my bike and I slammed into this fence thinking it would stop my bike and I fell and it really really hurts. it's not swolen but my brother thinks it's fractured? i'm ...

 I cut my nuts off is that weird?
i made the video olympic challenge to make ...

 I pulled a muscle making the bed, is that a bad sign?

 Broken toe, how long till i can walk on it?
Broke it yesterday, someone triped be up and by toe got caught, a loud crack.
I cant really walk well. i canhoble around but not walk properly. How long should it take till i can start moving ...

 What the hell is wrong with people....?
Why does everyone nowdays use the ER like a damn wlkin clinic? When I was younger my parents wouldn't bring me to the ER unless something was broken, I was Dying, or perfusely bleeding aka EMERGE...

 How can you ask someone who has fallen from a 15 foot tree if they ok?
my bro fell from a 17 foot tree in africa then her girl friend walked up to him and asked him if he was ok. well duh he isn't ok he just fell from a 17 foot tree how can he possibly be ok? if ...

mike 1
What can I do to get ride of muscle knots?
I get knots in my caves and I was wondering what I could do to help them go away... no one say you need a docter or physical therapist some i could do at home besides ice. And also could I use heat or is that a nono? Thanks

ali (:
my suggestions would be to get some stretching down.. i just started basketball and i'm sore from the third practice. right before and after you're done exercising, stretch for AT LEAST 15 minutes.
then, when you go to take a shower, stay in a little bit longer, and turn the water to cold, and just work your way into it, until your shoulders and down are in the cold water.
rice pads are probably your best solution for heat. just don't do the whole ice, heat, ice, heat thing. that tightens your muscels, then loosens them, then tightens them, etc.

hoped this helped! (:

Go get epsom salts from your local drug store and soak in a very warm tub for 10 to 20mins. with two cups of them poured in at the beginning of the fill-up.

I have horrible back problems and this is what I've found works best. Hydration is a big key in muscle discomfort. If you're not well hydrated, the muscles have a bigger tendency to knot up. So drink plenty of water. First take a hot bath, as hot as you can stand, and use the soap lather to massage the area that's knotted up. Upon getting out of tub, use ice for 10-15 minutes, then alternate with heat for the same amount of time. Anti-inflammatories are my best friends. Once the area is relaxed, do some calf stretches to stretch the area out and see if that give you some relief. When stretching the first few times, be prepared for it to be sore when you're done. After you get a few under your belt, the soreness should decrease.

Keep this in mind (even though you said not to suggest dr). If you try this for a week or so and have no relief, you may not have much choice in going to dr. This could be sign of something more serious like a blood clot.

Good luck!

I know this is going to sound very weird but it really does work. My husband suffers from charlie horses all the time. They even wake him up in the middle of the night. I learned about "Ivory" soap (dry). Just lay it on the tense muscle. Works in seconds. Amazing. He keeps it on the night stand and even a bar in his brief case. He's so happy to have learned of this.

massage :)

l'espoir fait vivre
massages help me lots:) try that :)

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