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any tips!!! ANYTHING!!!!!!
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 Do fillings hurt? One of mine dropped out last night and I am having it replaced in 2 days.?

Additional Details
Yes I have had a filling before, but I was 8 years old, I am 38 now!

Thanks for all your answers, it seem it's just the jab that hurts.


 How long after wisdom teeth extraction can a person go back to regular physical exercize (gym)?
I am about to have two wisdom teeth removed, I was wondering how long before I would be able to go back to my exercize routine at the gym....

My wife has developed a blue sac attached to her gum?
The sac is about the size of a small pea, bluish grey in color, and at times bleeds. The sac is loosely attached to her lower gums in the fashion that a common wart might be attached to the skin. She went to the dentist and she was given a cleaning and nothing else. Before we head back to ANOTHER dentist it would be great if we knew what we are dealing with

I would go to another dentist, and be sure to ask about it if they don't mention it (which, if they've done a thorough exam, then it should be noted and commented on). Typically, when you go to a general doctor, they will send you to a dentist if it's in your mouth. It should be checked out, though. I've never seen something of that color in someones mouth. There are many possibilities, without a seeing it, I don't know that anyone can tell you what it is. My biggest concern would be that it is a malignant growth, but most likely there's a simpler explanation. Definitely have that specific concern addressed, because you want to catch anything serious quickly. You may need to see an oral surgeon to have it removed and biopsied. Good luck!

Tiah U
I was in my office looking threw my e-mail and happened acrossed this i have never answered anything like this ever. but for some reason i had to. Please go to the doctor I'm telling you this is oral cancer look it up look at the pics..

I bet she has an abcess. Pus from an infected tooth causes a swollen sac on the gum. Maybe they can fix it. Maybe they pull the tooth or offer root canal.

You need a dentist to diagnose the problem and recommend the fix.

Maybe you could ask at webmd.com

random kid
better visit the dentist
i know ur dentist might be scary
but give it a go

if it hurts, it may be an abcess, but I think the dentist would have addressed that, so my thinking is it's a blood vessel, haven't heard of varicosities in the mouth, but that doesn't mean they can't happen. Frankly, I'd see a doctor rather than a dentist on this one.

I'm pretty shocked that they didn't say anything.
Go to the doctor and if he doesn't know, at least he could refer you to a specialist. This could possibly be something quite dangerous.

There's also webMD.com. They might have some information too.

Best of luck.

Hey U, Yeah U..Get over here
yuk...blood blister maybe infection...go to a doctor...not a dentist.

Questions and Answers
it sounds like a blood boil in her mouth

i remember getting something like it on the inside of my cheek only it was smaller but it was dark in color like you described

i didn't do anything but it went away in a couple of weeks

hope the next dentist is helpful!

I can't believe your dentist couldn't identify the sac!! it sounds totally gross. Sometimes dentures rub the wrong way causing friction that leads to weeping legions.

good luck with all that.

A white or blue/purple sac on the gums generally means an infection below the gum line in either the gums or the tooth itself. Could be as simple as a small cut in the gums that got infected up to a decay in the tooth. A trip to the Dentist is almost a must, maybe just an antibiotic will be given to fight off the infection and that may be enough. If you delay it could get awful painful and lead to loosing a tooth/teeth.

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